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What movie became the best in 2011 according to the Oscar? Mute drama Actor I Believe

, readers it is aware that in the actor`s environment it is accepted to estimate importance of this or that role by quantity of remarks at scenarios. A stereotype, you will tell. Yes, it is possible. But, as well as the majority of stereotypes, this arose by no means not from scratch. And the more so similar scrupulousness at the choice of roles is clear if to consider that technologies in modern cinema even more often substitute for themselves actors. to

Cinema in much bigger measure, than the theater or television, is unstable and subject to progressive currents. Sound, color, volume. Cinema-men constantly have the finger on the pulse of audience, exacting to shows. It seemed, still yesterday computer animation took the first shy steps, and today the animated films drawn in the traditional way are considered nearly as archaism. Before emergence on " screens; Avatar 3D was destiny of the elected film fans, and today only the elected directors are able to afford luxury to shoot contrary to producers movies only in two-dimensional, flat format.

Others are inclined to see in this process only a negative, but it not so. Just in the new millennium of cinema there was another, and a matter not only in technologies, special effects, formats. Also the spectator perception changed. We became others.

We will take, for example, silent cinema. For present generation we will compare this type of motion picture art to the yeti: all heard about it, but very few people saw. And the first three decades of the existence cinema was it like fish, and silence in a cinema hall was broken only by monotonous accompaniment from an orchestra pit and reaction of public. This era is infinitely far from us. That is why right now, at the time of total domination cinema - innovations the silent movie of Michel Hazanavichus under the name Actor caused furor around the world. What a sin to conceal, the Frenchman played on contrast, but made it competently, beautifully and, certainly, skillfully.

A star of silent cinema George Valentine (Jean Dujardin) and his faithful four-footed companion - favourites of public. Any noticeable project of the Hollywood studio Kinograph which owner, severe and at the same time kind Al Zimmer (John Gudman), indulges a star in everything does not do without their participation. It also is clear, in life Valentine tries to correspond to the screen image: he is a dandy, the ladies` man and the minion of fortune. It does not matter for what houses it the unfortunate, victimized by loneliness wife waits. But rooms are arranged by the last word of antiques, the suit sits, and fans nearly force down from legs.

However the above you fly up, the more painfully to fall. Outside the end of the twentieth years, and Zimmer is keen on new trend of progress - sound cinema. Valentine is skeptical about a novelty, believing that the viewer has no need to hear his voice and arrival of a sound to cinema will not affect its popularity in any way. Alas, short-sightedness played a dirty trick with George: in one fine the moment it appeared without work, without wife, without house and funds for existence. The respectable mansion had to be replaced with a barchelor peasant house, and from companions faithful it there was only a dog and the driver Clifton (James Cromwell).

Valentine be less obstinate, he could get on easily in the new world. However pride and melancholy for former respectability do not allow it to get used with changes. It as if the shadow, wanders about streets, watching how the people wishing to look at the movie with participation of the starlet Pippi Miller (Berenice Bejo) crowd in turns. To this girl George gave a valuable advice in due time, and it is necessary, she managed to use it on all hundred. Pippi is not vain at all and sorrowfully looks at how her idol is eaten by arrogance and low passions. It is ready to help George, but whether Valentine will begin to accept love gifts from the one who flaunts on posters instead of him now?.

Stylization under a retro is one. It sinned many venerable directors, beginning from the master of parodies of Chalk Brooks (his comedy and was called - Silent cinema ) to Tarantino and Rodriguez. But to shoot RATHER silent movie? In zero? In Hollywood? With participation of stars? Yes I you!. Generally, producers were delighted not and a fixed idea of Hazanavichus cut long time on a root. And only after the director helped them to master the unlimited number of millions of euros the espionage dilogy about the agent 117, solved his offer to consider seriously. Four months left on a script writing then the casting began.

Michel decided on the first roles in advance - they departed him to the friend and the permanent partner Jean Dujardin and the wife Berenice Bejo. However the fake under Hollywood is impossible without the real American stars. For these purposes in a picture John Gudman (the actor agreed without excess delays, before he liked the Frenchman`s idea), James Cromwell, Penelope Ann Miller (who played the cowed Valentine`s wife) and Englishman Malkolm McDowell lit in an episode were invited. Expensively also transfer of shootings on historical places managed, but that was demanded by a plan.

The result is known to us - five Oscars, including figurines for the best movie of 2011, the best for the director and Dujardin`s game, the Gold Eagle in Russia, three Gold globes, seven awards of the British film academy, six French Sezarov, Spanish Goya and a prize of the Cannes Film Festival. Only units can brag of such selection of film awards, and precisely Michel did not count that his movie will be so sincerely accepted in Hollywood.

Than, actually, Actor it can be interesting today`s, jammed by visual feasts, to public? Just to those that in a tape there is nothing what could give in it work of zero. It is the absolute, very professionally made stylization where all trifles and details are considered. Clear business, faces of actors give a modern origin of the movie, but also only. Authors not only refused any foreign sounds (they are, but this is acquitted by a plot), and all movie is accompanied by wonderful music of Ludovic Bourse, but also intentionally limited text part, knowing as the viewer from the screen does not like to read. Actually, the most part of remarks for those who do not know language goes to emptiness because in a foreign articulation it is not possible to sort something, and inscriptions supplied only key phrases. And it is good because does not distract from viewing, and to look at it there is on what.

Jean Dujardin received all the numerous awards deservedly. It to a question of quantity of the sounded remarks in the scenario, which at the actor in Actor exactly one. It is possible to call Dujardin safely one of the most prominent representatives of new French cinema, and now he at all - a star with a world name. Agree, to win back an hour and a half one mimicry and gestures - it is worth a lot. And it not stupid acting, namely natural talent of the actor capable to represent both itself, and respectable Valentine, with his characteristic grimaces. Thanks to Dujardin the tape looks on one breath though we will not belittle merits of his partner Berenice Bejo too. Not to mention the lovely terrier of Uggi who also snipped off the 15 minutes of dog glory in Cannes.

Which - who, however, is dissatisfied. Say, Hazanavichus just got bad shot and if to unmute, then Actor will turn from a masterpiece in usual " soap;. Friends, in that are that and focus that between cinema mute and sound the whole abyss lies. Not without reason during an era of transition of Hollywood to a new format many former stars, like Valentine, were out of work because they just could not adapt. We can only thank the Frenchman that he reminded us once again of those times when cinema was not " yet; the most important of arts but already gave treasured an hour and a half oblivion .