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Indonesian fighter Raid . A fight was ordered?

Before starting blamestorming session, will be useful to remind readers that Indonesia - the world`s largest island state with the population of nearly 250 million people. At the same time in respect of cinema Indonesians meanwhile are quite ordinary, considerably conceding in development of the film industry to the neighbors in the Asian region - to China, Japan and South Korea. the Indonesian movies are rather specific

, are exported most often on festivals and in Europe and the USA, not to mention Russia, simply do not reach hire.

Actually, thanks to an annual film festival in Toronto (TIFF) the mass viewer also found out a new Indonesian film hit Raid (2011). Producers brought the movie to Canada in hope that the picture will interest foreign film distributors, and were not mistaken. The agiotage around a tape of Englishman Gareth Evans was developed serious therefore Raid it was purchased for a wide release in the territory of Iceland, New Zealand, Finland, Australia and Russia. But the most important that Americans from Sony Pictures paid attention to Evans`s picture. One of the best fighters by estimates of critics and audience of TIFF found a second wind in the USA, having managed to collect in 16 weeks of display the sum, inconceivable for creators, of 4,5 million dollars at the budget in 1 million

As well as any capital, Jakarta - heart of Indonesia - consists not only of sights. On suburbs of the multimillion city slums where inhabitants without special need of a nose do not show blossom and smell. As well as the police which prefers not to ask for trouble and to observe a neutrality, isolating in process of forces crime from safe areas. Using an informal truce, the local drug baron of Tam absolutely ungirdled. Having dug round on the top floor of an apartment house, the villain turned the building into a peculiar inn for bandits and bandits. Now any criminal which needs to disappear from justice eyes, knows the place where it will be accepted with open embraces.

Clear business, such deal of the power do not intend to suffer. But also it is hard to be risen to Tam. The house is entangled by a network of chambers and disturbing buttons, representing a beehive - will be put and you have only yourself to blame. Rare attacks of representatives of the law inevitably turn into a slaughter in which always comes out the winner artful Tam and his faithful assistants - cunning Andy and a ruthless Mad Dog. Considering that all residents of a high-rise building, anyway, are connected with the criminal world, fight against uninvited guests goes together. To put it briefly, though from a gun shoot this fortress.

Jacques`s sergeant, as well as the head of operation lieutenant Vakhyyu, perfectly understand that they in open fight of force are unequal. On their party - the group of recruits, at the opponent is tens the armed criminals and guerrilla methods of war in narrow corridors. However orders are not discussed. On the sly couple of tens fighters of SWAT (SOBR) early in the morning make the way to the building and even manages to reach the fifth floor. Alas, the small oversight - and soon news about invasion reaches the command post of Tama. After this all exits are sealed up, and neighbors, having taken in hand sticks, a machete and ognestret, come for protection of the territory. Having got as hens in oshchip, police officers are forced to resist much to the enemies surpassing them in number. Their mission from dangerous in only a few seconds turned in deadly, and chances to come back home - are insignificant

Global tendencies in world, and first of all, the Hollywood cinema are that that some genres literally in the eyes wither under oppression of political correctness. We already reconciled to the fact that Blacks became suddenly the Afro-Americans, and present comedies and melodramas seldom manage without any arguments about same-sex love. But where, the world is asked, slides if today heroes are bound hand and foot care of the person . Producers are not so much concerned that their movie will not be pleasant to the viewer a plot, actor`s game or special effects how many shake with fear of rating system which at any time can veto their dreams of profits. R rating (or, God forbid, NC - 17) is a sentence to any project if only at a wheel somebody is not necessary like Tarantino or Oliver Stone.

In dense Indonesia about these horrors heard, but till local cinema-men are not so scrupulous. And removing Raid British Gareth Evans did not hesitate in visual means, as well as in ways of killing of characters of the movie. The fighter turned out bloody, uncompromising, cruel and extremely inhumane. Against the Indonesian action of a boyevichka, stamped by a producer hand of Luc Besson, look as innocent fuss of children in a sandbox. And all returns of filmstars 80 - x, it seems Uncontrollable Stallone - only a tribute to old men whose time irrevocably left. Without belittling achievements in a genre of same Slaya, Schwartz and Jackie Chan, it is necessary to recognize that now them comebacks cause puppyish delight only in fans of an era of VHS. Scepticism is pertinent because it is not even too pleasant to us who grew up on their movies to see their grown old, wrinkled faces, and the present generation does not understand this nostalgia at all.

Without being held down by a rigid framework of ratings and moralising, Evans shot the present man`s movie where the two-three of strong blows is the share of each told word. So strong that the viewer has a reasonable doubt that heroes are really made of flesh and blood, but are not Asian relatives terminator .

Statement of fighting scenes and in particular hand-to-hand fights on shootings not only the director Evans, but also and main characters of the film - Iko Yuvays and Yayan Rukhyan directed. The last in a picture played the most godless and at the same time coolest fighter in the leader Tama`s arsenal - the Mad Dog. Rukhyan, by the way, as well as Yuvays, appeared at cinema from an easy hand of the same Evans: all three debuted in big Indonesian cinema a tape of 2009 under the name Merantau . It trained in skills " in due time; pensak silat (corporate Indonesian style of single combats) employees of presidential protection and special forces of police. In other words, with reliability chukalova in Raid the situation is at the top level.

Certainly, everything that does not concern hand-to-hand fights and firefights, looks in the movie very naive and secondary. All reasonings on morals, on a police debt and on the relations of police officers and thieves, apparently, are directly borrowed from neighbors in Bollywood. Plus is that, unlike the Indian movies, Indonesians dilute dialogues not with songs and dances, and storm fights and a lead rain. And as a result all pathos and absurd of motives imperceptibly pass into the background, without preventing to enjoy effective battle scenes under Linkin Park music (the soundtrack was added later by the American distributor).

Hollywood could not resist temptation. After Raid successfully finished hire in America, local bigwigs from film business, as expected, immediately made the decision to move the movie to the native soil. The remake is planned to an exit for 2014, but it is still unknown who exactly will be engaged in direction, not to mention the one to whom will entrust leading roles.

Indonesians hurry too and slippers lose to use unexpectedly successful plot and are going to let out in 2013 - m Raid 2 (the first promo - the roller is laid already kindly out in the Network). And, as it is sad, both forthcoming projects will hardly be able to keep the drive and the atmosphere of the original so you hurry to see Raid so far it was not spoiled continuations and remakes.