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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 16 - 17? Die Hard: Good day to die etc.

the Main event of the forthcoming days off, certainly, will become the Russian film premiere of the Moscow misadventures of the police officer John Makkleyn in the fighter Die Hard: Good day to die . One of nominees of the future Oscar - " will try to make the feasible competition to the blockbuster to Willis; Master Paul Thomas Anderson. to

Also presented the whole crowd of the profile debutants anyway connected with past St. Valentine`s Day. Among the last the melodrama Beautiful creatures romantic thriller Smooth water and European film almanac Love Kaleidoscope .

1. Die Hard: Good day to die (A Good Day to Die Hard, 2013)

the opinion that the franchize about a stubborn nu - the York cop Makkleyna should have been finished the sequel of 1990 Is. The third movie with a subtitle Punishment in general, it was quite good, but already then it became clear that screenwriters of film series exhausted and frankly operate an advantageous image for commercial purposes. The fourth part at all in the head was not postponed, having left aftertaste of the empty boyevichk oversaturated by computer special effects.

Anyway, the character Makkleyna for Bruce Willis is the business card and at the same time heavy cross which the actor is forced to drag on himself till the end. His colleagues from shop, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, managed to disown from annoying types of Rambo and Terminator though the last all the time threatens to return. Bruce is still obviously not going to say goodbye to the filmstar who brought him an international recognition and continues to please, despite respectable age, admirers with surges in the charisma.

The fifth Die Hard it is especially close to Russians because this time action of the movie happens on our territory. However, for the domestic viewer is an and peculiar red rag because the rare Hollywood movie about the USSR and Russia manages without branchy cranberry . Die Hard 5 an exception did not become. And without it to the movie there are a lot of claims - the crude, silly scenario, clumsy installation, muffled dialogues. There is a lot of action, but it is removed absurdly. As sadly to understand, old friends and old wine are best. And now and three.

2. Master (The Master, 2012)

the Informal successor of stylistics of Kubrick, the American director Paul Thomas Anderson, removes seldom, but is extremely well-aimed. Each its creation - an event and at the same time transcendental object . Anderson surely balances on a joint of cinema independent and a mainstream, managing to please both ours, and yours . At the same time, strangely enough, its previous works Magnolia and " Oil; enjoyed in Europe far bigger popularity, than in the homeland. And Master to that bright confirmation - a scattering of prizes in Venice and empty the nominations on the awards BAFTA and the Gold globe. There was only a chance to test good luck on the Oscar, but also there nothing shines Anderson: all three potential figurines are in actor`s categories.

Master - this not only loud return of the director after a five-year break in work, but also triumphal comeback the excellent actor Joaquin Phoenix, whose character wonderfully causes in the viewer at the same time sympathy and disgust. The picture narrates about post-war America where there was a place not only to the next lost generation, but also different to saviors of the fatherland spreading own backward cults in masses. In spite of the fact that header thought of a tape about not creation to idol it is simple and clear, the new opus of Anderson is traditionally twisting in a statement and demands viewing thoughtful. Hurriedly Masters to overcome it will hardly turn out.

3. Impossible (Lo Imposible, 2012)

of the Tsunami of December, 2004, caused by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, about 235 thousand people claimed the lives and it is considered one of the most destructive and killing natural disasters in the contemporary history of mankind. The movie - accident of Spaniard Juan Antonio Bayona does not undertake, is similar to exceptional Roland Emmerich`s blockbusters in the dullness and predictability ( The day after tomorrow 2012 ) it is global to amuse audience next destruction of the blue planet. Instead authors concentrate on stories of a survival of separately taken Spanish family which appeared on the roll in Japan. The basis of the scenario was formed by real events and the real people which on the screen were brilliantly played by actors Naomi Watts and Euan McGregor.

Besides that the movie cannot brag of a heap of visual beauty, the psychological drama about opposition of the person and elements subdued world audience that allowed a tape to achieve impressive financial results. Naomi Watts is recommended for a decoration at the future ceremony of the Oscar that opens before Bayona, the creator of the smart thriller Shelter (2007), really unlimited prospects. Most likely, already following project of the Spaniard will be removed in Hollywood and for the American money.

4. Love Kaleidoscope (360, 2012)

the Brazilian Fernanda Meyrellish became famous at the beginning of zero for the tough and uncompromising drama City of God then partly supported reputation with the dullish, but well accepted by film critics thriller according to John le Carre`s novel Devoted gardener for which the leading actress Rachelle Weis snipped off the Oscar in the category The Best supporting actress . Rice thanked the director in the way available to it, having agreed to participate in its film almanac 360 (in the Russian localization - Love Kaleidoscope ) along with Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins and our Vladimir Vdovichenkov.

Alas, several years of work on television served Meyrellish bad service: he so believed in own corporate style that in Kaleidoscope lost a narration intrigue. Instead of an integral cloth - a set of the episodes connected schematically and without invention. To watch life of characters a little drearily, and even the final distortion in a detective genre of interest in the events on the screen does not add.

5. Beautiful creatures (Beautiful Creatures, 2013)


It no wonder that with the termination twilight saga many seek to occupy the released niche. Let in me Little Red Riding Hood Hungry games . The list is replenished annually, but nobody manages to cause in teenage audience (its mainly female part) of a similar agiotage yet. Here and screenwriter Waters to elephants! and Bridges of the district Madison Richard Lagravenes did not resist temptation svayat the next youth cult, having undertaken the screen version of the novel of Kami Garcia and Margaret Shtol about love of the simple American guy to a vedmochka.

Creators of the movie are obviously aimed at continuation of history, having left the final opened, but only to the viewer to solve whether they will turn Beautiful creatures in film series. An idea for a genre quite good though from all what was seen on the screen original operator style of Philip Ruslo will most of all be remembered ( Sherlock Holmes Guy Richie) and a nice soundtrack performed by The New No2 group. The rest - on the fan.

Besides the above-stated tapes, in limited hire the military drama from Canada under the name " will be shown; Witch of war . The tape is already noted by the Silver bear in Berlin (the best female role - Rachel Mvanza) and applies for Oscar in the category The Best foreign movie . The company to it will be kept by the romantic thriller Smooth water about the victims of domestic violence, Entropy , chamber comedy with zakosy under the independent film with participation Sobchak, Tsyganova and Valeriya Gai Germanika, and also the European drama After love .