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Whether really the people who are married are more successful?

researches how the institute of marriage influences success of people and whether it influences success in general are conducted Today. Results of researches ambiguous, but obviously to one that marriage exerts impact on success of people.

However at the same time there are myths and the real facts connected with concepts marriage and success.

Fact: married / married people earn more.

It is valid, married men take higher positions in the sphere of business more often, advance them on a career ladder more willingly, trust them more, than to their unmarried colleagues. Married women earn at about 4 - 5% more than the unmarried colleagues.

Myth: successful women are most often lonely unmarried women.

Partly it is the truth that the percent of married women among highly educated women - professionals is slightly lower, than among other women. However according to researches, this percent will disappear at all by 2010 as change of the model of marriage in which both partners have equal opportunities and equal duties now is observed.

Fact: employers give preference to married men at staff recruitment.

If both candidates for the place have approximately equal chances of a victory, but one of them is married, and another is single, then the employer finally will give preference to the married man. And all because subconsciously the employer thinks that the unmarried man will approach less responsibly the duties, will shirk more often work. Besides, as show researches, married men take days at own expense much less often, practically are never late for work and seldom change work.

Myth: married / married people are more creative.

the Researches conducted over the group of successful scientists consisting of 280 people showed that their creativity decreased as they got a family. The same statement concerns also to musicians, artists and writers.

Fact: married / married people have healthier and steady mentality.

It is considered b that married / married people are far happier, than people single and unmarried. Besides, married / married people are depressed less often and suffer from differences of mood.

It is considered that marriage safely affects in particular mentality of men. Married men 50% more rare commit suicide, than single and divorced.

Myth: single and unmarried care for themselves and the health better.

It is considered b that after a wedding people that is called are dismissed also cease to watch over themselves and the health. Actually family people are less subject to alcoholism and drug addiction. Besides, thanks to care of women, married men catch a cold less, suffer from pressure difference less often.

Fact: married and married live longer. the Facts say

that 9 of 10 married men and married women live till 65 years, and only 6 of 10 unmarried / divorced men and 7 of 10 unmarried / divorced women live up to the same age.