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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 2 - 3? Side effect etc.

come to an end Winter, and the flow of new movies also does not think to be reduced. And the domestic viewer is offered to estimate at these days off at once about ten new movies among which there is a new and penultimate movie of Stephen Soderbergh Side effect comedy of American Dzhudd Apatow Love on - to the adult pseudo-documentary of horrors Secret of the pass of Dyatlov and next humour fountain from Sarik Andreasyan under the name What is created by men! .

1. Side effect (Side Effects, 2013)

It is no secret that on past 63 - m the Berlin Film Festival Stephen Soderbergh, the author of the tapes Sex, lie and video Erin Brokovich and trilogies about Ouchene`s friends confirmed rumors about the leaving big cinema. Formally in the list of its forthcoming works still the television movie " appears; Behind candelabrums and musical Cleo but the director sacredly assures that business and will be limited to it. So or not so, we will see for now the refined psychological thriller " is brought to our attention; Side effect with Rooney Mara, Jude Law and Channinga Tatum`s participation. Two last already had experience with Soderbergh, Lowe acted at the director in Infection and Tatum - in To the Super " Undershirt; and Knockout .

Having bared in To the Super " Undershirt; the show back - business, in Side effect Soderbergh meticulously and in the corporate style opens abscesses in pharmacology. From the melodrama about the unfortunate girl Emily waiting from prison of darling, the picture gradually turns into the intriguing labyrinth of hallucinations and a suspense. Creators of the movie as if hint that enthusiasm of the nation for antidepressants will not lead to anything good. Having received the husband, Emily back instead of beginning new life, fell into a deep depression and it was forced to address the psychiatrist who, in turn, carefully prescribed it experimental medicine. Consequences as you understand, were the most unpleasant.

The picture turned out difficult, but fascinating. As one foreign critic, " wrote; that for Soderbergh failure or the movie through passage, for others - a limit of opportunities .

2. Love on - to the adult (This Is 40, 2012)

One of the most prominent comedy dramatists of today`s Hollywood, Dzhudd Apatow, manages to combine in the movies clever thoughts and humour too close to the foul. His colleagues constantly slide in an extreme, falling into moralising and tiresome reasonings on love, a family, marriage and the relations, turning the tapes into buffoonery. Apatow is possible to please both ours, and yours: the thoughtful viewer will find answers to difficult questions in his works, and fans of situation comedies will enjoy a set of awkward situations in which his heroes - blunderers walk smack eternally.

Love on - to the adult - it not only informal backs - off its movie Knocked Up but also almost autobiographical history. Not for nothing Apatow Lesley Mann to which 16 years are married invited to a leading role the wife, the actress. The movie, actually, also narrates about the married couple which stepped a boundary of the fortieth anniversary and trying to understand how to live further, without stepping the friend the friend on a throat.

Original style of Apatow is interesting at least that the director informs of complex problems of the intersexual relations available language. Does not do without banalities and platitudes here, but truthfulness of history, realness of characters and " bribes; improbable ease of life . The only thing that it is possible to impute to all works of Apatow including Love on - to the adult - too timing, heavy for a genre, more than two hours.

3. Secret of the pass of Dyatlov (2013)

Absolute majority of fashionable pseudo-documentary horror films, since Witches from Blair and finishing with the franchize Paranormal phenomenon pretends that it is based on real events. And only Rennie Harlin`s tape can really brag of the fact that its basis was formed by the real-life mysterious tragedy which happened to group of the Soviet tourists in Northern Urals in 1959. Mysterious death dyatlovets (called so in honor of the head of group, the student - the fifth-year student Igor Dyatlov) to these it is considered business in which questions much more, than answers.

History with Dyatlov`s pass, by itself, could not but interest the western cinema-men greedy for similar plots. In this case, however, full support to the Finnish director was rendered by our, Russian producer Alexander Rodnyansky. However it was decided not to disturb dead persons, and to remove a tape in a manner of the amateur research undertaken by group of modern American students.

What as a result turned out? Harlin is extremely uneven director, but this time he collected will in a fist. All traditional elements of a genre mockumentary it is available: a nonprofessional casting, the shivering chamber, the night shooting and the general agony of horror which is piled on from first minutes of the movie. A masterpiece this opus to call difficult, but the prominent representative of the direction - quite.

4. What is created by men! (2013)

Waited for

. Genius Tormently took out Andreasyan next victim of abortion . It seemed that after unexpectedly positive and places even of a romantic New Year`s hit Happy New Year, mothers! the director and the producer became reasonable. Alas, there was an exception to the rules more likely. In the worst traditions of sortirny humour of TNT TV channel Andreasyan bungled to insanity a stupid and trite komedka about sex - a marathon . It is no wonder that present and former residents Comedy club into which company for some reason insinuated more - less decent actor Konstantin Kryukov became the main characters of this poverty.

There is no wish to use the terms cattle and rzhaka but these words occur in connection with the new andreasyanovsky opus. To Mr. Sekond`s laurels from The Person from Kaputsinov Boulevard only also remained to the director that to accompany the creations with own obscene comments.

The main film premieres of the end of winter of 2013 are that. But there are also not the main. In particular, three-dimensional fantastic animated film Escape from the planet Earth , narrating about two brothers - the aliens who incidentally became guinea pigs in well-known To the Zone 51 . And also sequel of a pseudo-documentary horror Last exile of a devil with incredibly inventive " prefix ; Second coming . It is remembered, as the original of 2010, at all its impressive financial progress, it was rigidly showered with rotten tomatoes. That is continuation was removed without thanking, and contrary to spectator expectations, that is stupidly for the sake of money . And they, considering still scanty budget, will be without fail.

As usual, the most original and rather independent pictures are shown in hire limited, that is inaccessible to the mass viewer. In number limited film novelties appear:

- one of the main contenders for prizes of the past festival in Sandensa, the amusing and clever fantastic comedy Safety is not guaranteed ;

- a director`s debut of the megahollywood star of Dustin Hoffman - a dramedy Quartet about nursing home of the musicians who decided to organize gala - a concert;

- the Japanese three-dimensional animated cartoon Monsters on the island ;

And also Karen Shakhnazarov`s movie last for today under the name Love in the USSR . After White tiger the director returned to favourite subject again, but, alas, it not Courier and not Winter evening in Gagra . There is an impression that Karen Georgiyevich finally was disappointed in affairs present and desperately tries to recreate on the screen an era of the youth. Action Love in the USSR as well as in a case with The Disappeared empire occurs in 70 - e years, however, in fact, it is only cheap and unartful imitation of former masterpieces of the master.