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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on January 19 - 20? Django released etc.

In anticipation of the Oscar in the Russian hire appear nearly an every week the movies which are really applying for awards of film academy. On a responsible post Pi`s Life Ang Li will be replaced by other, not less ambitious project from Quentin Tarantino - Django released .

Together with it at movie theaters of Russia the gloomy fantasy " starts; Witches Hunters and the updated three-dimensional version of the popular animated film Corporation of monsters . And also two American comedies - the next parody to horror films The House with the paranormal phenomena and family tape Parental lawlessness .

1. Django released (Django Unchained, 2012)

the western promised to remove Tarantino`s

and removed it. As usual, having turned everything upside down, at the same time paying a tribute of respect to traditions and scoffing at it. Sergio Corbucci can sleep peacefully, from initial Django (1966) there were only horns yes of a leg and Franco Nero, lit in a fleeting role. However, the new movie of Tarantino incorporated so many quotes to classics of a genre that is even unclear how such skit can remain at the same time full author`s work, sustained in a corporate style of the creator Pulp fiction and To Kill Bill .

Film academicians did not leave Django without attention, however significantly reduced quantity of the available nominations in comparison with 2010 - m when there was the previous opus of the master Inglourious Basterds . The picture will try the luck in five categories, including will fight for awards for the best movie of year, the best supporting role (Christoph Waltz), the scenario, camerawork and installation of a sound. Tarantino`s scenario already snipped off Gold " globe; and here chances of Austrian Valts of the second prize are in a row small, especially considering the neighbourhood on the nomination (Robert De Niro, Philipp Seymour Hoffman and Tommy Lee Jones). And again gave a ride to the poor creature Leonardo DiCaprio, though he, and old times Samuel L. Jackson brought a noticeable contribution in success new Django .

It is necessary to look, certainly. At least because Tarantino is always interesting, though not all unambiguously positively perceive his movies. Quentin is a modern quintessence of cinema, one of the few film figures capable to accumulate foreign ideas and to create on their basis something, unique. Fine, clever dialogues, dynamic action, black humour and other recognizable counters and receptions, both visual, and semantic.

2. Witches Hunters 3D (Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, 2013)

In fact, first three-dimensional blockbuster of new 2013. At a project wheel - the Norwegian director Tommie Virkola who gained fame as the author of the Scandinavian zombyatnik under the name Operation Dead snow (2009). Talents outside Hollywood do not lie too long, and therefore Virkola soon received cards - Blanch in the form of 60 million evergreen money and the international stars in the person of Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Peter Stormare and Famke Janssen. And also an opportunity to embody the creation in formats 3D and IMAX. In other words, the Norwegian subscribed under everything both at once and, actually, from destiny Witches Hunters its iridescent / sad future (necessary to emphasize) in America depends.

The trailer to the movie promises the following: powerful special effects, smart scenery, abrupt action, vigorous soundtrack and total absence of new ideas. Before us next author`s reading of classical history, this time fairy tales of brothers Grimm about Genzel and Gretel. With only that difference that business will not be limited to one witch burned in an oven - children grew up and put business on a stream, achieving dream of the childhood on destruction of all representatives of this most ancient profession. The holiday for eyes does not guarantee that the brain will be loaded at least on a half of power therefore it is not necessary to wait from Virkola`s movie of much. The attraction with the nice interface will be well met by admirers Sleepy hollow Van Helsinga and other gloomy fantasies. As well as fans 3D - shooters.

3. The House with the paranormal phenomena (A Haunted House, 2013)

It is paradoxical, but the fact - the parodist to be easy and heavy at the same time. On the one hand, ready material always near at hand, take and use. With another - it is necessary to give it so that people not only learned object of the parody, but also laughed. With the first Marlon Uayans has no problems, new horror films appear on screens of the USA with an enviable regularity. And here with humour at the guy obvious difficulties were outlined.

In Hollywood only units were able to earn on bread, scoffing at someone else`s movies. Brooks, Tsukera`s brothers and swept all. Clan of black brothers Uayans caught good luck once for a tail when started the long-playing franchize " on screens; Very terrible cinema . However from the movie to the movie of a joke fell below and below, and they were from the very beginning positioned not above a belt. The same Marlon working on scenarios of the first four parts of film series considerably degraded in all forms - its new kintso thinnishly in all respects and represents the almanac of sortirny humour in the best traditions Do not threaten the southern Tsentral . This shnyaga (forgive for my French) can give the known pleasure only to the most ardent fans of everyones Paranormal phenomena Astrals and other low budget zhutik.

At the same time, whatever one may do, in couple of places it is necessary to you is not present, not to laugh, to laugh purely because other relation a heap of nonsenses under the name The House with the paranormal phenomena also does not deserve. The question is in whether you will be able to stay to ridiculous or, without having waited, will leave movie theater.

4. Parental lawlessness (Parental Guidance, 2012)

If traditional white the humour is closer to you, it is better to pay attention to Andy Fikmen`s comedy with Billey Kristal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei`s participation. Fikmen responsible for two financially successful movies with Dwayne Rock Johnson ( Plan of the game and Vedmina mountain ) removed a lovely kickshaw how the grandfather and the grandmother bring up the grandsons. Considering that children grew up for a long time, skills are lost forever and methods of education of younger generation strongly changed now. However the old horse of a furrow will not spoil and if suddenly, then without offenses.

It is pleasant to see in a shot of two true professionals of a comic genre. Bette Midler was absent on the screen four years, and Billey of Cristal preferred to dub at all the last ten years animated films and messages of a ceremony of the Oscar. They grew old (even despite obvious achievements of plastic surgery), but do not lose charm and charm. Kind, places a touching and amusing tape, though not without defects.

Besides the above-stated novelties this week in wide Russian release the joint hit of studios Disney and Pixar " will be repeatedly let out; Corporation of monsters . The animated film which eleven years ago collected more than half a billion dollars in the world and which received the Oscar for the best song got the three-dimensional version. But not this main thing. The matter is that in the summer of 2013 the background under the name " will come out; University of monsters therefore present release - a good way to remind of itself and to prepare the next generation of kids for a new meeting with amusing hokhmacha Sallie and Mike. By the way, the last just in the original Billey sounds Cristal.