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Mysticism Drag Me to Hell . And you trust in damnations?

Judging by the highest rating of a TV show Psychic Challenge on TNT channel, nothing so frightens residents of our country as an opportunity to become object of a damnation. Even thorough sceptics from among the audience of this program agree that bad wishes for some reason materialize far more often, than kind parting words.

A faith in the grandmothers having the gift not only to remove damage and slanders, but also one wave of the crooked finger to impose them, at our people over the years only gets stronger. The ruble so does not get stronger as this belief.

The American director Sam Ramey is known to all film fans as the director of a cult low budget horror Ominous dead persons (1981). The nice cinema with charismatic Bruce Campbell is one of the most successful and profitable debuts for all contemporary history of Hollywood. And Ramey did not fail to use fruits of the triumph, six years having removed continuation " later; Ominous dead persons 2 . And all! Since then the director even close did not approach horror films (the third part Dead persons it is not counted because looks like the parody more), essentially preferring to work in other genres. He shot thrillers, westerns ( Fast and dead ) dramas and even managed to earn good money on the popular trilogy of comics Spiderman . But, sooner or later, the circle becomes isolated.

Formally noted the return to Ramey`s horror in 2004 - m when after four years of work on television where he directed fenteziyny series about Zena and Heracles, undertook to be a producer of the remake of the Japanese hit " of the same name; Damnation Takashi Shimitsu. The picture made deafening success in the States that urged on Ramey on further feats. All second half zero, in parallel puffing over sequels Spiderman he invested money in zhutik ( Damnation 2 Envoys Boogeyman ) so far, at last, did not decide to return to a director`s chair. The mystical thriller " became result of its work; Drag Me to Hell (2009), earned in world hire of more than 90 million dollars.

The young and beautiful employee of bank Christine Braun has (Alison Loman) all on ointment. Easy work at which it is shone by increase, the rich and perspective groom and other bright prospects on life. However, in this barrel of honey the tar spoon nevertheless is available. For example, parents its fight - the friend Clay (Justin Long) - wealthy snobs from Santa - Barbara, dreaming about more catch for the son - the lawyer. And at work there was a new manager Stew who also marks to a treasured position in this connection actively licks a bum to the boss and puts a spoke in the wheel of Christine. But Christine`s increase is necessary, only this way she will be able to make impression on future mother-in-law.

That is why when the lonely and old Gipsy Silvia Ganush, Christine, a couple of minutes posomnevavshis comes to office of bank, refuses to it a delay on a mortgage loan. As the old woman begged as she neither rushed on knees and nor kissed a skirt hem, the will and determination of the bank clerk remained are unshakable. But the old geezer was the witch sensitive in addition. In the same evening Ganush trapped Christine on the underground parking and after short fight took control of its button. Having whispered on a small button spiteful words on an untranslatable dialect, the Gipsy returned a thing to the offender and faded.

It would seem, incident is exhausted. The broken lip and the impaired a little subject of clothes are not counted. But at night the Gipsy damnation begins to work - in Christine`s ears ominous voices sound, and the house is filled with scratches and rustles. The local Hindu - the psychic confirms: imposed very strong plot on which the awful horned goat from an underworld will torment and torment her three days on the girl, and after 72 hours will take away her soul to Hell. Term, frankly speaking, small, and Christine begins to fuss because young and beautiful

does not want to die In spite of the fact that Drag Me to Hell - the project is original, not the remake and not the screen version, Ramey`s movie distinctly reminds many horrors seen by us earlier. And already mentioned Damnation and Growing thin according to Stephen King, and the whole assembly of other zhutik, including the same Ominous dead persons and Poltergeist Tobe Hooper. In other words, the director remained is faithful to himself, having generously scattered on a tape multiple quotes on classics of a genre, but at the same time having created essentially the cinema.

Collecting by collecting especially as in America the revenue of a picture only slightly exceeded expenses, but the tape already in world hire completely paid off. It is pleasant that Ramey did not begin to make advances to fashionable technology of pseudo-documentary, having refused idea to shoot the movie shivering with little-known persons. He invited quite taken place performers, used expensive special effects and did not stint study of characters. Besides that just its movie is really based on real events, but is not covered with this ridiculous addition from reklamno - marketing reasons. To honor of authors, they in credits do not shout of it anywhere, providing to the viewer most to solve, he believes in similar passions - mordast or not.

It is necessary to understand that cinema, as well as any other art form, demands some preparation. In a case with Ramey`s movie of wine mutual: the director did not manage to pick up up to the end the necessary visual means, and the viewer waited for something another. Diamond cut diamond, having poured out in extremely inconsistent responses, from sharply abusive to enthusiastic. The first accused the director of secondariness, naturalism and a triviality of a plot (I will remind that the scenario Drag Me to Hell it was written by Ramey`s brothers still in the early nineties), the second estimated a corporate style, supply of material and a barefaced mockery over genre stamps, like a session at the medium. Of course, in that memorable episode authors had to use the mechanized doll of a goat because the real animal who is originally brought on shootings amused all and interfered with the film-making process.

It turned out and it is terrible, and it is ridiculous, and places disgustingly (the scene with the toothless witch who is sucking round the unfortunate bank employee to you will precisely be remembered), but wholly and quite in Ramey`s style. Who saw its previous horror films and thrillers, will estimate. We approve also casting for leading roles. Alison Loman (the cunning girl from a criminal tape of Ridley Scott Magnificent swindle ) perfectly fits into a type. There is in it no habitual sample nonsense of characters of horror films who climb in a bottle eternally. The girl is practical in the acts and fights for own life, at the same time saving face. It, of course, is guilty of the misadventures, but also damnations just like that are not imposed.

Other heroes here on backup dancers: and more - less famous Justin Long (the actor already managed to acquire experience in horror films, having acted in a beginning of the career in a dilogy Dzhipers Kripers ), and David Peymer ( Television quiz show ) . Most abruptly, by itself, lights Lorne Rever - the seventy-year-old actress was spoiled to unrecognizability, having turned into one of the most repugnant characters (Gipsy Ganush). All scenes with its participation, and the terrible witch even after death continues to solicit Christine and in reality, and in a dream, are simply exceptional, though not for weak a stomach.

All - the good fellow that returned to sources, let Ramey and it is not so effective, predictably. Unlike the colleagues from shop among which many bunglers stamping baby`s dummies only of benefit for the sake of Ramey took place for a long time both as the director, and as the producer. And therefore has an opportunity not to pursue momentary profit. And we look forward to a premiere of its following project - a fantasy based on Laymen Frank Baum`s books Oz: Great and awful .