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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 23 - 24? “ Return of the hero “ etc.

the Russian film distribution will celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day as a real man, without romantic snivels. The oldskulny fighter with Arnold Schwarzenegger`s participation " will become a leader of the forthcoming week; Return of the hero “ and will continue subject the nominee of the Oscar, the military thriller “ Purpose number one “ Catherine Bigelow, the Russian movie - accident “ " Subway; and criminal tape “ Informer “ with Dwayne Johnson in a leading role.

In addition the domestic viewer will be acquainted with the biographic drama “ Hitchcock “ the Chinese action in style a shelter - faugh “ Dragon Gate “ with Jet Li`s participation and the last film of Bernardo Bertolucci “ You and I “.

1. “ Return of the hero “ (The Last Stand, 2013)

If it is honest, I with fear waited for that moment when Iron Arney returns to cinema. In total - the actor left actor`s craft not at peak of glory at all, having finished the first part of a film career movies ", doubtful in respect of quality; Compensation of damage “ and “ Doomsday “. Having shot finally charisma in the third “ Terminator “ Arnold densely took seat on a governor`s chair and, appear, already and was not going to keep the promise made once “ I’ll be back “.

Nevertheless tiny kameo in a dilogy “ Uncontrollable “ proved that the viewer missed Schwartz and looks forward when he gets up at a wheel of some project. That, a decade later after “ Terminator “ there was a fighter of the South Korean director Kym Kyi - Oona “ Last boundary “ in our hire shown under the nostalgic heading “ Return of the hero “. A plot at the movie plain: the gang of bandits - drug dealers breaks to the Mexican border, avoiding prosecution of federals. The quiet American town where the elderly sheriff Ray Owens fills becomes the last obstacle in their way. On the party of ruthless bandits fire power, the sheriff submits the law and does not intend to give in without a fight.

In the homeland the tape was accepted cold if not to tell indifferently. In Russia where Schwarzenegger is traditionally popular, it is possible to expect warmer responses and good collecting. The hero grew old, but did not lose in ten years of a governorship of the charm and charm.

2. “ " Subway; (2012)

Clear business that the new movie of Anton Megerdichev looks attractively not so much in itself, how many against extremely sad Russian mainstream where original movies less, and foolish sequels and dull “ reconsiderations “ it is more and more Soviet classics. Megerdichev too a finger in the pie, began the director with the sequel “ Shadow-fighting “ and continued though visually rich, but boring and secondary in relation to similar Hollywood production “ Dark world 3D “. It “ " Subway; - chance to justify oneself for last mistakes, the movie not ideal, but professionally removed and played.

It is unconditional, strange to compare accident “ " Subway; with the American statements: the budget in this genre everything is matters. Nevertheless, authors of the domestic blockbuster managed to sustain speed, the drive and tension, having combined qualitative visual special effects with the human drama. Actors Sergey Puskepalis are responsible for the last (“ As I carried out this summer “) Anatoly Bely and Svetlana Hodchenkova whom try to push into any a little recently - malsk the significant project.

“ " Subway; will not return us belief in prospects of domestic cinema because the project is avaricious on original ideas, but on an absence of fish, as they say … Anyway, it is far better, than the residents who already rather bothered on all small and big screens Comedy club.

3. “ Purpose number one “ (Zero Dark Thirty, 2012)

Until recently Catherine Bigelow, though appeared more - less successful woman - the director (“ To - 19 “ “ On the roll “) to the majority it was known in the status “ ex-wife of James Cameron “. And then came out “ The Hurt Locker “ grabbed in 2010 - m six gold figurines including as the best movie of year. Achievement is not too convincing, considering that the movie was designed mainly for the Americans who are proud of the military “ feats “ in the Middle East.

Three years from Bigelow were not to either hearing, or spirit. It appeared, Catherine was busy with an important issue, developing the scenario about searches of the terrorist one Ousama Bin Laden`s number. And here an ill luck, the text, the head Al - Kayda " was written so far; wasted in the outhouse “ so it was necessary to begin all over again. Remembering that the military subject brought it an international recognition, Bigelow did not doubt need of shootings and focused a picture on “ that operation on destruction “. As they say, forge iron, without departing from cash desk.

This year Bigelow should not be counted on awards of film academy in spite of the fact that the tape was conditionally designated at a ceremony even five nominations. The picture is watchable, but also only. Besides it is obvious self-repetition and attempt to play on hatred of the nation that does the movie absolutely by a politically correct pig.

4. “ Hitchcock “ (Hitchcock, 2012)

it was required by

of 36 days to Englishman Sasha Dzhervasi to tell a story of creation legendary “ Psycho “ and to turn sir Anthony Hopkins into legendary Alfred Hitchcock. A peculiar reminder to descendants learned: lived, was, created. It seems as such people should be known by sight, but the quote about " arises; I do not recognize you in a make-up “. It is amusing that at the future ceremony of the Oscar the picture and will be presented in the lonely category “ The Best make-up “. And it does not matter that it is possible to recognize Hitchcock only by the invoice and a suit whereas the mimicry far off gives Hopkins. Thank God, did without computer graphics.

We will add to it excellent game of Helen Mirren, a nice attractive face (and not only) Scarlett Johansson and the general ironic spirit of the movie. As a result - quite good digression to the past of cinema.

5. “ Informer “ (Snitch, 2013)

Dwayne “ Rock “ Johnson continues to acquire reputation of the hero of fighters though recently the actor began to look for less rectilinear projects, trying to prove not only in the status of the mountain of muscles. That partly can consider the criminal opus “ Informer “ the mix of the fighter, the thriller and drama based on real history. The father stands up before FBI for the son caught for drugs. Shines the young man 10 - summer term in maximum security penal colony, however it cannot give the accomplices because risks life. And then daddy proposes polices the candidacy for introduction in a gang of drug dealers. Further, by itself, the dense and intense action in which Johnson feels like fish in water begins.

The main novelties of week are that. Let`s address a rear guard. A new shelter - faugh a boyevichok of the famous master Cui Harka - the adventure movie “ Dragon Gate “ with participation of the flying Jet Li - shows in the IMAX and 3D formats, and this only thing that will be able to interest audience because for the rest the director too is faithful to the style. And the last from ninetieth years changed a little.

From Italy the " company; Other cinema “ will bring the last film “ You and I “ visual esthete Bernardo Bertolucci. As usual, the director so was fond of the biography that he forgot to put logical end in the movie. It is characteristic of its late works. Simple as a clean sheet of paper, the drama about expectations of the lonely teenager on the course of a plot develops into psychological game with the viewer, however Bertolucci`s conclusions always leaves off-screen.

To fans of a fantasy and horrors, perhaps, the low budget opus " will attract; Heavy skies “ about the boy whom newcomers, and to admirers of talent of the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chifr from " want to kidnap; Casino Grand piano “) its latest work in the drama " has to be pleasant; Hunting “ for which he got the Silver award in Cannes.