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What is a pheromone perfume and whether they help to entice the man?

Spirits are an invisible, but unforgettable, unsurpassed fashionable accessory. He notifies on appearance of the woman and continues to remind of her when it left... whether

So it? What is a pheromone perfume and whether they can really draw attention of an opposite sex?

The creator of this pheromone biologist Uinnifred Katler still keeps his exact structure a secret. This still mysterious substance which should be applied in an individual order in the known proportions - George Preti from the Center of chemical researches of Monell in Philadelphia says.

Pheromones are the fragrant volatiles emitted in small quantities practically by all representatives of fauna and defining behavior of individuals of one look during courting and pairing. Pheromones are biologically active agents which cause the sharpest sexual desire, both in women, and in men.

Signals of pheromones are distinguished by special body in a nose which is called vomeronazalny body (VNO), or Yakobs`s body. When VNO feels a pheromone, it sends a sexual signal to a brain.

The main objective of a pheromone perfume are to involve attention to own person from outside of other floor.

I tried to find out whether really pheromones are capable to rivet attention of an opposite sex? Without thinking twice I came into local sex - a shop. The choice was big, for every taste and the price different too. I will tell only honestly that began to smell almost all spirits which I smelled, was very sharp.

As a result I chose a small flakonchik of 3 ml with more or less bluff smell. Next day I a little bit extinguished wrists of hands and went to work. At once I will tell that my purpose was not to draw to itself attention of men and to find the soulmate, I wanted to learn how these act remarkable spirits .

I will not lie, but while I reached work, men reacted, but only those which were in close proximity, that is caught a smell, and the most courageous. Modest or diffident men, and also the men not ready to acquaintance, will never begin to react to any pheromone perfume violently. Can they and will feel, but will show no sign because the reason at them is stronger than emotions.

At work from the men`s party to me there was a keen interest too. Men really reacted to a smell. Especially I tried to look at reaction of unfamiliar men.

Proceeding from the aforesaid and from my successful experience, I with confidence can draw conclusions as a result of use of a pheromone perfume:

1. Pheromone perfume exerts strong impact on those men who are close.

2. At many pheromone perfume, (namely those which I smelled in shop they were more than 10) very pungent smell. However nevertheless the main objective of intimate spirits are to involve attention to own person from outside of an opposite sex.

3. It is necessary to remember that a pheromone perfume will not help to get to fall in love the man. These spirits cause a sexual inclination, sexual interest. It is very important! Sex and love are absolutely different concepts.

4. A pheromone perfume just does not affect some men, or these men just do not show that they feel something as they can have on it reasons (the beloved, uncertainty, modesty etc.)

5. And, at last, from use of a pheromone perfume the effect can be dangerous. Especially, if this smell is felt mentally not by the healthy person or just drunk.

How to use a pheromone perfume? That aroma revealed completely, it is better to cause it there where pulse is probed: on inside of wrists, bends of elbows, on a neck (in a depression in the ground between clavicles). In special, intimate, cases it is possible to scatter a few spirits on knee bends and on ankles.

However it is necessary to remember that synthetic products with smells of musk and ambergris surely enter all perfumery aromas. It is a necessary condition during aroma creation since provides affinity of a smell with skin. Arguing, thus, it is possible to claim about confidence that pheromones are present practically at all aromas and at all spirits.

Where to buy? On the Internet there are a lot of various shops selling a pheromone perfume. It is possible to buy in any city - in cosmetic shops, in sex - a shop etc. of

So, a pheromone perfume - really helps, but under certain conditions and too has the side effects which I listed above.

I wish good luck and all best!