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Movie Travel in a time machine . Fantasy, melodrama or silly fiction?

the British subject Herbert George Wells became famous, first of all, for the fact that presented to the world several really useful ideas. He made a hypothesis of four measurements, predicted the chemical and laser weapon, and also entered into use of the concept anti-gravitation invisibilities both other still fantastic and up to the end unrealized thingummies.

without being an inventor or the scientist, Wells only did the first giving, providing another, much more advanced in scientific knowledge, to persons to dig in details.

Two graphomaniacs, somebody Karl Alexander and Steve Heyes, without having the gift of anticipation and by force of thought, decided that from Wells the quite good character for their fantastic novel will turn out. This book also became a basis for the scenario written by the American director Nicholas Meyer. After its work on Arthur Conan Doyle`s text in the tape Critical decision (1976) it was nominated for Oscar, Meyer was inspired and again addressed the events which were taking place on his historical homeland. As a result in 1979 - m the fantastic melodrama " came out; The Era behind an era (Time After Time), at us in Russia localized under the name Travel in a time machine .

Before the publication of the first novel Time machine the publicist Herbert Wells brought together the friends of high society to brag of the next invention - car for movement in spatially - a temporary continuum. His companions treated an invention with the known scepticism, as well as all crazy ideas of the socialist Wells who was constantly arguing on bright future of mankind. And only one of attendees, the surgeon John Lesley Stephenson, the old friend of the host and his permanent partner in chess, noted the invention of the friend. Also did not fail to use soon it when to Wells`s house the police appeared suddenly.

All the matter is that Stephenson led a double life. In the afternoon he was a successful doctor and the gentleman, and performed band operations on streets of London at night. And the nickname to it was Jack the Ripper. Without waiting until representatives Skotland - Yard bring him charges of the next cruel murder of the prostitute, Stephenson waved on not rolled time machine in the future, namely - in 1979. Having found loss of the friend and the device, Wells understood at once what occurred. Being an idealist, Herbert was terrified from one thought that the black soul of the Eviscerator in the future where there are no wars and violence for a long time can do, and all people smell only of violets. Having waited for return of the car (so the mechanism is arranged), he collects cash and jumps in saddle to find for Stephenson and to install into place, that is in hands of the law of the end of the 19th century

A that, a remarkable idea to cross the literary genius of Wells with the legendary serial maniac (whose identity, I will remind, it was not established) and to zalepenit both in the end of the 20th century that the first on own skin experienced all utopianism of the socialist views, and the second - was notably delayed in the rotted-through West. Alas, all advantages of a picture of Nicholas Meyer are also limited to an idea because the potential of idea is not used also in a half. Vinaigrette from genres of a fantasy, the detective also melodramyizobilut multiple mistakes, and history of movements of heroes in time often denies all laws of logic.

My mother likes to speak: If at cinema all were guided by common sense, then many movies would come to an end, without having begun sense . But whether it means that fiction is obliged to be foolish? Agree, having the functioning time machine under the fifth point, silly on shank`s mare to run on the little-known city on other end of the world in hope to find the opponent. It is asked that prevented Wells to go quietly to a two-three of minutes to the past before the arrival companion The Eviscerator and quietly to tyuknut him on a head on an exit from the device? Everything, curtain. Any to you adventures, collisions with a civilization 70 - x and romance novels with the bank clerk.

It turns out to force characters to do that authors want, but does not follow from logical conclusions, it is necessary to deprive as much as possible of them an opportunity to analyze a situation. By the way, creators of the similar movie " on plot; Back in the future managed to beat a situation in such a way that the viewer has no doubts. Nicholas Meyer chose the line of least resistance: it, as well as Wells, details, and only the general direction of a plan did not concern. But if the famous Englishman, omitting technical nuances, nevertheless was a herald of the future, then Meyer just the potboiler.

On the other hand for what we so attacked on the entertaining reading matter created only with the purpose to amuse audience? Can because with entertainments left too not really smoothly? The picture surely breaks up to three parts. The first in which heroes get to the future is interesting by collision of different eras. Imposing and exclusively polite Englishman which was brilliantly played by Wells`s compatriot actor Malkolm McDowell wanders on San - Frantsisko of the end 70 - x (thanks to the fact that the time machine prototype invented by it is based on an exhibition in this city) and with surprise finds things, new to himself. Similar reception is used in all tapes connected with travel in time, whether it be already mentioned Back in the future or our Soviet The Guest from the future .

Alas, having briefly acquainted Wells with achievements of a civilization (including doubtful), authors sharply krutanut a plot to the left, having decided that it is a high time to transfer runners to a melodrama genre. And up to the final where Meyer managed to justify himself a little for monotony of the first hour, from these a rail the tape did not get down any more. It is quite possible that the matter is that there was also a real-life torrid love affair of the chief performers - McDowell and American Mary Steenburgen which after a premiere of the film even undersigned, having lived in marriage of the whole ten years. It is amusing that right after divorce with the Englishman, Steenburgen acted practically in the same role at Zemeckis, in the tape Back in the future 3 where also got to fall in love the traveler in time Brown`s dock. Work over The Era behind an era for Steenburgen became, actually, a debut, and if it is honest, less successful, than it would be desirable.

The romantic component strangled all intrigue on a root because now it became clear - the movie rest the writer from the past will protect the new acquaintance from claims of the Eviscerator (other British - David Warner famous to the mass viewer on " is engaged in his role; To " Titanic;) . That is it turns out, the pursuit of the serial murderer which had to become, in principle, a plot core, at first gave way to acquaintance of Mr. Wells with fast - feet, cars and electric toothbrushes, and then came down to a banal outcome where he, she and is a villain with a knife . To Warner authors in general allowed a little time therefore the Eviscerator turned out a little cardboard character in a shot, and only thanks to talent of the actor this image leaves in memory though some trace.

And here they, unfavourable conclusions. The feeling is created that just inclusion of the Eviscerator in a plot was superfluous. Well, Herbert Wells would go to the future, got acquainted with realities of the world, would enchant the nice girl and would take away her to himself in 1895 - y. But as authors intended to shoot the thriller, we are forced to follow an inept hand of Meyer and the company which got a false idea themselves Hitchcock`s followers.