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Epic fairy tale Snow White and hunter . Never trust mirrors and women?

Are asked where the dog rummaged? How many acted movies, say, in 50 - x or 70 - x years of the last century? And how many acts now? Total crisis of original ideas from which everyone recovers in own way is available.

Someone buried completely in infinite sequels, prequels, backs - offa. Others are haunted by others practices which are duplicated, localized, stamped to a stupor until bothers. The third invent the, independent film, at best getting bad shot, in the worst - removing in a table. As a stick - a lifesaver on this sad background it is possible to consider literary classics which to address again and again it is not shameful at all. For this purpose it was also written that remembered. Another thing is that each film figure aims to introduce in the screen version a part of favourite. And the further, the this gag it is more and more. What sometimes leads to results brilliant, it seems Romeo and Juliette but is more often - to deplorable where we meet a striking example of dull reconsideration of the classical fairy tale - fenteziyny epic nonsense under the name Snow White and hunter .

In one faraway kingdom lived - lived the queen - mother and the king - the father. Having become pregnant, the queen in an early attack of a maternity fever showed willingness to contemplate a winter garden where on imprudence stuck with a phalanx into a pink thorn. Incident ended with blood poisoning and the birth of the girl who was named occasionally not Kolkoroza and not Kaplekrovka, but the Snow White because it is so more nice.

While the girl grew, the mother withered, withered and withered, having left the king in sorrow and melancholy. Here - that enemies also began to move, having scented a weak point in the kingdom. But the monarch with a team, in Ali`s grief in pleasure from an opportunity to change scenery, broke army enemy, glass. And the captive dirty released. Only that slob was a witch artful. Having married off in one day to itself the autocrat, the pan-night in the first marriage night thrust to the husband a knife on the handle and assigned to itself powers. The Snow White was banished, for the time being, in a tower dark because one never knows, its stem cells will be necessary.

Passed to tsat years. The queen, to support a tone regal and wrinkles to efface, exhausted blood from all virgins in a radius of hundred kilometers. Also did not manage to come round as my light pocket mirror declares impudently that supposedly the train left, the girl ripened and now she finer and lovelier not than all any more, and only the second on a pedestal after the orphan in a dungeon.

The korolevishna was angry, caused to a leg of the brother of the tow-haired and ordered it to bring to it the Snow White to pull out to the maid heart and to find beauty immortal. But the hermit does not hurry to fall a victim and runs carelessly in the Black wood where fly agarics grow glyuchny and strength of her stepmother not subject. Only the gallant a widow hunter is accepted in these dense places. It is ordered to it to find the Snow White in exchange for deception and it is desirable to bring for hair to the bottom of a throne. But the hunter was not only temper violent, but also a crow amorous. He made friends, an infection, with the Snow White and promised it to revenge for father and the kingdom which dried up from rage to

Enchantingly a sad show. In series of the last fantastic screen versions Snow White and hunter the director - the debutant Rupert Sanders wins first place since the end. We abused Alice in Wonderland for crude 3D and shocking, criticized Little Red Riding Hood for inappropriate bed motives also lectured Tarsem Sinkh for what he turned Snow White and revenge of gnomes in an ironic mockery. All these movies, undoubtedly, are not ideal and could be better while only one could rescue the confused and boring opus of Sanders - refusal of film-making process in principle. However who in senses will refuse development really huge even to present measures of the budget of 170 million dollars? In mockery at immortal work of brothers Grimm cost authors so many.

The most ridiculous that lion`s share of the collecting Snow White and hunter it is obliged to not eternally depressive, but fashionable physiognomy of Kristen Stewart, and not bathing in Charlize Theron`s milk, and even not to the brutal hunter Chris Hemsworth, but skill of marketing specialists of a film studio Twentieth century Fox . Only thanks to the smart trailer promising feats of arms, love for all times and the marvelous fantastic world to the first Wick - and the tape grabbed in the homeland of fifty millions. Let`s add to it decent work of costumiers, artists, make-up artists and specialists in visual special effects - all of them worked wonderfully well what two nominations on Oscar testify to (Charlize Theron`s suits and a bestiary of the movie - trolls, fairies on rabbits and the star which are cut off to gnomes British Nick Frost, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins and Ray Winston). For the same reason the movie still is somehow watched on the big screen and loses all above-mentioned advantages at house viewing.

First Snow White and hunter seemed to me an easy target for pricks, but not everything is so unambiguous. Let`s take, for example, Charlize Theron who absolutely not for nothing refused for the sake of a role of an evil korolevishna participation in the potential Oscar winner J. Edgar Clint Eastwood. Whether felt that this time awards pass Eastwood, whether the actress wanted poshchegolyat in madly beautiful dresses. And why is also not present when also pay so fantastic sum for it. Let`s pay tribute to Charlize, it the only ray of light in this dark kingdom though according to the logic of a plot everything has to be on the contrary. What there stirred a silly mirror, Kristen Stewart in comparison with the cine stepmother looks as a spot on the Sun.

It is amusing that several starlets including Lily Collins who quite suited subsequently competitor company in the person of Tarsem Sinkh fought for a role of the Snow White at once. And Collins, besides, fitted into this image in the tape " far better; Snow White and revenge of gnomes so Stewart with its eternally sour mine managed twice to smoke aside. But there`s nothing to be done, after Twilight it try to push into any a little - malsk the project, similar in style, to attract to screens of the fans grieving for the end of the saga. Who would prompt Kristen that these skis if not to grease them, long will not give a ride. Razocharoval and Chris Hemsworth. The actor continues to play diligent in the Torah, and directors immodestly use it.

A dog with them, actors in the fairy tale had always a rest, on a genre it is necessary. Not for nothing huge amounts of money were vbukhana on realization of the fenteziyny world. It appeared, in vain. I do not argue, beautifully, but why it is so senseless? Why these trolls who are not connected with a plot at all? Where to stick strange naked little men, as envisioned by creators of the representing fairies? Why all battle scenes of the movie which duration does not exceed also 10 minutes (and the tape lasts more than two hours!) look so nasty and kutso? Why the hell to turn the main character into Zhanna D`Ark organizing a national militia? I do not say that seven gnomes (them, however, eight, six) in this option of history any more - the weakest link. The half-movie would manage, did without them further, but time the original assumes both gnomes, and the poisoned apple, and three droplets of blood, all these elements in a tape are available. Sewn by rough white threads.

You still need the summary? Two hours in vain the spent time. Separately all these details could be endured, but connected together they turn into tedious action at which you begin to mock just with boredom. And again rhetorical question: when expensive project with stars and high cash potential is trusted absolutely armless to a rezhisserishka is an ill fate or Sanders acted as a zitspredsedatel of Pound? Then question after: who will go to the promised sequel under it sensitive management ?