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Fantasy Revolt of the planet of monkeys . New treatment Woe from Wit ? The evolutionary theory of Darwin has

both supporters, and opponents. There is a lot of assumptions, it is not enough facts. At least, nobody ever saw personally that the monkey evolved in the person. However well-known theorem of infinite monkeys exists, so, there is also a tiny probability that impossible is nothing.

the French writer Pierre Boole was in the specialty an electrician, that is the person to which, at least, scientific views are not alien. In 1963 - m he created the most famous novel Planet of monkeys in which indirectly assumed that that infinite monkey once not only will be able to nakropat a finger new Hamlet but also to surpass the person at the intellectual level. The book became the best-seller, and then classics of a genre. Already five years later the novel the American director Franklin James Sheffner picturized, having laid the foundation to long-playing film series from five movies, last of which came out in 1973.

In zero Hollywood experiencing crisis of ideas addressed Boole`s plot again. The remake of the same name was charged to be removed to the gloomy storyteller To Tim Burton who unexpectedly refused the corporate style and shot the full blockbuster - with stars, the multimillion budget and special effects. The picture brought " studios; Twentieth Century Fox big dividends and three awards Gold " raspberry; including in the category The Worst remake or sequel .

This relative failure, certainly, hung a sword of Damocles over creators of the movie Revolt of the planet of monkeys (2011). The scenario of a tape, actually, has nothing in common neither with Boole`s book, nor with the previous screen versions though authors, having included the word " in the name; planet obviously placed emphasis on the available communication. In fact, the prequel, background of the events which led to the fact that monkeys seized power on Earth turned out.

Whether in the past whether in the present, but people were always the egoists who are mercilessly exploiting brothers smaller. Here and the young talented biologist Will (James Franco) not so much cares for the future of all mankind how many tries to rescue the father (John Litgou) having Alzheimer`s disease. However tests of the experimental medicine Alts - 112 did not yeild tangible results yet, and tragic incident with an experimental chimpanzee by nickname Yasnoglazka at all puts an end to Will`s work. The office does not intend to sponsor fruitless researches of Will any more: monkeys are sent to an expense, and the most scientific ask to be engaged in more real and monetary projects.

But Will does not lose hope and faith in own forces. Having sheltered out of pity of a cub Yasnoglazki he notices mental capacities, improbable for primacies, in a young chimpanzee. Apparently, the experimental virus was transmitted to Caesar (Will and his father quite so called the new family member) at the genetic level, having made structure unstable in vitro steady against any mutations. Caesar matures and grows wiser in the eyes, communicating with people in a universal sign language.

Alas, the animal, though is able to be on friendly terms, love and to hate, remains to animals. Having become the casual witness of skirmish of the father Will and the neighbor, Caesar vents anger and last offenses on the unpleasant subject. Will, whose attempts to cure the father are still ineffectual (medicine only for a while weakened a course of disease), is forced to hand over the favourite in nursery, and itself comes back to the experiences with Alts - 112 intending to strengthen formula active agent several times. Whether to it not to know that similar extensive methods in science can lead to really unpredictable consequences

Who such Rupert Uayatt? Why I do not know? - there is a wish to exclaim after viewing. And no wonder, the Englishman - the beginner in Hollywood and in the homeland managed to remove only couple of short films plus the thriller Escape from " prison; (exactly from there in Revolt the remarkable actor Brian Cox removed). Probably, the British debut so impressed producers and screenwriters of a tape, a married couple Ric Dzhaffu and Amanda Silver that they entrusted Uayatt the known brand and the budget under 100 mln. dollars in size. However, spouses too learned in due time the glory price, having participated in creation of the classical thriller The Hand swinging a cradle .

The sky and the earth if to compare Revolt with Burton`s remake. We will be frank, Burton was strongly pressed to the soil by failure of his fantastic parody Mars attacks! therefore he did not begin to argue with producers and removed as asked. And asked, probably, badly. Revolt left much stronger, more powerfully and realistichny. In total - technologies in ten years noticeably stepped forward: in a remake of 2001 of all monkeys actors in the most difficult make-up, and now - only computer technologies played. What allowed creators to bring closer as much as possible visual part to perfection, all monkeys look so naturally that you wonder. Nevertheless at the heart of all key shaggy characters - work with a mimicry and plasticity of the real actors. So, main character projected on the screen the well-known Andy Serkis who became skilled in similar role in Lord of the Rings (Gollum).

In the first part of a picture the viewer can even start missing a little. The narration is slow, we are shown from far away the ropes of events, paint Will`s character, his love to the sick father and the first steps of Caesar in the world of people. In the world where the animal needs to be driven on a lead and to keep in a cage. In the world where people unscrupulously put experiences over brothers smaller, hoping to snatch a piece more fatly. And in the world where quite just to take and strike a dumb creature because with impunity and to some degenerates even it gives pleasure from own superiority. But everything changes. Once the tape steps for the equator, and from former sluggishness there will be no trace left also. On the screen life boils, the drama mixes up with a fantasy, tension increases to pour out in the last half an hour of an excellent action. And all - not technologies and not social aspect made to the movie cash desk, and the emotional heat forcing the viewer to be pressed in a chair.

It was from the very beginning clear that it is necessary to sympathize not with the biologist who on imprudence opened Pandora`s box and to his pet Caesar, leader of future revolt of monkeys. And here it is possible to accuse the movie of bias and an excessive portion of humanity from which all movies about animals suffer a little. Angry or just spiteful people in a shot the majority, for what separate thanks to actors to Tom Felton (to a sheetrock you will not think up, even after Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter ) and to David Oyelowo (the greedy boss will meet with the deserts). But the purpose of authors was to show not so much advantages of animals and low lines of human race how many to create the atmosphere in which revolt becomes the phenomenon desired and approved by audience.

As one would expect, at the movie the open final. Success Revolts of the planet of monkeys on all fronts allowed creators to make immediately the decision on formation of the new franchize. The foundation is laid, mutiny took place, but to the full gain of Earth and an apocalypse which led to extinction of mankind still is far, action of the novel of Boole happens even in 26 - m a century. The sequel under the heading Dawn of the planet of monkeys it is planned to an exit for 2014 and will tell about future of Caesar.