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Horror film The Maniac - the police officer . What turned " into; uncle Stepa ?

It is rumored that the lovely and kind Soviet cinema was spoiled by eternally rotting West. Remember gallant security officers, it is crystal the honest staff of KGB, basic and uncompromising prosecutors and simple and brave militiamen. Where they got to, is asked, together with arrival of publicity and pluralism of opinions? It is known where. Trained for a new profession in selling cops, corrupt officials, traitors, spies and other werewolves in shoulder straps .

And meanwhile in the same West to police the relation always was loyal. At least, at cinema. In Hollywood even invented a special genre - police fighter to strengthen promotion of law enforcement agencies in masses. Yes, the law and an order was not always reached by authorized methods, but heroes like Dirty Harry, Martin Riggs from Deadly " weapon; and Axel Fouli from The Police officer from Beverley - Hillz became idols of generations. Though in America there were attempts to discredit an image decent policeman . No, the speech will not go about socially - accusatory Training day and about the movie much less known. Lack of advertizing did not prevent William Lustiga`s tape The Maniac - the police officer over time will turn into the short, but bright franchize about the immortal psychopath in shape.

Big " apple; panics because on streets the deadly maniac is active. In total nothing and only the murderer spares nobody, naming citizens for no reason at all and selection on racial, national, sexual or other signs. Worst of all, that the mysterious murderer is covered with a reputation of police, walking up and down on dark lanes and to gates in the uniform of the cop. And now it is not clear, whether in case of a robbery obediently to leave a purse and a jacket, whether still to hope that my police will preserve me . Inhabitants in each officer are inclined to see now the maniac, but not the savior.

Police officers, of course, do not believe in this nonsense. You never know to whom the thought climbed up to dishonor a good name. Especially as the murderer was detected soon nearly in the act. The patrolman Jack Forrest whose wife suspected behind it any bad long ago was him. Forrest was only strummed on the party from the tikhopomeshanny spouse - the housewife, but when that was found in a hotel room with the throat cut from an ear to an ear, the patrolman was taken immediately in hand. Jack is not able to prove the innocence and non-participation, and the real murderer went in hiding meanwhile.

But also this string long did not curl. Did not keep a manyachina, fell back into the old ways. Decided to try out as the national avenger, so to speak. And here - that its mask also opened. And under it, upas My God, the terrible ugly face appeared and not painfully live. The good cop - the dead cop, says the gangster saying given in our case off the wall. Because the walking cop - the dead person forgot an oath for a long time and revenges the offenders who once got rid of him from this world for irreconcilability to the forces of evil of

As we see, even in such plain, entertaining trash as The Maniac - the police officer official authority was not formally scolded. Yes, the main character is not an example for imitation and precisely in shoulder straps will not enter the annals of filmstars, but it is not the absolute evil. On the movie course authors strainedly, but truly bend the line, gradually turning the maniac into the victim of system. Like, with the person managed badly, instead of government awards fabricated business and sent to prison where, the stub is clear, to survive to it was not on the cards. Here also he rose from the dead and is eager to sweep over the chiefs, in passing cleaning from the road all who disturb it.

On it the logician of the scenario Larry Cohen rests against an invisible barrier. Author of many plots of the well-known series Colombo criminal thriller Best-seller with James Woods and the effective tape Cellular Cohen on Maniac has frankly a rest, having given vent to the perverted imagination. Even in the movie final the viewer continues to be perplexed - whether the villain indeed returned from hell, whether it was just not finished by cellmates. Goes it seems itself, but at the same time without bullet-proof vest maintains all holder in an emphasis. Ruchishch like oaks century, the physiognomy of one what costs, but moves smartly as if the ninjia, striking blow stealthily. The mysterious personality, whose riddle in the first part of film series was not solved.

Lustiga`s tape was rescued from oblivion by three things. In - the first, not anyone was engaged in informal patronage of a picture, and already famous then cinematographer Sam Ramey, the creator cult Ominous dead persons . Lustig was at that time known for other zhutik which was called simply and artlessly Maniac . Without having special experience in a genre, Ramey`s support was given as it is impossible by the way. The last was also lit closer to the final as the reporter on parade.

In - the second, not star, but quite professional casting. Nominal leading roles departed to actors to Tom Atkins ( Deadly " weapon;) both to the favourite and close friend Ramey Bruce Campbell, and also actress Lauren Landon. The effective blonde Landon, by the way, is not the last reason for viewing of the movie though on the screen gets up nothing extravagant. And even in places frankly is false. But to most of all creators has luck with the performer of a role of the cop - the maniac. The strapper Robert Z`dar as if is created for this role, thanks to the non-standard appearance (his company chin flashes in many known tapes, including in the fighter Tango and Cash ) . Z`dar is the hostage of supporting roles of jerks and jockstraps with bad intentions - at Lustiga received, one may say, a many-sided image. And figs with it that the face of the actor is shown only casually. Perhaps it and to the best?

The last aspect which gave to a tape acceleration in hire is a quite good drive of statement. Certainly, the first half while all beat around the bush, it is necessary to be bored for a while a little, but then there will be both fights, and pursuits, and firing. In spite of the fact that the picture is formally attributed to a genre of horrors, cinema not so terrible, and even not disgusting. Blood - two glass, a suspense on a penny. It is more likely the semi-fantastic thriller with elements of the detective and fighter. Still a little humour did not prevent to add, and that serious ugly faces of the actors broadcasting about wandering across New - to York the dead police officer, strain a little. But from the scenario, as we know, you will not throw out a letter.

As it is strange, after a relative failure in hire The maniac - the police officer very successfully acted in a video hire shop. What allowed Lustigu and the company to publish further continuation with serial number. As well as it is necessary, the sequel strengthened and deepened, but in the wrong places. The sick imagination of authors finally turned the cop - the maniac into the monster, and dialogues of the main characters became still ploshche more silly. Bruce Campbell`s place and Landon Robert Davi borrowed (the villain from a Bondiana tape License for murder ) and Claudia Kristian from series Babylon 5 . Authors considerably improved a fighting component, and it seemed, dealt shortly with the spiteful police officer forever.

Not here - that was. Already three years later there was the third, the last part of adventures " for today; The Maniac - the police officer with a subtitle Silence Badge (1993). Here from old men there was only Robert Davi and, by itself, his colleague Robert Z`dar. For two they should play the doubtful plot which is not deserving a rank " in any way; Fat point .

Say that Hollywood became interested in Lustiga`s trilogy again and plans to bungle the prequel (probably, about the events which led to appearance of the maniac on streets New - York), but meanwhile continuation No. 4 is in embryo. So the favourite city can sleep peacefully .