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What rules of etiquette it is useful for smoker to remember?

are known to All that smoking - a bad habit. It is harmful both to health of the smoker, and to health of the people surrounding it. But nevertheless the considerable part of people smokes. And how the others? They do not smoke and do not understand pleasures of a deep inhaling easy for euphoria, a dense, tart smoke, a tobacco smell from clothes and from a mouth. To think just right of peaceful co-existence of these two uncomprehending each other of camps. Politeness - the only weapon, admissible to application in their relations.

Waiting at a bus stop, I often should move from place to place. Why? I do not smoke 15 years, weaned from tobacco and its smell is unpleasant to me. If someone wants to light, I do not do the remark, at best it will cause only misunderstanding.

Polite smokers will not light on the street, in that place where the smell of a smoke can prevent people around, - at a stop of public transport, in turn. In any room they before lighting, will surely ask permissions the neighbors. In establishment, they light only in the place allocated for this purpose. And of course, will never begin to smoke in the presence of children or the sick person.

It is excessive to remind that the polite person will never light in public transport, in the elevator, on the plane (except for salons for smokers), in concert halls and movie theaters, in hospital chambers, restaurants and cafe (if on tables there are no ashtrays). It is not accepted to smoke during religious actions, at weddings and a funeral.

Once, not so long ago, emergence on the street of the smoking woman was considered as serious violation of ethics. Unfortunately, the emancipation balanced women and men, both in the rights, and in bad manners manifestations.

Any taxi driver considers himself as the full owner of the car. But the polite driver will not begin to smoke if in salon there are passengers. As a last resort, he will surely obtain their consent. The unpleasant impression not only on passengers is made by the driver who is throwing out an outstanding cigarette for a window. It is better to extinguish it in an ashtray.

The well-mannered smoker has to follow some simple rules. Being in society of friends before lighting, it is necessary to ask their permissions. The exception can be made only in case the cigarette is already lit before their emergence.

Not really tactfully, being among acquaintances, friends or relatives, to invite any of attendees to smoke - many people, especially women, do not want to advertize the habit to smoking. At a meeting with acquaintances, greeting them, it is necessary to take out a cigarette from a mouth, accompanying the woman on the street, the well-mannered man does not smoke.

Politeness is a weapon which everything equally have to be able to use, both smokers, and not smokers. It is unethical if the hostess of the house nearly from a threshold declares to guests - smokers that in this family do not smoke . Rather tactfully to hint what can be smoked in other room.

Where it is possible to smoke on a visit? The most suitable place - at a coffee table. However and there are conventions. The first seniors on age or guests of honor, then - all others light. It is impolite to light a cigarette when someone delivers an after-dinner speech. But if you made it earlier, then can not extinguish it.

It is unethical to offer the neighbors in a table of a cigarette which are smoked by you. Each smoker has the favourite brand, offering the, you can put him in an awkward situation: both it is impossible to refuse and to smoke your cigarettes there is no desire.

Begin to smoke cigarettes or cigarettes only after coffee is served. The pipe during a feast cannot be smoked at all. If the owner or the hero of the occasion does not suggest to smoke, after a while it is possible to ask his permissions. Smoking a pipe has to ask the hostess of special permission. (If only the owner himself does not set an example, having lit a tube).

About smoking out of the question when neighbors in a table are busy with food. If brought to your neighbors food while you smoke, then it is not obligatory to extinguish a cigarette, it is possible to ask for permission to continue to smoke. If at a table there are women and non-smoking men, it is better to refuse smoking in general.

Dear smokers. Try not to smoke one day in a year, on May 31, in the World day without tobacco. Perhaps, it will be your first step to a healthy lifestyle.