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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 9 - 10? Outcast etc.

Seemed that all main nominees of the Oscar we already watched. However this week we should get acquainted with Spielberg, Affleck and Ang Li`s one more powerful competitor - Tom Hooper`s musical Outcast already received three Gold " globe; and 8 nominations of film academy.

If the singing Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman to you not to liking, then for admirers of oldskulny fighters the gift in the form of the new movie with Sylvester Stallone`s participation " is available; Uncontrollable .

Author of the well-known horror Expelling a devil William Fridkin will present the thriller " on court of the viewer; Killer Joe and in the 3D format it will be possible how to tickle nerves ( Texas slaughter by the chiansaw 3D ), and to observe battles in the Colosseum (the animated film Gladiators of Rome ) .

1. Outcast (Les Miserables, 2012)

the Musical - it is always difficult. Especially if it is about transfer on a screen of such large-scale and epic work as the novel Outcast Victor Hugo. This immortal creation of the French genius was picturized already more than ten times, but none of film directors decided to turn the historian - drama epik into the musical. And only Englishman Tom Hooper who felt taste of a victory in 2010 - m with the masterpiece The King speaks! forced producers to believe in a possibility of implementation of so expensive and risky project.

Namuchivshis with a casting (in total for the leading roles it was tried about couple of tens of stars of world size, including Paul Bettany, Kate Winslet, Marion Kotiyyar, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Russia and so forth) authors stopped the choice on the following actors: Australian Hugh Jackman got Jean Valjean`s role, his opponent Zhaver is played by Russell Crowe, and women`s parties departed to Ann Hathaway and Amanda Sayfred. At the same time supporting roles are played too not by anyone, and theatrical stars of Uest - Enda, at different times taking part in statements Outcast .

After Hooper`s tape received three awards Gold " globe; (the best musical, Jackman and Hathaway), and then and 8 nominations on Oscar, it found a second wind in hire. Certainly, an event - as within a genre, and in general though Hooper is hardly worth counting that film academicians will bite the dust before the singing Crowe and the dying Hathaway. It is unambiguously recommended to viewing, it is desirable in the IMAX format where it will be possible to estimate grandness of a plan entirely.

2. Uncontrollable (Bullet to the Head, 2012)

the Old guard is not given. In the absence of worthy competitors heroes of fighters of the eightieth continue to come back to a screen again and again. And while all of us look forward to a part of the former governor of California and John Makkleyn, the old times of Slay with whose translation of the new opus our localizers strongly did not bother will warm public.

Uncontrollable (in the original The Bullet in the head ) - this is the airtight fighter, typical for Stallone, with extremely simple, and therefore easily acquired plot about the veteran - the killer and the young police officer who should investigate together crimes of a certain group of criminal elements. A role for Slaya the acquaintance ( Hitmen To Move away Carter ) he holds a form and cracks jokes with peculiar only to him charm. In a director`s chair though it and is unimportant, but Walter Hill who came back to a profession after a long-term break sits. Hill is the classic of a genre, in its moneybox the real hits - 48 hours and Red heat . Alas, this time its movie can be advised safely only to fans of Stallone and fighters 80 - x. In total - in the company with Jason Steytem, Willis and Schwartz Slei looked unlike more effectively.

3. Killer Joe (Killer Joe, 2011)

After Hill the return after 5 - summer hibernation was issued also by the winner of the Oscar ( French coherent ) and ex-husband of Frenchwoman Jeanne Moreau director William Fridkin. The second time in a row after Glitches (2006) Fridkin undertakes to picturize the play Traci Lettsa, only this time in Cannes it did not get prize FIPRESSI, business was limited to participation in a competition of the Berlin festival.

Killer Joe begins as standard gruesome history in style Tarantino and Koenov: the brother and the sister order to the selling cop murder of the mother as a result to receive an insurance and to pay off with debts. However simple in appearance the businessman turns around for all family of losers in the bloody feast weaved from nonsense, greed and cruelty to the neighbor. Fridkin was not ashamed neither in expressions, nor in visual means why the tape naturally received in hire of the USA terrible NC rating - 17 and a maximum of points in such parameters as sex, violence, strong language and cruelty.

At the same time the tape is quite truthful in the description of human defects, and the main character in brilliant performance Mathew Makkonakhi - one of the most noticeable villains at cinema for the last years five - ten. Generally, a product on the fan, for the audience with strong nerves and the adequate attitude towards reality.

4. Texas slaughter by the chiansaw 3D (Texas Chainsaw 3D, 2013)

You did not wait? And we were secured! In franchize artful designs about the maniac with a leather face to get confused - as two fingers about asphalt. The original appeared in 1974 and quickly turned into a cult thanks to successors and imitators. Three official sequels then the film series in the mid-nineties decayed were shot. In zero scenario crisis lifted many horrors including " from a bottom; Texas slaughter updated in 2003 - m Markus Nispel. Three years later the sequel which actually - the prequel, that is background with a mark " came out; Beginning . Then the Platinum Dunes studio refused to work in this direction and sold the rights for the franchize of the Lionsgate company.

What is bought, has to be paid back. Let also in 7 long years. However guys decided to make a knight`s move of Lionsgate and to solder the new movie exactly to the original of the seventieth. For this reason events three-dimensional slaughter start as if next day. And it does not matter that passed nearly forty years.

Clear business that tape bloody, places terrible and opposite. And also extremely flat in respect of a plot and secondary in relation to the previous series. Does not save notorious and on figs not necessary 3D here, participation of actors from the very first movie. Only for great admirers of film series and slashers in general.

And now about debutants with smaller ambitions and limited number of sessions. Among them there is a tape of coproduction of England and the Republic of South Africa " Project; Dinosaur . On style of execution the tape bears to the well-known pseudo-documentary horror " a strong resemblance; Project: The witch from Blair (the heading as if hints). Only without witch, but with prehistoric pangolins. In the same way all run somewhere, are frightened and pour snivels on a chamber. With half an eye it is possible to look.

Admirers of many-sided talent of Bill Murray will undoubtedly estimate it in Frank Delano Roosevelt`s image at Roger Mishell dramedy The Guide - park on Hudson , describing a torrid love affair 32 - go the U.S. President with his cousin. And for a family visit of cinema the three-dimensional animated cartoon from Italy under the name " will quite fit; Gladiators of Rome .

And in absolutely limited hire the audience hardly will find production delivered to Russia by film companies " on sessions; Other cinema and Cinema without borders . The first bought the Spanish police thriller " for display; Group 7 - a strong European action without excess pathos and with an easy raid of the drama. The second will show to domestic public the independent youth melodrama For the first time , removed though in the USA, but far from large studios and money.