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Who thought up cocktail?

Not everything that is added in the glass given you, can be called cocktail. But also the mixed drinks should not be confused to that illegible mix from which the head hurts next morning.

Satisfied with the mixed drinks thirst in an extreme antiquity. Ancient China took drinks from natural berry juice more than 3000 years ago, mixing them with snow or ice. Cocktails appeared much later. On a question when and where it is concrete, there is no definite answer, exists a little more precisely.

The first version of the answer is connected with history of cockfights. From the English word cock - ale (cock beer), perhaps, was also born the name » cocktail;. Cock &mdash beer; it is mix from hard alcoholic beverages and bitters. Such drink lifted fighting spirit of fighting roosters before competitions. Today you can lift the fighting spirit, having tried a « cocktail drink; Blow of the planter Dark storm night Long curve knife Clown or Grumbler ...

French, as usual, argue with British, and they have several versions of the answer too.

In - the first, as well as many other things, considered purely American, the word and drink cocktail were brought to North America by the French officers. The French word coquetel residents of the province of Bordeaux called the mixed drink made on the basis of wines.

In - the second, the same French, the word « claim; » cocktail; comes from the word coquetiers . Also not the officer, but the druggist, but besides the Frenchman by the name of Peysho presented it to Americans this time. In 1875 it opened in New Orleans an institution where it was possible to taste the mixed drinks from brandy, bitters and sugar. Drinks were served in glasses, unusual in a form, which Peysho also called of coquetiers . Practical Americans in the aspiration to say everything in abbreviated form, asked from the bartender to give them sosk - tey .

Spaniards get into dispute. They claim that the word » cocktail; comes from the Spanish expression of cola di gallo - tail of a rooster. So for external similarity called a root of one of plants which the bartender from the town of Campeche on the bank of the Gulf of Mexico mixed the drinks prepared for them. The American seamen who were not missing any bar liked to visit also this, in Campeche. What it has a tool in hands, the polite bartender answered a question in English: of Cocktail - tail of a rooster .

There is also one more history connecting an origin » cocktail; with tail of a rooster . James Fenimore Cooper possesses this history. According to his statement, the first cocktail was made in 70 years of the 18th century by the retainer of troops of the general of Washington Elisabeth Flenegan. Once it served to officers drink from rum, rye whisky and fruit juice, having decorated glasses with feathers from tails of fighting roosters. One of officers, the Frenchman by origin, at the sight of such decoration of glasses, exclaimed: of Vive le cog s tail! ( Long live cock tail! ) . This half French, half the English phrase was pleasant to all, and drink began to be called » cocktail;.

At last, nobody can challenge the statement of Americans that the first mention of the word » cocktail; in the press the nu - to the York « edition belongs; of The Ballance . In May, 1806 on its pages definition was given: Cocktail represents the stimulating drink consisting of various krepkoalkogolny drinks, sugar and the » bitters;.

That from article was though some practical (an accent on the word practical ) advantage, I will give a two-three of recipes of cocktails which easily prepare in house conditions of the average Russian apartment.

Bitter aperitif

1 parts of dry white Vermouth, 3 parts of vodka, olives and dried peel of a lemon.

is Prepared in the mixer, given without ice and decorate with an olive

Cocktail mint

1 / 4 of liter of capital vodka, 1 glass of mint liqueur, juice from 1 orange, the lemon dried peel which is a little erased on a grater.

Everything carefully to mix, pour in glasses and to give with ice pieces.

Electric ice tea

ice, 30 ml of vodka, 60 ml of cold rather weak black tea, 1 teaspoon of sugar.

to Place all ingredients in a glass for haybol, to shake up, give slightly with a straw. To decorate with circles of a lemon and leaves of mint.


of 45 ml of cognac, 20 ml of the Cream liqueur - cocoa, 15 ml of dense cream. it is strong to

to shake up with ice and to give in 120 - a millilitre glass for wine.

can replace Dense cream with milk. In this case instead of agitation drink is slowly stirred in the mixer on small turns.

Well, check of an appeta, friends!