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Good actors in bad movies. Even the wisest of us can make a mistake?

It is no secret that each remarkable actor has in a filmography one, and even several movies with which it has to be a shame to it. Notice, this is not about the first shy steps in career. It is clear that many present superstars began with small, often acquiring experience in projects, very doubtful on quality. No, our we will talk about those who already at peak of the career occasionally afford to fake . we Will take

, for example, rather recent comedy of Adam Sandler Such different twins who against pejorative critical responses managed to beat off in hire the budget, not sour for a genre, in 80 mln. dollars. This result does not surprise: the sortirny humour of Sandler is traditionally popular in the States, despite a stable annual gain in the nominations on Gold " raspberry;. The fact that this time as the workmate of the comedian legendary Al Pacino acted surprises. Yes, that, at which 1 Oscars (it in a tape is just quite funny beaten) and eight nominations. Actually, the most memorable movie episodes are also connected with Pacino, but whether it can excuse?

Star Godfather and Scarfaces not the first time walks smack in guano. Already being in the status of the winner of film academy, Pacino acted in the movie " terrifying dullness; Gigli where Affleck - Lopez kept the company to a married couple. Let`s consider that Al rendered to Sandler friendly mutual aid in pulling drowning on the coast. Though, speak, it - does not sink.

Other, not less eminent actor, Robert De Niro who made the name on such masterpieces as Taxi driver Mad bull and Once in America too with age ceased to pedal reputation. And if participation in a series of frivolous comedies about acquaintance to parents still it is possible to include as attempt to replace image, that its presence at frankly weak projects like a horror film Another or fighter Freelancers otherwise as it is difficult to explain with desire to earn easy money. Apparently, time to take rest and comprehend a further way came. For the last three years De Niro was marked out in 11 pictures of different degree of success, but the quantity, as we know, seldom turns into quality. Perhaps it is better less and better?

This trouble and magnificent Jack Nicholson, the only actor - the man who can brag of three Oscars in the asset and twelve nominations bypassed. In more than 50 years of creative activity it is difficult to avoid mistakes, but Jack just that guy whose filmography is almost not dirtied by garbage. Almost. To take at least its unsuccessful reunion with the director Bob Rafelson when the duet earlier known on the brilliant tapes Five easy plays and The Mail carrier calls twice suddenly was delivered of two very average (at least, for Nicholson`s level) of works - Blood and " wine; and Man`s efforts . The actor realized curvature of a path in time and already a year later celebrated a victory the role in the drama Better does not happen . Today 75 and he does not seek to be shown to Nicholson on the screen any more. Perhaps, it too to the best.

Tom Hanks, one more favourite of the American public and criticism, knows firsthand too that big cases fall more loudly. However, we will not find in its track record of serious failures, all - Hanks tries to maintain reputation and chooses to himself projects scrupulously. Nevertheless at the beginning of 90 - x it twice in a year stepped on a rake, having filled itself(himself) low ratings. It was dangerous focus, then Hanks did not appear in lists of owners of a gold figurine yet and could ruin the brilliant future easily.

At first failure comprehended the screen version of the novel of Tom Woolf Fire of vanities (defeat at critics and low collecting in cash desks of movie theaters), then, despite nice financial result, reviewers did not feel pleasure from the comedy Joe against a volcano . But Hanks`s authority felt the deepest shock in 2007 - m when its producer and actor`s " project; Charlie Wilson`s War despite a number of the nominations, did not receive anything at all. Thank God, only fight, but not war is lost, and Tom can still give to rustle to what is an example recent Cloudy atlas .

Sean Penn is known that he not only undertakes the most difficult roles, but also perfectly copes on other side of a chamber, having mastered director`s craft. Twice the winner of the Oscar has nothing to hesitate, but sometimes the more there is a wish, the less it turns out. In 2006 - m, after triumph Mysterious river Penn received a role for which other actor could and kill with a rank less. It is about the screen version of the owner of the Pulitzer Prize, the novel Robert Penn Warren All royal host . Considering that earlier film version of the book was already recognized by the best movie of 1949, it was necessary to Penn if not to surpass then to doplyunut. And here the actor was brought by self-confidence. It so precisely it is also authentic played on Oscar what only the blind person of it did not notice. What had to become benefit performance turned back the worst role in career (if to forget about existence Shanghai surprise where Penn parried clumsy game of the spouse Madonna of that time).

You heard how thrushes sing? And as twice Oscar-winning Daniel Dai - Lewis in Rob Marshall`s musical " tries to sing; Nine ? Who heard, that will understand that the bright drama talent of the actor was pushed in vain in a musical performance based on Fellini`s masterpiece Eight and a half . The idea to sing and dance Guido`s history, maybe, and is quite good, but Marshall did not manage to repeat success own Chicago . Dai - Lewis is famous for what not only completely gets used to an image, but also selects to himself roles some sixth sense. And even in Nine failed in hire in all respects, it looks a cut above all that the critics nominating the performer on " could not but note; Gold " globe;.

About the dead - or it is good, or nothing, but nevertheless we will remember also legendary Marlon Brando whose authority on the actor`s environment was indisputable during lifetime. Great Brando under an old age of years dared to relax too, having noted in such useless opuses as Christopher Columbus: History of opening and Island of doctor Moro . It was always difficult to get on with Brando on one shooting stage, and his last films did not do without scandals and constant friction at all that, certainly, did not promote creative process. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, it is better not to watch it late tapes at all, and to remember it it with what he shone in Elia Kazan and Coppola`s masterpieces.

Whatever one may do, but almost each star has eclipses. One, having felt loss of former glory, begin to grab any project if only to remind of themselves. Others fall into a trap cunning producers. The third do not consider shameful to act only for the sake of money at all, having chucked in reputation and last merits. Everyone is free to arrive as he wants. If to Dustin Hoffman wants to play the father Ben Stiller in the trite comedy Acquaintance to Fakerami who can forbid it? Same Hoffman! The actor, whose filmography is a subject of envy of most of colleagues, does not need to report. To it was impatient to fool about and he made it with gloss. It is unlikely its fee reached eight-digit figure as at the colleague De Niro, but, I believe, Dustin was not offended.

Good actors, bad movies. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. And these small flaws precisely deserve indulgence. They only prove that from any rule there are exceptions no more. Eventually, all of us are people, and sometimes even stars of intergalactic value should pay bills.