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Fantastic horror film Drop . What is the jelly dessert dangerous by? All should begin

with something. Seldom to whom as Tarantino, is possible to jump from the place to Cannes. It is no secret that many present venerable film figures began with low budget horror films. So, for example, the innovator and the multimillionaire James Cameron debuted

at cinema the shameful sequel Piranhas . And one of the best-known in the world and highly paid actors in Hollywood, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, took the first steps in zhutika: the first - from a role in cult The Nightmare on Vyazov Street and the second - in Zubastikakh 3 .

Vot and Frank Darabont, before becoming famous on all planet for smart screen versions of Stephen King Escape from the Shawshank and Green mile tried the forces not as the director, and the coauthor of scenarios. Actually, working on the text of the third part Nightmare on Vyazov Street under the name Soldiers of a dream (by the way, the most successful continuation for all franchize), Darabont got acquainted with Chuck Russell. The last on this project combined a position of the author and director, as well as in the following opus where Chuck did not fail to bring up companion Frank. It is about very amusing, though not deprived of defects, fantastic zhutik Drop (1988).

In the small American town of Arbevil resolutely nothing occurs. On Saturdays the local soccer team attracts capacity crowd at stadium, the sheriff (Jeffrey Demann) reprimands hooligans like Brian Flegga (Kevin Dillon), and the couples which romantically are adjusted plan evening. However idyllic rest of a provincial remote place it will be soon sharp and it is defiantly broken. The cause is the certain viscous substance which came back to Earth. The local bum who could not wait to consider closer the unknown flying object fell the first victim of gluttonous sticky weight.

Mag (Shouni Smith) was not lucky a nice chirlidersha: the football player who invited her to appointment of this unfortunate homeless just also brought down on the forest road. Further as in verses: night, street, lamp, hospital. While Mag leafed through the magazine in a reception, biomass ate both the bum, and its disposable fight - the friend then it flowed away in the sewerage. The police on ears, the girl writhes in hysterics, and in the wood mysterious people in white protective space suits appear meanwhile. Over Arbevil clouds are condensed, and the ring of quarantine contracts while Mag and the hooligan Bryan, having combined efforts, try to find an explanation for the incident.

Well, so far one wander in darkness of doubts, others (in our case - carnivorous jelly with feelers) the crusade against civilians of the sleepy town continues. Ours, certainly, will win, but this blood-thirsty jelly is absolutely not so simple as it can seem at first sight we Will begin

with the fact that all four screenwriters, including Russell and Darabont, not too strained. They only should upgrade the story of Earvin Millgeyt which, besides, already passed a screen version hearth thirty years before. In the movie of 1958 of the same name the leading role was played not by anyone, and a legend of the American cinema Steve McQueen. However, okromya McQueen`s participations the original could brag of nothing legendary therefore creators of a remake risked nothing. Also hoped that in three decades visual technologies promoted so that skhavat people anything. But the fakir was drunk, and focus was not successful.

Did not do without nonsenses. You sometime tried to shoot in the closed space from the grenade launcher? Believe, the effect is reached at all not what we will see in the movie Drop . It is necessary to add a running line to such episodes, as in advertizing - We Ask not to repeat in house conditions. The trick is carried out professionals . Similarly causes bewilderment when military try to shoot a jelly from firearms, perfectly understanding futility of the efforts. And it is enough similar frankly foolish acts in Russell`s tape. The crowd of authors played a role of seven nurses at whom the child remained without an eye.

On the other hand, serious approach is hardly pertinent here. From a tape inevitably blows aroma of the eightieth what favourably distinguishes this fantastic horror film from serious and pathos blockbusters of today. You did not hope, really, that the huge piece of pink slime applies for world supremacy? Now any cine invasion of an alien infection inevitably threatens the planet with an apocalypse, and in To the Drop biomass, greedy to human flesh, only managed to snyamat couple of tens losers from backwoods. Authors also do not try to intimidate us globally, and simply describe backward incident, and with some share of irony. So all flaws of a plot can be written off for the general parody tone of the narration easily.

As for above-mentioned Steve McQueen, for it Drop a sample of 1958 became a peculiar springboard at big cinema too. What confirms once again the theory which is put forward by us in the first paragraph. Already two years later McQueen will organically join structure Magnificent seven also will become the real star. Alas, with a remake of 1988 - go the similar option did not work: the trampoline was blown off also to none of participants of the movie it was not succeeded to jump above the head.

With big heart Kevin Dillon got a leading role of the hooligan. The actor in the late eighties had every chance to get on Olympe. In - the first, it was a star part Platoon Oliver Stone, in - the second, had a patronage from the elder brother Matt Dillon ( Derelicts and Fighting small fish cult youth dramas began the eightieth). But the invoice at Kevin is more liquid, charisma - less than nothing, and therefore he had to dream of progress of the elder brother only. Now he acts rather seldom, and as its highest achievement it is still possible to consider Platoon and a supporting role in the biographic drama Dorz (too, by the way, behind Stone`s authorship).

If we exorcized that time about the directors giving preference to these or those actors to remember a duet Frank Darabont / Jeffrey Demann. These two are connected by one chain beginning just with Drops where Darabont wrote the text, and Demann played a role of the sheriff. With this sheriff, by the way, it turned out not really well: somewhere in the middle of the movie it absolutely dropped out of a plot, and did not even show us circumstance of his death, and only hinted that the representative of the law was eaten, say. Sadly, because Demann looked not bad against other performers. And since then Darabont regularly invites Jeffrey in the works - he was imprisoned in him Escape from the Shawshank worked the warden in To Green mile hid in a supermarket from spiteful creatures Haze also wetted the zombie in a TV series Walking dead persons . In other words, any project of Darabont does not do without participation of his companion Jeffrey that it is bad to eat because the actor it excellent, though not untwisted.

What as a result is had? In itself Drop neither as the remake, nor as independent work, is not of a particular interest. In a plot of semantic holes it is more, than in Swiss cheese and special effects of today`s viewer will hardly impress, and will only remind that it would be time to clear the refrigerator of the remains of a New Year`s jelly. Actor`s game tolerant, however dialogues correspond to a genre.

I will remind that on it Russell and Darabont`s cooperation did not end, friends once again met on shootings of the television thriller Run of a black cat (1998) as producers of the project. For the rest their ways - paths sharply dispersed: Darabont soon opened for himself Stephen King`s creativity and became famous on all planet, and Russell created such memorable commercial hits as " Mask; with Jim Carrey and Stiratel with Arnold Schwarzenegger.