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What can be prepared from rice?

Reece - favourite food of billions of people. In the world, most likely, there is no person who would not try rice. One like polished rice, to others the most useful not polished. It is possible to tell much about advantage of rice.

Everything I recommend to include in a diet not polished rice because such rice is appreciated the bigger maintenance of minerals, vitamins and cellulose availability. Became fashionable red, wild and black rice that inexpressibly pleases. From them there is a lot of advantage.

Daily we think of what to prepare, what to eat. And rice which many have on the kitchen shelf it is possible to prepare on - special. Therefore I offer ideas for lunches and dinners - recipes from different types of rice:

Rice balls with a cheese and ham stuffing

Reece Kalrouz - the best, ideal rice for sushi and beaters therefore it can be used in the Japanese recipes. But also perfectly will be suitable for preparation of the most tasty rice balls.

For 3 - 4 portions: 1 Art. of rice Kalrouz, handful of grated parmesan; 2 - 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs; 1 egg; 1 - 2 balls of a mozzarella; several slices of Parma ham; 1 l of vegetable oil; salt.

to Wash out rice, to fill in with clear water and to bring to boiling. To salt and prepare under a cover of 8 minutes. Then to mix rice with crackers, the cheese which is shaken up by egg. To create flat cake from this weight and to lay out cheese and ham in the center. To pinch and roll in a sphere, of the size of a walnut. To fry in hot fan at 200 C to a ruddy crust. To give with greens and salad.

Pumpkin risotto with bacon

Reece Karnaroli is the king of risotto! Thanking karnarol the ideal cream consistence turns out always, it is a basis for the culinary imagination, there is a set of options of risotto.

For 4 portions: 1 St. Karnaroli`s rice for risotto of 1 l of water (or broth), 200 g of pumpkin, 100 g of bacon, 50 g of butter, several branches of a thyme, 1 bulb, 100 ml of white dry wine, 100 g of cheese parmesan, salt - to taste. Bacon to cut

thin strips and to fry on the warmed frying pan to a ruddy crust. To lay bacon. In the kindled butter to fry till golden color the pumpkin cut in cubes with small cut thyme. To add the crushed onions and to prepare to its softness. To fill up rice, to mix so that rice became impregnated with oil. To pour in wine and to evaporate it, stirring slowly. To add a half of hot water (or broth) and, stirring slowly, to allow it to be absorbed. After to add on a ladle the remained water in process of its absorption. To prepare so, stirring slowly, on average fire 20 - 23 of minute to a condition of the " rice; to an aldenta . To remove from fire, to add a half of polished cheese, bacon, to mix and allow to stand under a cover 3 minutes. To give, having strewed with the remained cheese and having decorated with a thyme branch.

wild rice chicken Salad

Wild rice - rare rice from North America.

Well is suitable for salads, soups, hot and cold appetizers, stuffings and even desserts. Wild rice is very popular with the Hollywood stars as a basis of a healthy diet. I still like to use it in mixes with the steamed and brown rice.

For 4 portions: 1 Art. of wild rice, 200 g of chicken breast, 1 avocado, 1 pepper yellow, 1 bunch of cilantro, 100 g of cheddar cheese, juice 1/2 of a lemon, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 garlic gloves, 1/4 h l. caraway seeds, salt, the black pepper ground - to taste. to fill up with

In the boiling added some salt water rice and to cook on slow fire with the closed cover of 40 minutes. To cook chicken within 30 minutes. To cool and cut in cubes. To make gas station: to mix lemon juice, olive oil, polished garlic, caraway seeds and ground pepper. To mix rice, chicken, the avocados cut by a cube, yellow pepper, cilantro and grated cheese. To pour over salad dressing, to mix.

red rice spinach Salad

Red rice is very useful to

. The increased content of antioxidants and food fibers does it by the best basis of healthy food!

For 4 portions: 1 Art. of red long-grain rice, 100 g of zucchini, 100 g of siliculose haricot, 100 g of spinach, on a bunch of parsley and green onions, 100 g of green olives (without stone), 100 g of walnuts, juice of a half of a lemon, 50 g of olive oil, salt, pepper fresh ground - to taste. to fill up with

In the boiling water rice, to cook on slow fire with the closed cover of 30 minutes, at the end of cooking - to salt. Reece to cool to room temperature. In a stewpan in a small amount of water to pripustit the cut zucchinis (cubes), spinach and siliculose haricot. To prepare gas station: to mix small cut parsley, green onions, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh ground pepper. To add stewed vegetables and olives cut by circles to rice. To pour dressing and to mix. To give, having strewed with a grated walnut.

ekstradlinny basmati rice Pilaf

Basmati rice ekstradlinny - the longest rice in the world, after cooking increases twice. Still very much the recipe " was pleasant with it; Hedgehogs .

For 4 portions: 1,5 Art. of basmati rice ekstradlinny for pilaf, 400 g of meat, 2 bulbs, the 3rd carrots, fat or vegetable oil, seasoning for pilaf, salt - to taste.

In a pan with a thick bottom to kindle the fat cut in cubes, to remove the remained cracklings. To cut meat on small pieces and to add to a pan with the kindled fat (or heated vegetable oil). To fry meat before formation of a crust. To add the onions cut by half rings, to fry a little it with meat, then to add the carrots cut by straws. To fry several minutes, slightly stirring slowly. To fill in with boiled water in quantity that it covered pan contents. To add seasoning for pilaf, to salt. To prepare under a cover on weak fire, cooking time - depending on a type of meat. Further to add 3 Art. of boiled water, to salt and lay out the washed-out rice in a pan. To bring to boiling, to reduce fire and to cook under a cover of 5 - 10 minutes, without stirring slowly. Then to remove from fire and to take under a cover even minutes 30.

Black rice of Nerone with a red trout

Black rice of Nerone grows in the only place on Earth, in the valley of the Po River, it is improbable! It is perfectly combined with seafood. And still I very much liked the recipe of black rice with coconut milk.

For 4 portions: 1,5 St. black rice of Nerone, 4 medallions of a trout, 3 garlic gloves, a lemon, pepper ground, basil leaves, olive oil, greens and salt - to taste.

to Pour a little olive oil in a frying pan, to add garlic gloves, a basil and rice, to fill in with cold water to cover pan contents. To cook within 40 minutes. In the middle of preparation to add a spoon of olive oil and to mix, salt. In the same time to fry a trout, having salted and having peppered to taste. To sprinkle a ready trout lemon juice.

Now the set of types of rice is available to us that allows to diversify a food allowance and to care for the health! It is known that brown (brown) or red rice, helps to be in perfect shape, it is stated in the popular video about 75 - the summer American grandmother of the bodybuilder. In 75 years to have such figure, gloss in eyes and a healthy organism is an achievement!