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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on January 26 - 27? Lincoln etc.

Come to an end Oscar race, and in line the main contender for awards of an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - the historical drama of Steven Spielberg Lincoln . The company of the large-scale biography will be kept by the criminal fighter Gangsters Hunters and next screen version Great expectations Charles Dickens. to

In a rear guard of the Russian hire will show the French drama Rust and bone adventure comedy Ticket for Vegas and Chinese clone Searching mutely under the name Brave fin .

1. Lincoln (Lincoln, 2012)

If honestly to estimate chances of a spilbergovsky biopic Lincoln on a victory in the future ceremonies of BAFTA (The British film academy) and the Oscar, they are not too big. Here it is necessary to consider the fact that Spielberg purposefully worked on the prizes having invited in the picture the whole assembly of the acting winners, beginning from Daniel Dai - Lewis and finishing Tommy Lee Jones. And picked up a subject sincere especially as the personality 16 - go the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln unexpectedly sharply became popular in the Hollywood cinema. Let`s remember at least recent dizzy treshak Bekmambetov how the marked subject cut gods to bloodsuckers at night, and took care of the nation in the afternoon and cancelled slavery in the southern states. By itself, Spielberg - companions serious also shot the movie not how could be in alternative Kazakh reality, and in traditions of a genre. But it also confuses because intrigues - zero (what the poor creature Lincoln will finish with everything it is known) but only for the sake of star game of brilliant performers to go to cinema?

The cinema American for Americans turned out. What in the best way is confirmed by dry figures of a box office - 162 million in the homeland and 3 - in other world. Bekmambetov, at all idiocy of the opus though would amuse audience, and Spielberg, alas, it is just beautiful, with feeling, properly star names on the poster tsaty time picturized in the biography of the great person. Perhaps, actors also deserve the encouragement for the work as well as which nicely worked at an era reconstruction costumiers, artists and decorators, but the best movie of year Lincoln it is hardly possible to call. And even if the Oscar will arrive to Spielberg for the third time, then it will change little because it turned out as authentically as and boringly.

2. Gangsters Hunters (Gangster Squad, 2012)

Ruben Fleischer, author of quite watchable parody horror Welcome to Zombilend from characters fictional overstepped the reality bound towards affairs real-life. But to drive one business on Los - to Andzheles of walking dead persons and absolutely another - to try to tell available language a criminal story of Hollywood. The template worked exactly in a half - nice stylization, a dynamic action, brutal heroes in jackets with guns at the ready and fabulous Mickey Cohen performed by Shauna Penna will not be able to suppress the fact that Gangsters Hunters - only competently and professionally mounted shooter from the third party. Scenes of action alternate binding dialogues that is hefty reminds stylistics of modern computer games. With only that difference that this toy cost creators 60 million dollars.

It is known that the first blow in kidneys Fleischer`s project received on July 20, 2012 when on a session final Dark knight 24 - the summer inhabitant of the State of Colorado shot the audience at local movie theater, having killed 12 and having wounded about 60 people. Considering that the similar scene was shown in the commercial of the movie, authors had to cut out it, to anew mount the movie and to postpone a premiere Hunters since September, 2012 for January, 2013. Ill fame helps with other cases, but and this nuance did not give to a tape support in hire: having started in the homeland of January 11, Gangsters Hunters also forecasts for collecting unfavourable did not manage to be beaten out in leaders. It was worth understanding that the American viewer is a good judge of gangster sagas and will manage to distinguish good, authentic statement from hack-work. Let also effectively removed.

3. Great expectations (Great Expectations, 2012)

I again the screen version, only this time not Lev Tolstoy, but other classic of the world literature - Charles Dickens. The English director Michael Newell continues to surprise with sides of the talent because he manages to embody equally successfully on the screen romantic love ( Four weddings and one funeral ), adventures of computer heroes ( Prince of Persia ) not to mention that it brought a small contribution in Potteriana`s adaptation.

As well as in a case with recent Anna Karenina to you it is not necessary to wait for something new from the next transposition of a classical plot. In total within decencies, with truly British pedantry and painstaking. Twice Dickens`s novel attracted cinematographers in the late nineties (Alfonso Cuaron and Julian Dzharrold) and Newell`s tape leaves right after the end of the English series of the same name shot by request of BBC. While the best according to critics remains adaptation of 1946 when in a director`s chair there was David Lin.

It is hard to say whether will be able Great expectations 2012 - go to justify efforts of authors in our hire. The two-hour drama with participation of powerful stars - Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter - carefully dips public into events 150 - summer prescription. What, taking into account low popularity of classics and Dickens in particular at the mass Russian reader, raises doubts in financial progress of the movie. But not everything is measured by money, the truth?

4. Ticket for Vegas (2012)

Yes advocates of political correctness will forgive to

me, but something is a bit too much in domestic cinema the surnames which are coming to an end on " now; yan . As for the new domestic comedy Ticket for Vegas here at all it is possible to get off with the account. The producer is Martirosyan, the main star - Galustyan, the director - Kirakosyan. Continuous Armenfilm . And all right this would guarantee high quality of a product, so not, just the opposite. The project which is plentifully advertized on the profile TNT TV channel a bargaining chip considers not participation in the forefront of the former KVN - chic, and more likely the invited star in the person of the brutal macho Danny Trekho.

Actually, the citizen of the world Kirakosyan thoroughly processed the creation Improbable adventures of the American in Armenia . Same extremely simple and clear humour, bright, juicy picture, simple plot and parshivenky game by places of good actors. Demand gives rise to the offer therefore be not surprised when on the question There are some new comedies? the shop will palm off on you it kintso. Be vigilant and be not conducted on provocation.

In limited hire the viewer will be able to see Jacques Audiard tape Rust and bone - the tough and uncompromising answer on French a dramedy 1+1 . The nominee of Cannes on the Golden Palm, by the way, from brilliant Marion Kotiyyar in a leading role. The rare guest on our screens - the German cinema - will be presented by two tapes at once: youth comedy I am normally super buzzing about the Russian emigrants of the ninetieth and the tragicomedy " Luxury Hotel; on which plot already the German comes to Moscow on the eve of World War II.

And on snack a peculiar gift to the little audience will be presented by the kopipaster from China who without a moment`s hesitation remade on the discretion a piksarovsky masterpiece Searching mutely . Their hand-made article in the original is called Back in the sea but at us found more combative heading Brave fin . The animated cartoon is drawn, not computer, but small fishes, though goggle, all the same suspiciously look like the creators.