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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on January 12 - 13? Anna Karenina Jack Richer etc.

So far the audience hardly depart from a shaft of New Year`s premieres among which appear the international fenteziyny blockbuster Hobbit: Unexpected travel colourful tape Pi`s Life and Russian animated film Three athletes on distant coast film distributors prepare the first portion of novelties of 2013.

among the last - the British screen version Anna Karenina adaptation of the criminal novel of Li Chayld Jack Richer with Tom Cruise`s participation, the domestic comedy Doubler with the resident of Comedy Club in a leading role and the Russian romantic tape Seller of toys with soft French taste of famous Pierre Richard. And also still a two-three of pictures with the smaller level of ambitions.

1. Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina, 2012)

the Movie of Englishman Joe Wright - a peculiar gift to admirers of classical screen versions. So left that for the first time Anna Karenina it was picturized in 1910 and left at movie theaters of the German empire shortly before death of the writer. Since then immortal work of the count Tolstoy in cinema got accustomed. Only during an era of silent cinema the novel was adapted 9 times. Cinematographers of the USSR, Europe and America constantly experimented with genres, turning Karenina in the photoplay, in the ballet, in television statement or series. At different times as Anna such famous actresses as Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Tatyana Samoylova, Jacqueline Bisset and Sophie Marceau were noticed.

The present version - the British origin. By the way, British even surpassed domestic film figures because on the account of Foggy Albion it is already the fifth screen version " in this part; Anna Karenina since 1948. At a project wheel - the director Joe Wright who, actually, also became famous thanks to fancy-dress dramas Pride and prejudice and Last king . After relative failure with the fighter Hanna. Perfect " weapon; Wright decided to return to a favourite subject and invited to leading roles in To Anna Karenina the real stars - Keira Knightley and Jude Law.

2. Jack Richer (Jack Reacher, 2012)

It is strange not that for Jack Richer`s role took Tom Cruise, and the fact that intense and fascinating thrillers of Li Chayld still did not interest Hollywood. It would seem, excellent material - fresh, dynamic detectives with the charismatic hero. Englishman Chayld (who is nowadays living in New - York) began to write a series of novels with Jack Richer`s participation still in the late nineties - the book under the name Floor of death it was published in 1997 - m. The detective story " was taken as a basis of the first screen version; One shot (2005). Why from the middle, it is asked? And the dog knows it.

Expectations were confirmed completely. The original plot, witty dialogues and Tom Cruise who is perfectly coping in a shot (in spite of the fact that the actor according to physical data and a type does not correspond to a literary prototype at all) made To Jack Richer excellent cash desk, despite the neighbourhood in North American hire of premieres Hobbit and Django Tarantino. The two-hour thriller promises to become the beginning of the new franchize, the benefit that material the writer produced a great lot in 15 years. Another thing is that Cruz, though keeps the good fellow in the 50, will hardly master the next long-playing film series.

3. Doubler (2012)

of Monastery of the comedian Eddie Murphy, managing in other movies to represent at once several characters, haunt many beginning comedians. Here and the acting resident of Comedy Club Alexander Revva, it the grandmother of the provincial actor, he is a popular priest - the singer Artur Pirozhkov, solved the media person to think for three . - the debutant Evgeny Abyzov he will play the popular showman, his double from the province in the romantic comedy of the director and the parody to Stas Mikhaylov. And the last at Revva who is made up to unrecognizability turned out far more successfully, than game by own physiognomy.

Left, as usual, not that badly, but it is not good. So-so. Successful parodies on Russian show - business are combined with frankly trite jokes of Revva. Christina Asmus still tries spectator patience in the way of Varenki from Interns changing from the movie to the movie only degree of dissoluteness of characters, but not style of supply of material. Music as if wanders from one komedka in another, changing only when the hand to a soundtrack is laid by professionals like Konstantin Meladze ( Zolushka ) . It turned out next disposable kintso which unambiguously will be pleasant only to fans of company humour of Comedy Club.

4. Seller of toys (2012)

If not to know that the scenario of this opus was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, then Yury Vasilyev`s tape could descend for the light, easy Christmas comedy. And if to remember recent scandal with obtaining the Russian nationality by Gerard Depardieu, then the movie begins to play new paints at all. These are romantic noodles not through passage which film distributors intended to suspend on New Year`s spectator ears, and well planned pathos buffoonery with attraction of a star of the European scale. However, here just the speech not about Depardieu, and about his colleague Richard to which in the movie assigned a part of the wedding general - the center on the poster and steps offstage on a plot. But it is paid at public expense.

Attempt to bungle something looking like the Frenchman`s adventures in Russia turned back false sounding slogans about beauty small homeland thinnish and predictable love line of the main character and guide. Fairly grown old Veniamin Smekhov and the actress Tatyana Lyutayeva adjoin in a shot to young people, but actors, very modest regarding talent. The nature has frankly a rest on the daughter Lyutayeva, Agniya Chadova (in Ditkovskite`s girlhood), and the main thing French the hero was entrusted for some reason another to the relative - to Chulpan Khamatova`s brother Shamil. The continuity of generations did not do common cause good. Against muffled game of the Russian actors Pierre Richard truly looks imposing cherry on lusciously - sugary, tasteless cake.

Here, actually, and all engaged debutants of the first postfestive Wick - an enda. But the list of film novelties is not settled by it. In particular, to our attention will are brought Seekers of graves 2 , continuation of a pseudo-documentary Canadian horror of biennial prescription. Continuation, by the way, absolutely unnecessary and removed only for the sake of a hard coin, the benefit that similar trash kickshaws still well pay off in hire. Because act for kopeks. In comparison with the original the sequel concedes in all respects, and an introduction it is based on real events already begins to irritate frankly.

In limited hire the Dalmatian Film company decided to remind domestic audience of existence of the Italian cinema. However for an example tapes not too fresh, the end of last decade, including Anna Negri comedy " are taken; The Bared feelings , Davide Ferrario musical All are free and romantic tape Adventures of Italians in Morocco .

Next week Russians will be able to estimate the next creation of the innovative genius Quentin Tarantino - a western Django released to experience need 3D - effects in repeated release Corporations of monsters and also to enjoy gloomy implementation of the old, but not kind fairy tale about Genzel and Greta in the three-dimensional blockbuster Witches Hunters with Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton`s participation.