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What do not teach at school to? Biography of the adventurer Catch me if you will be able

without belittling opportunities of sophisticated imagination of continuity writers, we will note that often the most tall and fantastic stories occur in real life. carelessly can consider by That

activity of the American swindler Frank William Abigneyl - younger which at teenage age managed to deceive a banking system of the USA for several million dollars and five years disappeared from FBI, pretending to be the pilot of Pan American, the doctor, the lawyer.

Not anyone undertook the screen version of its adventures, and one of the most eminent directors and authoritative film figures of modern Hollywood - Steven Spielberg. Material was so good that authors, actually, did not need to invent even the bicycle - the most part of a tape is based on real events. Creators needed only to fill a plot with dialogues and to grind a number of details, the benefit that Frank is still living - it is healthy and not only helped Spielberg in a reconstruction of own adventurous past, but even played in the picture Catch me if you will be able (2002) bit part.

Having come back home from school once, Frank Abigneyl - younger (Leonardo DiCaprio) faced severe reality: his parents living in perfect harmony decided to file for divorce. Frank is the senior (Christopher Walken), the owner of an office shop, suddenly went bankrupt after unsuccessful tax frauds, and his wife, without having sustained so prompt transformation from princes in " dirt; left to another. Frank - younger, already not differing in assiduity, did not begin to choose from two evils smaller, and simply hit in races. Shortly before these events the father presented it on 16 - y birthday a check-book, and the lad began to draw up actively accounts under the nonexistent deposit to pay independent accommodation far from family quarrel.

First affairs went at the young man so-so because it was hard to cash money from air. Even despite natural charm and some fatherly tricks acquired by Frank. But the bright senior found a way of rather honest selection of money at a banking system of the USA. He understood that bank clerks where okhotny accept checks if the client inspires in them trust. And therefore Frank rented at Pan American airline is a position of the second pilot, the phony certificate and a uniform of the pilot. Then turns increased in a geometrical progression and FBI became in activity of the mysterious swindler seriously interested.

The pedantic agent of bureau Karl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) set a goal by all means to catch the imperceptible and impudent criminal. Frank meanwhile, having felt real threat, began to behave more carefully and more often to change the personality. Having thrown a flight form, he at first was transformed from the pilot Frank Taylor to doctor Frank Konners, the graduate of Harvard. And then, having met the nice nurse, decided to settle and trained for a new profession in the lawyer, having become the assistant and future son-in-law of the prosecutor. Frank understood that his string will cease to curl soon, and importunate Hanratty approaches the purpose closer and closer, but having got used to lead others life and for someone else`s account, he just could not stop any more

Spielberg saw reason in time and instead of Johnny Depp planned for a leading role claimed in this image of Leonardo DiCaprio. In total - an age difference notable and to Depp it should try strongly that it is authentic to look in the 39 as the graduate of school. However, DiCaprio participation in Spielberg`s movie, okromya eight-digit figure, added nothing. In spite of the fact that the actor, as always, brilliantly coped with director`s installation and gave all the best for all hundred percent, he was prokinut at first with the Gold globe, and the nominations on the Oscar did not award at all. Film academicians persistently do not wish to see the taken place performer in Leo, probably, believing that DiCaprio and without gold figurine well is.

Certainly, not all facts in Spielberg`s picture correspond to reality. The part of acts of Frank Abigneyl was omitted as superfluous and which - where authors simplified reality. Including at the request of the real Frank who worked on the movie as the consultant. Which - where he, of course, embellished own adventures, and already screenwriters added emotionality and lyrics. But even in it smoothed a look the story about adventures of this young swindler impresses. As resourcefulness of the Frank who managed to rob the state on millions (and in the sixtieth it was where about lshy money, than now), and helplessness of FBI and banks. In fact, if not greed and youthful maximalism, would hardly catch Frank in the act.

Creators and in the final of this unusual history did not invent, real Frank really was a valuable shot both for intelligence agencies, and for banks. Its prison term lasted not for long, and soon Abigneyl based the own business which allowed it to become the real-life millionaire.

There is an opinion voiced by the famous and respected by me film expert Sergey Kudryavtsev that Spielberg was fond of Abigneyl`s history not casually. Really, the director in youth also did not differ in special achievements in school, paying more attention to the creative hobbies. Penetrative character, charm and ability to achieve goals unites the director and the character though to Spielberg`s honor we will note that he preferred legal ways of enrichment.

Catch me if you will be able became for the director in some way a siesta, a break in work on more massive and difficult pictures it seems Artificial reason (2001) and Wars of the worlds (2005). The second time after To Rescue the private Ryan Spielberg undertook to work with Tom Hanks and did not lose because Hanks very authentically looks as the gloomy agent who put all career on capture let also large, but only the speculator. Still not clearly, why authors changed in the final version a name of the hero of Hanks for Karl Hanratty. Perhaps from - for the fact that the prototype of the character - the employee of FBI Joe Shay - was not too happy with Hanks`s work? Or really thought himself much more significant link, than actually and at cinema? In one creators did not tell lies - Shay and Abigneyl and the truth are good friends.

The easy and fascinating tape naturally brought to Spielberg and the company essential dividends, having occupied honourable 11 - e the place in the list of the most cash pictures of 2002. Total revenue Catch me if you will be able in the world made solid 350 million dollars. It is amusing that especially American history success in the homeland it is not considered too successful while in a rating of users of the Russian Kinopoisk the movie borrows very high, 29 - e the place. Only who also highly appreciated Spielberg`s merits were the British who gave to a picture four nominations on the local award BAFTA, and even handed an award for Best Supporting Actor to Christopher Walken.