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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 2 - 3? Armour of God 3 Parker etc.

Are final having recovered from New Year`s film premieres and having estimated the main contenders for the future Oscar, at the end of January the audience will be able to have a rest a little from movies with ambitions and to look at tapes simple and clear to everyone.

among the last - long-awaited end of the trilogy Armour of God 3: Mission Zodiac with Jackie Chan, the next airtight fighter from Jason Steytem Parker and original mix of horrors and the melodrama in the picture Heat of our bodies . And also the comedy fighter with the dynamic heading Be enough and run and criminal dramedy Real guys with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken`s participation.

1. Armour of God 3: Mission Zodiac (Chinese Zodiac, 2012)

what we love frivolous fighters of Jackie Chan for? In - the first, it is nostalgia on VHS era when the rare video hall did without display Young master Operations And and Police history . In - the second, it is a tribute to skill of the tiny Chinese who is the real Self - made man. Chan, despite solid age, continues to surprise with the plasticity and an ingenuity in statement and realization of fighting scenes. The actor, the producer, the screenwriter, the director, the composer, the stuntman - is not present such profession at cinema with which he would not cope. And the new movie from film series about the cunning thief Yastreba - to that the excess proof.

The third God`s Armour leave in the Russian hire more than twenty years later after the sequel Operation Condor (1991). You will not believe, but during this time neither Jackie, nor his manner to shoot film of special changes underwent. As if you go on a meeting with the old friend and precisely know that he - that will not deceive you. Against computer superheroes, the reflexing komiksny characters and severe machoes like Steytem, Owen and others Jackie Chan and his projects - as if a breath of fresh air. An easy, vigorous action without excess philosophical implication, Armour of god 3 represent quintessence of entertaining cinema with all classical components, and executed at the highest level.

2. Parker (Parker, 2013)

what we love serious fighters of Jason Steytem for? For all in what they differ from comedy opuses of Chan - brutality, naturalism of hand-to-hand scenes, mainly black humour and safe result in the final. Problem of the British filmstar only that all his movies are similar the friend on the friend like twins - brothers, and considering that Steytem acts often and with pleasure, a certain reputation was already consolidated to him, to get rid from which it will be hard.

This time Taylor Hekford famous to the viewer on very variegated projects, since " undertook statement; Officer and gentleman (1982) with Richard Gere and finishing with the screen version of King Dolores Kleyborn The Devil`s Advocate and musical drama Ray . In other words, experience and a right hand of the director at us do not raise doubts, but Hekford did not consider that any movie with participation of the British robust fellow is a benefit performance of Steytem regardless of the one who drives process. Though Spielberg together with Coppola. As Hekford did not try to interfere with creative process, it is clear that nothing acceptable at it left. As well as at Jennifer Lopez whose outstanding parts of a body will never be able to eclipse accurate blow in a jaw performed by Jason.

It should be noted that Parker - it is the screen version of one of books from a series of novels of Donald Uestleyk, the master of a detective genre. And will depend only on us whether Steytem will be able repeatedly to be published in this image, or will go in the footsteps of Jack Richer to which the sequel from - for modest collecting and an unsuccessful casting already hardly shines.

3. Heat of our bodies (Warm Bodies, 2013)

Cinema-men understand that the viewer was pathologically tired of severe and pathos post-apocalyptic movies therefore publics parody tapes it seems " periodically are pleasing to the eye; The Zombie by the name of Sean or Welcome to Zombilend . However and here walking dead persons - only stupid, wandering on gloomy landscapes, pieces of meat, and humour - for 100 percent black that, by itself, to taste not all. Author of the book Heat of our bodies Isaac Marion decided to go by contradiction - if zombies once were people, what prevents them to recover from an illness? Bias? Fear and hatred of live? Or, maybe, absence of love?

If to dig deep into semantic implications, then Heat of our bodies - it is the Shakespearean history " shifted to a modern harmony; Romeo and Juliette . This obviously follows from names of the main characters (the zombie R and the survived Juli) and on a plot it is easy to guess - the bad father, big feeling and the eternal conflict of fathers and children. Unfortunately, authors put emphasis on a romantic component therefore and the comedy the tape belongs to genres of horror films only formally. But as experiment on the zombie`s hominifying - looks not bad, in places it is even original.

4. Be enough and run (Hit and Run, 2012)

the Third grade - not marriage. The actor, the screenwriter and the producer Deks Shepard when he brought together the friends and relatives that for couple of lyam to remove a storm obscene criminal action tried to prove it to us. The plot is simple - the former bad boy, bank, grabanuvshy with accomplices, takes refuge in the American village on a protection program of witnesses. The name is new, the girlfriend - too. However the past returned in the person of maniacally adjusted loony Alex (Bradley Cooper) who not only offended by treachery, but also demands to return a debt. Certainly, our hero does not intend to share (because, in fact, there is nothing) and does that it is offered to him movie heading, that is is enough the bottom in hands and brings down to all devils.

The low budget independent cinema of subjects and is interesting that people manage for modest money to make the large studios pumping tens of millions into the projects do not manage what. Yes, in such movies there will be no collection meeting of stars (Bradley Cooper and Kristen Bell`s presence is explained by that the first - the good friend of Shepard, and the second - the lawful spouse), there will be no broad advertizing in mass media also, trips on festivals and awards of film academy. But if to try, and authors made it wonderfully well, then expenses will turn into profits. And though all events on the screen do not shine with originality, the fervent mat, abrupt wheelbarrows (all - from personal garage of the director), a nice soundtrack and raunchy style do the movie unlike a mainstream of Hollywood. As it is valuable.

In wide release the company to the above-stated novelties will be kept also by a new criminal tape with participation of two superstars of the American and world cinema - Real guys with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken. From what perepuga of such high quality actors entrusted unexperienced Fischer to Stephens, here in what a question. As a result the potential hit turned into the next cinema through passage with Pacino who has something a bit too many single shots recently.

If you plan a family visit of cinema, then pay attention to the three-dimensional animated film of coproduction of the USA and South Korea Dinomama 3D about travel in time, dinosaurs and adventures of children in animation Jurassic Park .