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The Most drunk district in the world . The story about the real moonshiners?

Prohibition in America (1920-1933) was not the first attempt to limit at the state level consumption of alcohol in masses. Similar measures were undertaken in imperial Russia, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Canada earlier. But only antialcoholic campaign in the USA became famous for the whole world.

As usual, the care of the population turned back one troubles for citizens. Not only that under a fight banner with wet bureaucrats budgets of all levels, and police with FBI actively sawed instead of catching robbers, tyrants and murderers, were forced to battle against a new type of crime - a butlegerstvo. Improbable growth of corruption in all echelons of power was followed by so violent blossoming of criminal fauna. It also is clear, gamblings, prostitution and drugs, traditional kinds of activity of mafia - were demanded by a limited circle of people. And all drank, to some extent, except yazvennik and nondrinkers making noisy minority.

Thanking To the Prohibition which coincided on time with coming to power in Italy of fascists, the most part of the Sicilian criminals moved across the ocean where quickly became reasonable . History stores names of the main persons involved alcoholic wars 20 - x years: Al Capone, Lucky Luchiano, Johnny Torrio and other. These bandits became an embodiment of an era and most often appear in various gangster tapes of Hollywood, like exceptional Untouchable De Palma or smart TV series of HBO " channel; Underground empire .

History of brothers Bondurant - bootleggers from the District of Franklin that in the State of Virginia, it became known to the world thanks to the grandson Matt Bondurant who published in 2008 - m the book under the name The wettest district in the world . The last is necessary the grandson to Jack Bondurant, younger of a brotherly Trinity whose tireless activity in years Prohibition glorified the district and the state to all America.

Three brothers - Forrest, Howard and Jack live in the District of Franklin. The senior Forrest (Tom Hardy) replaced to brothers early the left parents. He speaks a little, lows more and more and hems, but if as tells - as will cut off. Forrest - a support of all enterprise, brothers conduct family " already very long ago; business - cook and spill moonshine which then is carried on wholesalers by the worldly-wise truck.

Average Howard (Jason Clark) likes to put for a collar and to wave with fists. In both types sport to it is not present equal and if in time not to take in hand Howard, he will indulge in hobbies to blue in the face. And younger Jack (Shia LaBeouf), though not the fool at all, nevertheless so far is at the beck and call. Owing to age serious affairs do not charge to it and in all details of business do not devote though Jack dreams of a partner share for a long time.

Hard times for brothers come when in the district appoint the new prosecutor. The last obviously intends to appropriate all separate distilleries, lowering on uncompromising farmers of the chain dog - the special assistant Reyks (Guy Pearce). The last hates peasants, and invincible Bondurantov at all fiercely hates family, trying to play a dirty trick on brothers in any ways. Little by little, offense behind offense and between Bondurantami, the last stronghold independent butlegerstvo in the state, and the corrupted authorities develop open war in which rates are not limited just to money

According to official statistics for the period " any more; Prohibition consumption of alcohol in the USA decreased twice. However, bootleggers hardly submitted tax declarations therefore it is not possible to estimate the actual volume of a lush traffic. The problem is that even the one who and before introduction of a ban drank occasionally - that he is called on holidays every time was forced to violate formally the law, buying neznamo that extremely expensively. The same statistics holds back the number of the victims which got poisoned with handicraft swill and also those who went for a lattice for at the wrong time the bought bottle of whisky.

But the narration not how badly was to ordinary citizens in those days, and how some bright Americans who managed to adapt to new rules of the game not bad settled. Ridiculously, of course, to compare brothers Bondurant with Capone or Luchiano - scales of the personality not those. However the director John Hillkout also did not try to recreate on the screen the next saga about mafia, and simple and clear language sang the ode to enterprising guys from Virginia. And like the author of the book, he does not condemn the main characters too. Eventually, they only went down stream, meeting the needs of the compatriots. Not we such, life such (c).

Hillkout`s picture unexpectedly became the participant of the competitive program of the Cannes Film Festival. Took away nothing home, but once again proved - criminal pictures in Hollywood turn out best of all. And it is more than enough of the material, and a genre plasticine though in the fighter bend though in the drama twirl. Both that, and another, and also rural romanticism and bloody naturalism in The Most drunk district it is a lot of. Besides that, like a classical tape of Sam Mendez Damned way the story is made smoothly, with pastoral pauses and almost ritual step of gangster cinema.

First of all if to remember the similar brotherly unions of a gangster genre, occurs Godfather . But in our case the analogy is unsteady. Explosive Sonni turned into measured Forrest. I already noted in one of articles that Tom Hardy did not manage to come to shootings to a form after participation in the trilogy final about Batman, therefore Forrest, thin on life, turned into the serious robust fellow. But in other Hardy did not bring - very well-aimed hit in the purpose.

With Howard performed by Jason Clark coincidence zero in the sense that in it there is nothing from weak-willed and ailing Fredo Corleone. On the contrary, the Australian so impressed with the game producers that right after a premiere received a role in the future screen version The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann. And here Jack Bondurant - nearly Michael Corleone`s clone. Here to you and love for the girl strange, unusual for its circle from religious sect, and irrepressible desire to scramble to the very top. Yes, Shia LaBeouf is still hardly perceived by the viewer in a separation from the franchize Transformers but it is obvious that to the actor on a shoulder such heroes. At least, its growing is felt both according to the movie, and in life.

Did not do in the screen version and without female participation. Authors intentionally picked up actresses with very peculiar, non-standard beauty - American Jessica Chastain whose career after Servants sharply Mia Vasikovski from the latest " went uphill, and the Australian (the association with the director affects here); Alice in Wonderland . And again in an apple. Truthful, vital types without falseness gram. What you will not tell about the rascally character of Guy Pearce. Painfully the cardboard and nasty reptile turned out. Such you hate at first sight, but it seems to me, Pearce overdid a little.

In the Russian hire Hillkout`s picture left much later, than in other territories. Already, as they say, in the status of the winner. Also it is especially a pity on its background the advertized blockbuster " looked; Gangsters Hunters which contrary to expectations of public, was fiddleheaded one-time shooter. The Most drunk district in the world on the contrary, pleased with thoughtfulness, traditional for a genre, and regularity. The third time in a row after " Offers; and Roads the director showed a delicate taste and love to simple stories from life of difficult people.