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Fantasy Pandorum . Loonies in space or to Whom it is not slept at a steering wheel?

With a fantasy now tugovato. Even in Hollywood where the question of financing is particularly acute not so, producers prefer to invest money in genres with higher payback. For example, comedies or comics, fighters and pseudo-documentary horror films. has enough

For success of comedies or fighters presence of one - two highly paid stars, comics do cash desk due to strong fan base and abrupt special effects, and the zhutik removed for kopeks make huge profit.

Responsible, in turn, is necessary for a fantastic genre, it is desirable inventive, the plot, realistic visual effects and recognizable names on the poster will not prevent. But the main thing - a sure director`s hand, and with it today not really. Spielberg steeped in dramas, Zemeckis experiments with forms of submission of information, and Loukas, having been tired to nurse with Star wars Disney sold the franchize of studio. New talented directors among whom Christopher Nolan came to their place ( Beginning Dark knight ), Jay Jay Abrams ( Star Trek and Super 8 ) and Duncan Jones ( Moon and Source code ) .

And German Christian Alvert obviously dreamed of rising with them in one row, having offered on court of the viewer in 2009 - m the movie Pandorum - mix of science fiction and horror film. Alas, from the first attempt to break on Olympe it was not possible.

Will not pass also hundred years as the mankind, at last, will outgrow the pubertatny period of satellites and probes and will learn to start the piloted starprobe vehicles in distant corners of the Galaxy. Successful coincidence, considering that on Earth the situation is worse than ever: oil is exhausted, coal is dug out, and fresh water - is drunk to the bottom the rivers and lakes. The power and money have no former value any more, and people of Earth passed into the following phase of existence on the planet - a survival. Thank God, astronomers find the planet which is analog of Earth in deep space. In a hurry there expedition which problem includes colonization of the new world is equipped. Thousands of passengers of a starprobe vehicle Elizium acquire the one way ticket because they are not fated to return home any more.

First mission proceeded successfully: passengers peacefully slept in anabiosis, and several groups of crew serially replaced each other each two years on watch. However, having received the overdue message from the blue planet on death of all real, in team there was a dissonance. The feeling of total isolation and uncertainty ahead played a dirty trick with astronauts. By the ship anarchy began.

Having woken up from a long dream, the corporal Bauer understands not at once where it and who is he. Partially also regained consciousness lieutenant Payton helps to restore memory to it. Together officers decide to find out what happened to their colleagues and a starprobe vehicle for that time that they are prodrykhl in capsules. Darkness and desolation reigns in compartments, the electricity works with interruptions, and the main nuclear reactor, apparently, plows with the last bit of strength. Payton remains for the navigator, and Bauer goes to wander about interiors Eliziuma in hope to solve the reason of malfunctions and to restart the reactor, so far it is still possible. But what it should face outside a cozy pressure chamber, does not squeeze in any framework of reasonable: the remains of the survived crew members turned into half-civilized natives, and in dark corners of the ship awful monsters by

If to renounce a fantasy, which in " are concealed; Pandorum disappointingly it is not enough, the closest relative it is possible to recognize creations of German Alvert safely Descent Englishman Neil Marshall. In fact, the West German director changed only scenery and cosmetic corrected monsters, having trained them not only to bite teeth into flesh, but also to skills of hand-to-hand fight, and also the first signs of nobility (an episode in which the fiend kindly throws up to the rival the dropped-out weapon - a ready plot for the " program; Obvious - improbable ) .

It is remembered, a premiere last year Prometheus Ridley Scott strongly disappointed admirers scientifically - a fantastic genre. And so, friends, in comparison with Pandorum Scott`s opus - nearly a masterpiece. Let`s begin with the fact that about a half of the movie proceeds in dark corridors at weak light of a small lamp. The lonely space landscape will fly in initial credits then the viewer is forced to peer into the twilight, vainly hoping to consider on faces of the main characters though some signs of emotions and actor`s game. The suspense is presented in the form of unexpected sounds and shrieks whereas confused wandering of characters on the thrown ship reminds a bad quest. Behind only that exception that the most part of riddles and will remain unresolved.

Which - which of the audience pecked on more - less known surnames in credits. However, these pilots or already retired as Dennis Quade whose best times remained in the eightieth, or as Ben Foster, only begin the way to cinema. Both, are not present to dispute, won back according to the lights and opportunities, but any professional bites the dust under oppression of idiotic scenarios. To drag on itself freight of empty dialogues and senseless acts, it - god, hardly.

Two questions which tormented me all road. In - the first that it for mysterious Pandorum clinging like deprive only to officers of the highest structure and turning them into uncontrollable kamikazes? It would not be simpler to call things by their proper names: paranoia, schizophrenia, etc. In - the second from where on a starprobe vehicle hordes of humanoid mutants appeared? Heroes, of course, do not manage to be set by this rhetorical question because when creatures are scraped at a door, problems should be solved in process of receipt. Presence of monsters is accepted to an axiom, and search of the reasons is postponed for later. Probably, for the sequel for which we will hardly wait.

Breaking all laws of logic, physicists and god knows still what, Pandorum surely aspires to the unintelligible final where the Gordian knot of riddles is cut by a resolute stroke of a feather.

It is asked from where the anonymous German had an opportunity to remove the road, 30 - the million project with an impregnation of the international stars of average size? We dig in data and we find in a producer chair of the old acquaintance - the Sex of U. S. Anderson for which the similar muffled opus " is registered; Through the horizon and long franchize Resident evil . And on it all claims to Alvert are removed because it becomes clear - the director acted as a whipping boy.

What turned out as a result? Mix of genres came out unstable. The picture breaks up to separate elements as salad under the leadership of the inexperienced cook. At first to us flog the tasty fantastic picture with detective implication, then jumps, pursuits and chukalovo with terrible freaks begin, and in the end authors unexpectedly tighten the viewer in a chasm of psychological nuances. That fact that Pandorum acted on the same well-known film studio Babelsberg where in the middle of 20 - x years of the last century Fritz Lang created the immortal masterpiece Metropolis did not help the movie at all.

Syndrome of orbital dysfunction, it Pandorum before removing on pages of the scenario, affected brains of the ideological inspirer of the project - Treyvis Mellou. As a result we have what is had - the good beginning, banal and senseless continuation and epik - feyl in an ending. Is given, gentlemen, it was the comedy.