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Criminal thriller Night of the Last Judgement . Went to the box, and got on a marathon?

Pursuit. What detective plot does without it. One runs, another - catches up . Know Stephen Hopkins this immortal quote, would fasten it instead of a slogan to the movie. Very much it precisely, the cap fits, characterizes its criminal opus. All run somewhere, hurry, hurry on a meeting with bony. Only in the name authors with epicism bent

. The night at heroes of a tape indeed was given wild, but not so. Just at everyone the criteria of hell.

How city yuppies look for and find a plot on the fifth point of adventures - it is beaten and popular. Let`s remember at least the smart thriller of John Burmen Disposal or similar, more modern, Curtice Hanson`s option Wild river . Besides it is possible to attribute in this category Straw dogs and even English nightmare Paradise lake . Everywhere, anyway, civilized citizens face a wrong side of comfortable reality, whether it be militant street muggers, rural rednek or ordinary criminals. Actually, the plot is also interesting that to the viewer that the audience which got used to identify itself with heroes automatically becomes to the place of the victim and together with it overcomes the fears in relation to the household evil that traps us outside cozy condominiums.

Three intimate friends, Frank, Mike and Ray, decide to spend Saturday evening in purely men`s company behind purely man`s occupation - to look at a boxing duel. In view of that foppish Ray rents a luxurious minivan with a satellite plate, leather seats and binge in the bar, Mike captures with himself good mood, and Frank - the younger brother Johnny. The last, though the hooligan, but the in a board. Packed and ready to a separation, friends tear claws in the center where already a holiday in the heat, and on the arena there are razogrevochny fights.

However guys did not podrasschitat a trifle and faced a powerful obstacle in a way to a bachelor party - a multikilometer stopper. Without thinking twice, Ray reverses and moves down from the highway, intending to go round a jam on dark back streets of the unsuccessful area. Despite of a gloomy landscape of the dark streets which are filled up with garbage, companions joyfully communicate with local bums and press pedals towards a treasured detour. Until under wheels of their van the half-dead street mugger with a hole in a side and a roll of money in a pocket does not fall down. And soon on the horizon also the owner of this property - the local criminal leader Fallon appears.

Fallon without delays executes the caught stealing worker, thereby approving our fans of boxing in the status of unnecessary witnesses. Which, as we know, long do not live. However guys do not seek to finish life in a gate at all, and therefore place a bum in hands and smartly flee in darkness. The pursuit begins the price in life where both parties do not intend to give in without a fight

the Director Stephen Hopkins there is one more representative of the American genre cinema with which name it is connected a little more - less known acts. It began at the end of 80 - x with the thriller Dangerous game and then joined a staff of creators of cult series of horrors Baizes from a crypt . However Hopkins is familiar to the mass viewer, first of all, as the author of one izchasty a horror - the franchizes The Nightmare on Vyazov Street and also sequel of the fantastic fighter Predator 2 . Actually, Night of the Last Judgement also became its following project after Predator that is quite clearly heard on music. In both cases the soundtrack was composed by the composer Alan Silvestri therefore in separate episodes of a melody are so similar that only and you wait that now from - for a corner Danny Glover accompanied by a toothy creature from space will appear. Silvestri - minus for laziness, but to the movie such vigorous rhythm only in plus.

Alas, secondariness of a tape is not settled by it. Unlike above-mentioned Disposals and Straw dogs Hopkins`s tape it is expected it was approved in a genre of the adventure thriller, but not criminal drama with obvious social implication. To spit on the hidden motives and study of characters. To sneeze on logic. Heroes of the movie run away and catch up, instinctively resting against the main lack of all Hollywood mainstream - the happy end. Any remorse concerning deeds, any torments and sincere throwings. The good with fists performs dirty work, without caring for consequences.

It is obvious that authors also do not seek to be beyond legal, managing simple truth and ready templates. In it is black - the white world it is simpler to live, and other acts should not be explained at all. Though questions during viewing personally at me collected. For example, how, oh, damn, bandits manage to track down the victims? They not finalists Psychic Challenge not pathfinders from among Mohicans. Why four guys cannot get lost at night in the deaf area where, judging by an exterior, it is possible to hide anything and in any quantity?

Perhaps, do not guess Hopkins with the choice of actors for leading roles, its movie would get lost among others at all. But here good luck smiled to it. Let`s begin with white who begin and win. Here opinions were shared, but I am imposed most of all by Mike`s character performed by Afro-American Kyyuby Gooding Jr. . The most cheerful member of the company in the course of a pursuit is transformed to the cool murderer, in the best way characterizing the principle the mouse driven into a corner tears a cat as the Jolly-boat a hot-water bottle . Night of the Last Judgement became for the actor a peculiar springboard: three years later it was brilliantly approved on the Olympus, having received the Oscar for Best Actor of the second plan in the sports melodrama Gerry Maguayer .

Not worse Jeremy Piven coped with the party and at all . Mainly comedy talent of Piven familiar to us according to series Grace on " fire; and romantic tape Intuition was not useful here. His Ray is the typical city fop, the person who even a minute of danger of death thinks not of rescue of life, and of the torn jacket for 500 dollars. Actually, scene auction on a roof with its participation - the brightest and memorable movie episode. Not bad also absolutely young, but already skilled Stephen Dorff looks (at the time of a picture exit 20 years only knocked on hire to it) in which it is difficult to make out future infernal villain from cult " Blade;.

The puncture at creators left with the main character whose role got to to Emilio Estevez . The last at that time was at peak of the career after premieres Shadowings and western Young arrows and therefore naturally was considered as a nominal star of the project. Alas, Estevez obviously falls short of the partners in a shot and in general looks blankly. Whatever one may do, Emilio there were never enough stars from the sky and on skill always conceded to the relatives - the father Martin Shin and the brother Charlie.

As for bad guys, despite extremely unconvincing motivation, they look adequately. Peter Green , the talented, but a little involved to serious roles actor ( Pulp fiction " Mask;), has so characteristic appearance that it is eternally forced to play bastards. And in life, probably, the lovely and nice person who graduated, by the way, drama school of Li Strasberg. But even in this tape it is difficult for it to compete with Denis Leary . This is, perhaps, the most memorable villain from all though he according to the scenario was allocated with a bulldog`s grasp, but forgot to improve intelligence. Otherwise to us not to understand why to lift all area on ears to eliminate four undesirable witnesses? Not only that everything was come for Leary`s hero to a bad end, so in the course of a pursuit the number of excess eyes and ears grew in a geometrical progression. Or word of the boy more expensively than common sense?

In general, the movie is watched not bad and in places it is even fascinating, but everything spoils the improbable final, quite transparent.