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Actor`s transformations. Thin, thick, well-known?

Narrow-minded opinion such is that stars have no right for a mistake. We already discussed a situation when good actors with a powerful track record and a collection of awards sometimes dare to fake and act in ambiguous, and even just bad movies.

of What of a sin to conceal, in similar cases only the lazy viewer does not strive to spit to a star a back.

However just right to talk also about those talented performers who are respectful to the profession not only, but even with a certain share of fanaticism, for the sake of the next role endowing sometimes health and image.

Immersion at image - process, as we know, labor-consuming. The public sharply feels falseness therefore some actors who are tremblingly preserving the reputation begin to change for a role long before the beginning of film-making process. Today appearance of actors changes from the movie to the movie, and will surprise nobody with it. Art of a make-up reached improbable heights, and by means of computer technologies it is possible to turn anyone into anything. But the speech not about it, and about actors who consciously endure transformations, trying to reach full merge to the character.

We will take, for example, Englishman Tom Hardy . Tom was never a percher, but for participation in the final of the trilogy of Nolan Dark knight: Revival of a legend it turned itself(himself) uphill muscles. And though on the body builder it all the same does not pull, the excess 30 kg of meat gained by it in a gym were not superfluous for a role of the villain Beyn. And it is not the first time when Hardy is necessary to play with a body weight and muscles: it had to be pumped up for participation in the sports drama Soldier (2011). That, by the way, created to it certain problems because the actor was also attributed to the " project; The Most drunk district in the world where his hero according to the scenario should not have looked a buffalo. But, alas, so quickly the actor could not grow thin for shootings of a gangster tape any more.

Hardy shared the secret: many hours on exercise machines and the rigid diet which is generally consisting of chicken and broccoli. At the same time Tom accurately observed the schedule of trainings and tried to run as little as possible not to lose precious kilograms. And though its achievements in respect of transformation of a body not so impress, than at other participants of our list, they deserve respect.

While men swing a press, ladies desperately grow thin. As actress Natali Portman and Mila Kunis , on couple blown off for shootings Black swan Darren Aronofsky. And though they skhudnut by the number of kilograms not so strongly, but in percentage terms losses were enormous, considering that both girls and before participation in the movie were very tiny.

Portman began to train for a role in a year, eating generally almonds and carrot. Natali and so the vegetarian, so she had not to refuse meat, she just cut off portions. Parallel to a diet she for 8 hours a day saw off behind classes in choreography and gymnastics. It first. And is closer to shootings of training stretched till 12 o`clock. Mila Kunis scoffed at herself not so sophisticated, but too half a year consumed no more than 1200 calories a day and for 5 hours a day spent for exercise machines, dances and plasticity. By the beginning of shootings it decreased to 43 kg.

To be fair we will note that girls not only corresponded to the characters physically (they played the competing ballerinas), but also perfectly experienced the heroines emotionally. For what on advantage were rewarded: Mila Kunis - the nomination on Gold " globe; and Natali Portman - the Oscar for Best Actress. Not to mention that the poor thing Natali managed to get injured during shootings on edges and concussion.

The famous rapper Fifti Sent (50 Cent) who recently is actively acting in at film for the next picture of the friend Mario Van Piblza Different things (2011) changed to unrecognizability. To play the football player, the cancer patient, the actor grew thin for 25 kg. The musician, whose real name Curtice Jackson, passed to a liquid diet and for three hours a day tormented a racetrack. Besides to the rapper everything (and them was much) was necessary to reduce tattoos from hands as he did not wish to sit up every day in addition in a make-up room. And though the movie of popularity did not get, to Jackson is what to be proud. And partners in shop looked at it from other foreshortening. Obsession will not hide lack of talent, but Fifti has every chance to achieve bigger.

Nevertheless sometimes purely physical transformations promote the real triumph. As in a case with Charlize Theron who had to spoil herself literally. As the serial woman - Aileen Uornos`s murderers in the picture Monster (2003) the actress not only became object of experiments for make-up artists, but also gained 13 kg of live weight. For the sake of achievement of the necessary effect the actress ate only donuts and chips, food not only high-calorie, but also harmful. But worst of all, that between shootings Monster and the following picture with its participation ( The Head in clouds ) - only three weeks. The actress had to come back also promptly in habitual dimensions . Her sufferings paid off a hundredfold if that can be considered the Oscar for Best Actress and recognition at critics. The prototype was lucky less - the real Aileen Uornos shortly before a premiere Monster executed.

We also will not forget about famous Robert De Niro whose devotion to Stanislavsky`s system in the best way is confirmed by his game in the brilliant sports drama Mad bull (1980). Actually, this role and this image in De Niro`s career became a guiding star and the standard for future generations of actors. Mad bull acted in two stages that De Niro managed to turn from the brought-up athlete into the well-fad veteran of boxing. The actor, one may say, was lucky: it gathered the excess 27 kilograms at the expense of the adored Italian menu. Scorsese did not become izgalyatsya over the favourite performer, and all scenes with the grown fat De Niro were shot on - fast, without excess doubles. What was not reflected in result in any way. Both the movie, and its star were entered in the list of nominees of the Oscar. And unlike producers (which the main figurine is handed), Robert went ungifted away home not.

The favourite of America Tom Hanks is not by hearsay familiar with corporal experiments too, though is not among ardent fans of Stanislavsky. However Hanks should grow thin more often, than to get fat. For a role of the homosexual sick with AIDS in Philadelphia (its first Oscar) there were enough also 10 kg, and here for an image new Robinson Crusoe in Robert Zemeckis`s drama Derelict it had to take a time - a miss and to dump the whole 25 kilograms. So to decrease in only four months, it was necessary to eat, literally as on the desert island. Hanks said that his daily allowance ration could go in to it on a palm. Tom could not refuse coffee, and here fried potato dreamed it. Critics and the audience estimated obsession of the performer, having deservedly awarded him Gold " globe;.

The popular actor Christian Bale will become the last whom we will discuss in our article. That that once debuted in sovetsko - the Scandinavian fairy tale Mio, my Mio and now is a superstar of Hollywood thanks to roles in Nolan`s trilogy about Batman and dramas Prestige and Fighter .

Bale in the address with own body reached skill. Over the last 10 years it only also does that constantly dumps and gains muscle bulk. During this time its weight changed in the range from 54 to 104 kg. For Driver he grew thin for 28 kilograms, eating in day to bank of a tuna or apple. It seemed, here - here will blow off the actor wind, so he became thin since American Psycho . And in a year Kristian already appeared in Batman`s image, otjevshis on half-centner. Considering that Nolan`s comic book inevitably had to become the franchize, the actor was fated to stay in heavy weight category several years. But it is too boring. Therefore in 2010 - m it is categorically blown off for the sports drama " again; Fighter in which for a role deservedly wins the Oscar. And it besides that on a nose a final chord of the trilogy. And Bale once again presses a bar and gnaws hamburgers.

Here it is also asked whether there is a limit to human opportunities? Probably, is. But all above-stated actors and actresses visually proved that at desire with this limit it is possible and it is necessary to fight. Though, certainly, in house conditions it is better not to repeat this trick.