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Fantastic fighter Judge Dredd 3D . Came, saw, condemned? Having learned

about what children from DNA Films are going to release anew Judge Dredd I, admit honestly, first was skeptical about news. Floated, we know. Did not add optimism and the invitation to a title role of New Zealander Karl Urban whose great achievements at cinema were limited to still supporting roles in to the borniyena Lord of the Rings and poor Pastor . my scepticism, as always, was reasoned by

. In - the first, in a filmography of the London company DNA Films of similar projects were not noticed, except for a dilogy about invasion of the zombie 28 days later and 28 weeks later . However, this studio is responsible for emergence of such nice opuses of Danny Boyle as " Beach; from Leonardo DiCaprio and On a needle and also Last king of Scotland .

In - the second, the fact that the comic book about the Judge Dredd is by no means not so popular as, for example, comics about Batman, the Spiderman or the Captain America worried. The fan base scanty and to count that the picture will be able to leave in hire only at the expense of admirers of a genre and the literary original - is ridiculous.

And the last. Works of the writer John Wagner became a basis for the screen version already once. There was it in 1995 when in the movie of the same name Silvester Stallone desperately zvezdit. Critics literally crucified the fighter Danny Kennona who swore to work any more never with actors of level of Stallone because the last strove to butt in creative process eternally and to state the, to nobody necessary, opinion. The audience did not approve new shape of Slaya with a metal codpiece too, as a result the movie badly fell off in hire and hardly collected unfortunate 30 million. dollars at the budget in 90. Most Italian stallion with a pomp recommended for a decoration Gold " raspberry; which he, however, did not receive, despite the double nomination (were also considered Hitmen ) .

As the only light spot in the future plans of DNA Films it was possible to consider that the studio disowned from the screen version of 1995 in advance. It was declared that the scenario does not intend to humanize an image of the uncompromising attendant of the law, and Karl Urban all movie, as well as it is necessary to his hero, will never remove the judge`s helmet. Authors intended to bring the movie into full accord with the literary original, to increase the level of violence and brutality that against present spineless boyevichok - already undoubted plus. Running forward, I will tell that all promises were kept and creators did not disappoint.

The huge city MEGA - city which stone jungle stretched from Boston to Washington - all this that remained from America after atomic warfare. 800 million inhabitants are fenced off from the fruitless and boundless desert by a high stone wall. The part of them huddles on ruins of the former world, the others inhabit enormous mega - blocks - skyscrapers to couple of hundreds of floors. While on streets excesses are created, gangs rage and the crime of all grades blossoms, inside mega - blocks there is everything that is necessary for the average citizen - food, a shelter, drugs and the minimum conveniences. Not to fat to be I would live.

A global order in MEGA - city became the imagination of the authorities for a long time. Old institutes broke up, and on their ruins the Palace of justice - the main stronghold and hope of peace citizens grew. As much as possible to simplify and accelerate fight against crime, the new type of the attendant of an order - the judge possessing all powers at once was removed: charge and sentence rolled into one.

The legendary judge Dredd - honor and conscience of new structure. Ruthless to offenders, the uncompromising, incorruptible and fearless fighter. Not therefore whether the administration Anderson, the girl possessing bright ekstrasensorny abilities trusts it the most dangerous or unusual tasks, like certification of the cadet. Together with the workmate Dredd imposed by the boss TRIZ - the area with ill fame where threefold murder was just committed goes to Pich.

All killed were members of the competing clan trying to adjust business in the territory of certain Mothers - former prostitute, and nowadays narcobaronesses. Mother not only keeps a tight rein on all area, but also adjusted a wide network on sale of modern " drug; Slow motion . Understanding that, sooner or later, the judges who arrived to its possession will get to the truth and will cover a shop, the creep seals up the building and arranges hunting for Dredd and his inexperienced companion. And by that signs to himself the death sentence, and Dredd will not be slow to carry out it

First that is evident, and it is noted by most of reviewers - extraordinary similarity of plots new Judge Dredd and Indonesian fighter Raid . Considering that I watched both movies practically in at one time, I can confirm - so it and is. Here both the closed space (all action of both tapes happens within the building), and the principle one against all plus some fine details strengthening a dezh - vyu. The problem is that shootings Dredd according to official sources, ended in February, 2011, and all confusion among the audience who in absentia accused the director Pete Travis and the screenwriter Alex Garland of plagiarism is connected with the fact that the premiere of the fighter took place only a year later with superfluous at the Comic Con festival. And if to trust the same data, shootings Raid started in Indonesia in March, 2011 - go. So still it is unknown who at whom and that stole.

We will pay tribute to authors, they did not deceive and really did not begin to remove a remake. Between two film versions of one comic book the abyss lies. The movie with Stallone`s participation represented very sad show: improbable special effects, foolish suits, negligent actor`s game and incoherent narration. Dredd a sample of 2012 picked the predecessor to pieces. The new movie is the real fighter with necessary impurity of strong languages, blood and cruelty. Any snivels and attempts to joke in the battlefield, everything is extremely serious also on business, but at the same time in a picture absolutely there is no terrible pathos by which all American tapes are oversaturated (I will remind that Judge Dredd 3D acted in England and the Republic of South Africa). A storm action, charismatic performers and even 26 - summer Olivia Tirlbi (cadet Anderson) against severe Urban and blood-thirsty Lina Hidi ( Mother ) it was not lost.

Critics, by itself, are indignant supposedly the plot is fabricated, characters two-cellular and the level of violence reads off scale. Friends, well so it and not the philosophical drama about meaning of life on Earth, and the movie of action, an attraction, besides adapting very superficial work. Who waited for original dialogues and intelligible motivation, I ask in a garden. Those who were eager to enjoy anti-Utopia in every sense of this word - welcome to the cruel future Judge Dredd . A picture, certainly, on the fan, I do not deny it. This is confirmed also by the fact that the tape, like the predecessor, in hire did not pay off.

However not in money happiness. The main thing that admirers of the comic book at last received that Dredd. And the curve smile of Karl Urban is not ridiculous imitation of Stallone, but full compliance to the komiksny character. As well as the fact that the actor throughout all movie goes in a helmet. Of course, the creator of the comic book John Wagner who in due time was sharply criticizing the movie with participation of Slaya approved Travis`s screen version. What can be the best praise to creators?