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Horror film The Hut in the wood . Familiar history? Not this time

Are movies winners of the Oscar, participants of Cannes and other important persons pretentious, removed for a narrow intimate circle. Any there. Such pictures can be praised because you should give a hint that boringly, it is uninteresting, is boring as you will be crushed immediately and izvalyat in dirt.

Like, to you, apologists of a mainstream, it is not allowed to fly away up, to spheres of high art where the static shot showing a cobble-stone against a sad landscape means more, than all your Hollywood combined.

There are movies of other property - the commercial hand-made articles removed only profits for the sake of. It can be found fault and abused, on the contrary, at every turn. You will derive pleasure from the picture there, in a cinema hall, and sitting with a feather in hands desire to bare numerous flaws of a plot, stupid dialogues and through false pathos.

And, at last, there are tapes by which in both parties the entrance is ordered. It, it seems, and not a pop-music at all, and quite to a significant product with a necessary share of self-irony. And at the same time at festivals such cinema do not favor because a genre improper. Behind discussion of such opuses at forums break a spear, holivara boil and bana are distributed. External simplicity bribes one, intricacy of a plot - others, the third, not understood anything, seek to throw stones at the first and second. What, naturally, awakens unhealthy interest even in those who in principle do not watch certain genres and do not perceive. As for me, I feel affection for horror films long ago therefore to pass The Hut in the wood just could not. Further - impressions.

All remember how any average American horror film begins? Correctly, the company of youth goes in tmutarakan, far away from a civilization to organize a drunk party with a blackjack and whores. Certainly, on the way to them the ugly and rough old man who very clearly will show that there is no place where our merrily friends go - rotten and a way back will meet. Having sworn at the unfriendly local, the kompashka will continue the way to the lonely hut standing in the middle of the dense wood.

What occurs further, too it is known. At first the youth strong leans on alcohol and a grass, the friend to the friend frightens by terrifying stories and closer by the night begins to huddle on rooms. The alpha - a male takes away the most relaxed beauty on a mow (that that following the results of the future night surely has to survive) his constraining friend gets the virgin. Plus an ukurok - the single who at the same time knows most less than all. The piece of paper with scary unclear words is aloud read, brassieres are thrown off, it was necessary to wait when from - under floors Something gets out (here the choice, appears, very rich) and will begin our heroes with the most cruel and ruthless way to chpokat. Further in the text: blood, guts, shouts, the chopped-off extremities, panic, vanity and fear, pain and horror. But not this time.

The matter is that the company is in the wood not just like that. Watch it. It is not a spoiler at all, the audience learns about existence of mysterious office in the first minutes of the movie. Each movement of five visitors of a forest hut is monitored by tens of the hidden cameras, and observers do not suppress the fact that are going to arrange to children a wild night. And here what they plan as they are going to do this focus and the more so why - it I will not tell you because all salt of the project of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard consists in this information. I will tell only that further events are so predictable locally as they are unexpected globally. That is canons genres are observed in details, but in general the plot develops absolutely in other direction.

The question is in why The Hut in the wood despite quite acceptable box office and a high rating of film critics, caused so ambiguous reaction in the audience. Modern horror films in general can be lowered below a plinth as:

a) they operate the same plots;

) little-known actors (read, gun meat) play worse than ever;

in) is more and more blood and violence, and a suspense and an intrigue less;

and d) is not terrible at all.

Authors Huts also do not try to disprove all above-stated charges, and therefore terribly irritate those who dislike zhutik in principle and considers this genre as a deadlock branch of development of cinema. In other words, Whedon and Goddard shot film for the fans and admirers capable to estimate numerous quotes, a parody and irony of a plan. The others who apprehended the movie in all seriousness actively scribble negative reviews, being that is called not in a subject.

Well, give one after another. A plot at the movie indeed nontrivial, but here how to look. Just on a typical stamp some Fridays, 13 - e screenwriters pulled other, top layer of history in which our heroes are only guinea pigs, puppets participating in unknown deadly game. Interaction of two realities gives the chance to rethink the " template; youth horror film where everything occurs so as if really certain Big Brother forces heroes to behave counter to common sense. They are careless, careless, silly and as much as possible facilitate to villains a task. What, by itself, infinitely enrage audience than which from a soft sofa with beer in a hand is more visible. The Hut in the wood - it is a peculiar look from outside, but not in style of absolute buffoonery Very terrible cinema and is cleverer and more inventive.

What there with actors? And here claims, mostly, are empty. The five of the main characters is as close as possible to the standard: the stupid muscleman, the dissolute blonde, the intellectual wearing spectacles, the modest woman and her brother - a torchok and the freak. However and here authors mocked much at stamps because each of participants of this meat grinder - at all not the one whom pretends to be. Especially nicely Chris Hemsworth who participates in the movie as good relations with Whedon looks, the last is the ideological leader of screen versions of marvelovsky comics where the actor is involved in a role the Torah. Outside a hut venerable performers like Bradley Uitford, Sigourney Weaver and the nominee Oscar Richard Jenkins meet at all. So with a casting everything is surprisingly good.

Visual component Huts - it is the separate song. Here authors tried wonderfully well, and the question of where 30 million budget money were spent, does not arise. Tens of various monsters, pleasant film fans, plus excellent drive and convincing scenes of action. And at the same time - quite tolerant engine capacity of blood and any admiring human interiors. It also is clear, creators of the movie were busy with study of a plot, but not just cut to pieces flesh for the sake of shocking, justifying the received adult rating of R.

The only thing what it is possible to reproach " with; Hut - so it that it really does not frighten, and amuses. Therefore it is possible to carry a picture to a genre of horror films only formally, in fact, but not on a context and sense. It is the original, sound parody with good sense of humour (mainly, black) and the natural final which it is also necessary to treat with a certain share of irony, but not to consider itself deceived in the best feelings. As they say, the awful end, than horror endlessly is better. And in this plan the fat end put by Whedon and Goddard - is far better, than an opportunity to defile so remarkable plan uncountable sequels.