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What dishes to prepare from eggs and how it is correct to store them?

Hello! Today I continue the subject begun by me in the article What eggs are more tasty? From a quail to an ostrich . And today we will talk about what dishes can be prepared from eggs as to store them and how to distinguish, sorry, rotten stuff

to Fry fried eggs

At ideal fried eggs - the crackling edge which is fried thoroughly (but soft) protein and a fluid pinkish yolk. It is the best of all to fry fried eggs in a small frying pan with a thick bottom. Put it on big fire, pour 2 h l. melted butter, fat from bacon or the refined vegetable oil.

When oil will heat up (but will not begin to boil yet), carefully break two big, very fresh eggs. In 30 seconds reduce fire to an average and fry about a minute more, periodically inclining a frying pan in different directions and watering fried eggs with hot fat. Shift to a warm plate and immediately give. If you fry fried eggs on butter, hold it longer on average fire that oil did not burn.

Is going to prepare an omelet for

the Omelette in the Russian understanding with milk, cream or even sour cream. Usually proportions the are as follows: amount of milk and eggs has to be identical. Let`s assume, you do an omelet of two eggs. Break one of eggs exactly in the middle and measure milk a shell half (on each egg - on two full halves). A quarter of milk can be replaced with water - then the omelet will turn out easier. Shake up eggs with milk in a small bowl.

Put a frying pan on average fire and let`s it get warm (it will take about a minute), add on 1/2 h l. creamy and vegetable oil, turn a frying pan so that oil was distributed on all surface. Increase fire to a maximum and when oil begins to foam, pour in eggs.

Inclining a frying pan in different directions, let`s mix spread an even layer. Put on fire, and into the account six remove, incline at an angle 45 , pick up a rake the grabbed edge of an omelet and shift to the middle - the liquid part from the center will flow down on its place. Make the same with the opposite edge. Repeat this operation still few times that all surface grabbed (it will take about 40 seconds). Give immediately. If you want to make an omelet with greens and/or cheese, then crush these products and mix with eggs in a bowl, but do not pour out on a frying pan over eggs. Any additives demanding pro-frying need to be prepared in advance separately and to add in the same way.

To prepare the French omelet for

This fine dish we call not an omelet, but scrambled eggs. By the way, if the Frenchman adds to the recipe of milk, then he will call all the same it omelet. Prepares so quickly that it is better to do it personally for everyone, but not to try to fry a big omelet on all. First of all warm up plates and prepare everything that it is necessary for you, in advance. For an omelet on one it is necessary to shake up slightly a fork two eggs - just that connected egg white and yolk. Fry it on the technology described above. When the omelet is almost ready (there was a little liquid in the center), incline a frying pan, give to a half of an omelet to move down from it (watch that did not escape!) also put it in half. Give immediately.

To identify colors

- Red spots in a yolk are not so chicken germs (they in eggs from poultry farms in principle cannot be). They appear when at mother - chickens burst sosudik and blood gets on a yolk. Their existence speaks about freshness of egg and does not influence its taste and safety in any way.

- Greenish a cover of a yolk becomes at too long cooking or if in due time not to cool hot eggs. However, the color caused by presence at structure of a yolk of iron and sulfur again - does not influence taste and quality.

- Brown or white an egg-shell happens depending on breed of chicken which demolished it. Chickens with red feathers and ear lobes lay brown eggs; and white chickens with white lobes - respectively white. - Mutno - white color the squirrel tells

about availability in it of carbon dioxide, so - about freshness of egg. In old eggs this element evaporates from egg through a shell time.

- Pinkish or greenish color of protein demonstrates to existence of some bacteria - quite possibly that egg is spoiled (even if there is no smell), and it is better to throw out it.

- Colour of a yolk - is pale - yellow or bright orange - depends on a chicken diet and does not influence taste.

To check

For check of freshness of eggs once constructed the special device ovoskop which in Soviet period quite often stood in shops. Now in its afternoon with fire you will not find - so we had an old antiquated way: to put crude egg in a glass with water. If it right there falls by a bottom - means, is fresher. If reflects somewhere in the middle - means, not only that taken down, but is it is possible. And here if floats on a surface - without any doubts throw out.

The more egg lies, the more air gets into its air chamber - from here and the increased buoyancy. By the way, for the same reason it is more difficult to clean the fresh eggs hard-boiled, than old: the big air chamber allows to pick up a shell easily.

To store

In spite of the fact that in the majority of refrigerators on a door there is a place, specially allotted for eggs, experts advise to store them on the coldest shelf.

Fresh eggs are stored in the refrigerator of 4-5 weeks, and hard-boiled it is necessary to eat within a week: at boiling collapses natural - or artificially put on a poultry farm - the film on a shell protecting eggs from damage. It is possible to store the stuffed eggs 2-3 days, egg salads - 3-4 days. If you decided to take with yourself on picnic boiled eggs salad, it is the best of all to put it in the container, and that, in turn, in a bag - a thermos with ice. Without refrigerator ready eggs spoil with surprising speed.

I hope, article allowed my dear to learn more than readers about this useful product, and also dishes which can be prepared from eggs.