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Who the richest in the Ukrainian power?

I Think what not only to residents of Ukraine, but also neighbors from the next countries bydt interestingly to learn how many the powers that be, namely the guru from the power earn. Many think that politicians, deputies, ministers etc. are fabulously rich people who eat only from gold ware, go only by the smartest cars and in general are inexpressibly far from the simple population. Having read named below figures, you can draw a conclusion, so it - or... not absolutely.:-)

So, the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko declared 9 622 555 hryvnias of the cumulative income of his and his family in 2006.

Data on the income of the minister were published by the government newspaper Uryadovy of hens` ?r for May 18.

Including the salary made 114 179 hryvnias, percent from deposits - 623 thousand hryvnias, profit on alienation of securities - 8 885 376 hryvnias.

Boyko has in property, joint with a family, 3 apartments the total areas of 113 sq.m, 256 sq.m and 220,3 sq.m, 2 houses the total areas of 30 sq.m and 444,8 sq.m, 2 land plots of 1 952 sq.m and 2 200 sq.m, cars VAZ 2101 and Nissan, the Total amount of the means paid for the maintenance of the specified property made 3 garages of 20 sq.m, 19,2 sq.m and 15,4 sq.m

to 44 123 hryvnia.

Boyko has on the account in the Ukrainian bank 273 585 hryvnias.

The par value of the securities acquired by family members makes 274 946 hryvnias, the size of contributions to authorized capitals of the enterprises made 31 318 hryvnias.

As it was reported earlier:

the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk declared 730,5 thousand hryvnias of the income in 2006,

the minister of affairs of a family, youth and sport Victor Korzh - 711,2 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Culture and tourism Yury Bogutsky - 367 thousand. hryvnias,

the Minister of Justice Alexander Lavrinovich - 351 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Defence Anatoly Gritsenko - 314,3 hryvnias,

the Minister of Economics Anatoly Kinakh - 269 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Education and Science Stanislav Nikolayenko - 268 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Regional Development and constructions Vladimir Yatsuba - 265,7 thousand hryvnias,

the minister of industrial policy Anatoly Golovko - 222,1 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Transport and communications Nikolay Rudkovsky - 173, 3 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Health Yury Gaydayev - 141, 7 thousand hryvnias,

the minister of protection of environment Vasily Dzharty - 135,5 thousand hryvnias,

the minister of work and social policy Mikhail Papiyev - 92 thousand hryvnias,

the Minister of Emergency Situations and protection of the population against consequences of the Chernobyl accident Nestor Shufrych - 89 thousand hryvnias,

the minister zhilishchno - municipal services Alexander Popov - 58,7 thousand hryvnias.

According to the law About fight against corruption ministers have to declare and publish the income and members of the family.

Well, now it is possible to compare the income of the Ukrainian and Russian politicians (when comparing it is necessary to consider that 100 euros equal 682. 55 Ukrainian hryvnias... or it is possible to receive 505 UAH for 100 dollars). And to understand whether it is worth going to the power with hope to earn vozdelenny millions.:-)