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What movie is a champion of the Soviet hire? Pirates of the XX century

Present generation are perfectly familiar with the Soviet classics. Including because all these remarkable movies annually turn on screens during various festive periods, whether it be New year, on February 23 or on March 8.

It is hard to say how many every time from us reconsidered Ryazanov, Gaidai, Daneliya, Menshov`s best pictures. However there are tapes which do not fit into a festive format therefore are shown less often. For example, first Soviet fighter of Boris Durov Pirates of the XX century .

I tried for a long time to write about this masterpiece Soviet marketing . At least because one of the brightest impressions of a visit of cinema of my childhood are connected with this movie. I am afraid to be mistaken, but even before obtaining the passport Pirates zazhevana to holes were me. Recently I reconsider it slightly less often, but the feelings arising at the same time return me when more abruptly I could present nothing to myself.

It is amusing how quite plain and, we will frankly tell, the boyevichok made on knees, in a hurry, managed to turn into the real superhit of the Soviet hire. Pirates of the XX century it is officially recognized the most visited (the cash statistics in rubles did not remain) the movie of domestic hire for all its history. Even taking into account that the tape was spread around by the smaller number of copies, than, for example, Crew or Moscow does not trust tears on sessions Pirates 90 million tickets were sold. This, by itself, does not mean that the fighter saw every third resident of the USSR. No, just some (generally the audience is younger than 25 years) went to the cinema not once. But from a song of words you will not throw out, to overtake blockbuster Durov then nobody managed, and now similar figures of attendance for our country - destiny of fantastic dreams.

Just in case, suddenly who forgot, I will remind a short plot of the movie.

Soviet " cargoship; Nezhin in the last port on the way home into Vladivostok it was loaded by opium. Certainly, not for the sake of personal benefit of the captain, and for needs of the pharmacological industry of the USSR. However freight should not have reached the destination because quirky bourgeoises planned everything in advance.

Later couple of days of swimming Nezhin picked up in open waters of the drowning sailor Saleh (Talgat Nigmatullin), and actually the sent Cossack and the pirate in whose task entered to lull into a false sense of security the Russian seamen and at the right time to deprive of them a radio communication. Having met in the ocean allegedly thrown ship without flag and visible signs of activity onboard, Nezhin it was soon boarded, the part of team of the ship is killed, and the remains are connected and thrown on cabins. Having left the Soviet vessel, pirates undermined it in hope to cover up tracks.

And though Nezhin safely went to a bottom, part of crew headed by the captain Ivan Ilyich (Pyotr Velyaminov) and the senior mechanic Sergey (Nikolay Eremenko Jr.) survived and was in time to be evacuated. On the last legs they reached on the boat a small island where, as ill luck would have it, those piracy kanal organized to themselves a siesta before the following sortie. Nothing remains to our seamen how to engage with modern corsairs in spite of the fact that on the party of robbers and numerical advantage, and overweight in an arsenal I Believe

that there is no sense to suppress that fact that against the Hollywood fighters glory Pirates of the XX century quietly grows dim and does not even smoke, and just swallows of a smoke aside. The local and improbable success of the movie of the director Boris Durov and the screenwriter Stanislav Govorukhin is objectively connected with the fact that similar pictures in the USSR were just not shot. And similar production of the American production was available only to those who went abroad or were a happy owner of import videorecorders. The video boom in the USSR was it is planned only on the middle 80 - x therefore those citizens at that time it was possible to write down really in the Red List. In other words, competitors at Pirates at the time of an appearance for the domestic viewer just did not exist. And mad attendance of the movie is also explained by it.

Comedies and melodramas in the Soviet Union were shot enough. Dashing fighters were under a ban as a genre alien to our audience. The considerable role in success of a picture was played also by the fact that for the first time methods of karate dared to show the Soviet cinema seriously all over the country. Soon after a premiere of a picture of karate became a disgraced type of hand-to-hand single combats and even some time was officially forbidden in the territory of the country by the decree of Presidium of the USSR. For now millions of the viewers had an opportunity to look at how the smart villain Nigmatullin with shout cue! in blow of a leg beats out a yushka from Eremenko Jr. nose. What it will be strongly punished later for.

The fact that the picture was shot accelerated will not escape our critical look also and has obvious ideological coloring. With the second everything is clear, if personally approved the picture put on a regiment dear Leonid Ilyich . Especially as to the humiliated party a sin to complain, in the Hollywood cinema of a branchy cranberry, balalaikas and bears in caps with ear-flaps at that time there was not less.

Pathos in Pirates of the XX century not so there is a lot of, but the plot unambiguously divides the world on black and white. Pirates - the absolute evil, the marauders, unscrupulous and cruel murderers greedy for a profit, alcohol and women. For this reason mainly not too popular actors, mostly from sister republics are engaged in roles of bastards and villains (the captain of pirates - Estonian Reynaud Aren, the pirate Noy - Nartay Begalin, one more pirate - future honored artist of Russia, Armenian Vladimir Episkoposyan and so on). Only already mentioned Nigmatullin who earlier well proved in detective stories " became an exception; Seventh bullet and It is armed and very dangerous . The actor really professionally was engaged in karate and as well as possible was suitable for this role. Alas, its destiny after Pirates it developed absolutely badly. At cinema began to offer it only roles of infernal villains, and in February, 1985 - go the actor fell a victim of household dismantling and was killed by members of sect of Abay of Borubayev.

As for quality, of course, will seem to today`s viewer of a scene of action and hand-to-hand fights amateurish. Some episodes as, for example, an enchanting jump from the rock on the piracy ship (during which Nikolay Eremenko Jr. nearly reeled up on the screw), and at all will raise a smile. Even for those times study of an action was not too professional, but also in such look Pirates of the XX century look the full-fledged fighter and favourably differ from everything that was shown to our audience earlier. And if in those days newsreel Soviet " screen; held a competition on sex - a symbol of year, Eremenko would win with a huge separation.

It is known that both the actor, and the scriptwriter Govorukhin in the ninetieth planned to remove continuation of the movie. But at first their plans were knocked down by disintegration of the Union, then an economic crisis of 1998, and in 2001 Eremenko did not become. Perhaps it and to the best that Pirates of the XX century did not receive continuation though, knowing present generation of film figures, I will not be surprised if the sequel indeed looms on the horizon. But our relation to To Pirates of the XX century no similar frauds will change - this first Soviet film fighter forever became classics of domestic cinema.