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Whether milk is useful?

Often I see discussions concerning usefulness of milk. In publications one say that milk is useless for adults, and children should drink it only.

Others claim that to drink cow`s milk... only cows have to. The third assure what from milk happens... breast cancer and prostates, a heart trouble and kidneys, and in general milk are more harmful than smoking... There is an opinion that milk is life-threatening because accumulates in itself radiation. And some write what without milk of people cannot live at all.

In such different opinions it is possible just to get lost. And I so love milk! Therefore I also decided to find article of the real specialist in milk. Also found in To Komsomolskaya Pravda interview of the doctor of clinic of medical foods, research associate of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Mikhail Gurvich. Here what he tells:

A milk diet

Now more and more people began to ask a question whether harmfully in general to the adult to drink milk? News lines dazzle with messages about fresh anti-dairy opening of foreign scientists. For example, one New Zealand doctor as if found harmful influence of milk on heart. He accused the protein which is contained in milk of it A1 casein which is supposedly capable to cause damage of walls of arteries. And certain European scientists, according to messages of the same news agencies, in general declared that at children who regularly drink milk the risk of a disease of diabetes increases further. The expert of the Russian Institute of food does not agree with such conclusions:

You Should not trust similar information from the Internet if in the message the institute at which this or that mentioned scientist works is not specified. Harmful milk cannot be in any way. Still Avicenna called dairy products the best food for people. Botkin - precious means at treatment of heart troubles and kidneys. And it is the people who deserved the world authority. Though, speaking so about milk, they meant, of course, not modern powder which can be stored for months, and pair, from - under a nanny-goat or a cow

It is not necessary to Drink milk the adult - it is acquired only by the child is an opinion, so widespread in the people, it appears, the myth too. And even to explain from where it went, domestic specialists in food are at a loss " now;.

It is absurdity - Gurvich says. - You Should not repeat any nonsense. The adult perfectly acquires milk if only it has no lack of enzyme of lactase. But even in this case it can acquire perfectly, for example, kefir. And that one people digest milk better, and others (for example, Indian tribes) - worse or at all do not acquire, actually nobody carried out serious researches .

But whether it is harmful to the adult to drink a lot of milk?

Concept norm it is often applied, for example, in preschool institutions. But there it is more caused by a sum of money which is allocated for children, but not influence of milk on their organism. It is like to argue on norm of red caviar: for someone to eat five berries - already happiness, and three spoons is necessary to another who has such opportunity.

By the way, people not from milk, and from the fat which is contained in it also get fat. Therefore the opinion that milk is contraindicated to stout persons, is incorrect too. At us in clinic dairy products even join in programs for weight loss. Just for the person inclined to completeness, it is better to choose milk with small percent of fat content - 1 - 1,5%, but not 5 - 6%. And then it can be drunk in large numbers .

Be afraid of dairy skins!

A here quite another matter - food allergy and individual intolerance (it, by the way, is not connected with immunity).

The similar intolerance of milk can be caused by insufficient activity or in general absence in an organism of the notorious lactase splitting dairy sugar. Its strengthened fermentation also brings to zheludochno - to intestinal frustration. Hypersensibility of an organism to milk proteins can be the second cause.

- But if to one of hundred people it becomes bad from apples, same does not mean that apples are harmful, - Gurvich says.

Displays of food allergy on milk happen the most different. The most frequent and characteristic - heartburn, an abdominal distension, vomiting, a meteorizm.

In practice, by the way, even cases when the person could drink easily milk met, but here from a skin to it it became bad. The podtashnivaniye, an itch of skin or the small tortoiseshell can be a symptom of such allergy. The matter is that on the chemical composition the skin differs from milk a little, though contains a large amount of substances, useful to the person...

By the way, to parents whose children do not love a dairy skin, doctors sometimes advise milk at boiling to disturb, and when giving on a table quickly to cool, thus without having allowed a skin to be formed on a surface of the cooled-down milk. It can be advised also adults.

In general specialists in medical foods recommend those who badly transfers milk several exits. To add it to tea or coffee or just to be limited to milk derivatives - kefir, cheese, cottage cheese

Milk as hypostases medicine

A here in whether milk brings real benefit, experts - nutritionists do not doubt.

- Milk is a weak activator of gastric secretion therefore it is very useful for those who need the sparing food, - sick with an ulcer and gastritis with the increased acidity, - the expert of scientific research institute of food lists. - In milk there is a lot of calcium, so, it is necessary also for those who have osteoporosis. And as milk strengthens removal of liquid from an organism, it is often recommended to drink at hypostases. Besides, it helps at atherosclerosis, and also at chronic diseases of a liver and gall bladder.

Doctors established one more important fact: milk reduces pressure at hypertensive persons.

Disproving a hypothesis of that New Zealand scientist who connected milk with diseases warmly - vascular system, Gurvich notices:

- At heart troubles doctors, on the contrary, recommend dairy products. It just what is necessary for the patient in such situation: milk plus vegetables and fruit

I, on the contrary, long time was considered that milk helps to avoid many occupational diseases at the so-called harmful enterprises for what it, as we know, and is given to employees. And so, about 10 - 15 years ago scientists had a new hypothesis: harmful chemicals milk especially - that also does not neutralize. And it is necessary to give it to employees of the enterprises just as the all-strengthening means. Equally well, for example, it is possible to give to drink to workers juice or a fruit drink. And still opinions about whether it is necessary to milk for harm at scientists differ.

If influence of milk on physical health is available, then concerning its impact on mentality or just the mood of the person is not still clear.

- Doctors really sometimes recommend to patients milk for the night, but only because it calms a stomach and intestines, - Gurvich says.

- However, cases when it helped also at sleeplessness are known.

Whether to wash down herring with milk?

Other disputes around milk - that they can wash down and that is not present. Salty and sharp (for example, herring or pickles) cannot be washed down with milk, of course, but actually, according to Gurvich, there are no strict restrictions here. Everyone has to look at the individual reaction.

Moreover, good milk, especially if it pair, just from - under a cow, even neutralizes action in an organism of sharp marinades. So similar experiment can do, on the contrary, good.

And, by the way, milk is useful and is well acquired not only in original state, but also as a part of porridges and milk soups.

And how to be that who has a notorious allergy to milk or cannot just suffer it? Whether really to live without milk and at the same time normally to feel?

Of course, experts consider. Quite also its derivatives - cottage cheese, cheese will approach And even if you for any reasons do not use dairy products in general, as a last resort there are fish and meat. All - the most important that the organism receives from milk, is an animal protein.

So to solve, drink or to drink, everyone has to for itself(himself). The main thing - to listen not to impostors from dietology, and to authoritative experts. Well and to sounds of the intestines, of course.

MK source - Sunday, a tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets .