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Novelties of cinema of 2013. What will we watch in January - February?

Became already good tradition in the end of the year leaving to glance with half an eye (and two and will not leave) in a film premier grid of the future season. While critics sum up the results and nominate movies on different annual, prestigious and not really, awards, it is interesting to us that cinema will offer us in 2013.

As usual, in our review we will pay more attention to the projects engaged, expected, and also we will note the next works of the famous directors and actors.

January, 2013

Straight away, on January 1 start two long-awaited movies. In - the first, raunchy, politically incorrect, trite and as envisioned by authors incredibly ridiculous comedy Muv 43 - a lot of short stories, a heap of stars, beginning from Halle Berri, Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler and finishing Kate Winslet and Emma Stone. In - the second, one of the main contenders on Gold " globe; and, perhaps, the Oscar - 2013 - the screen version of the best-seller of Yann Martel Pi`s Life - the most beautiful, taking the breath away also I smother a tape from the winner of the Oscar director Ang Li ( Humpbacked mountain ) . Only for the sake of these two pictures it is worth refusing traditional New Year`s libations to try to master humour Muv 43 and deep meaning Pi`s Lives on the sober head.

From the tenth we will be able to enjoy (however to whom as) new, this time British, the version of the well-known novel of Lev Tolstoy Anna Karenina . A director of a tape is the famous specialist in fancy-dress dramas Joe Wright, the author Pride and prejudice and Keira Knightley and Jude Law got leading roles. In the same day the audience who is not admirers of classical screen versions will be able to estimate adaptation of the book Shot Li Chaylda about adventures Jack Richer . Chayld - the master to tell detective stories, and Hollywood loves similar material. Even it is strange that still its books did not enjoy popularity, but now when Richer is played by Tom Cruise, perhaps, business will go and not far off the new franchize.

In the middle of January at once three noteworthy projects. Let`s begin with the new movie of Quentin Tarantino. Author Pulp fiction staying in a shadow, the reckless and uncompromising western released three years. The tape carries the name " familiar to film fans; Django released also represents quintessence of style of Tarantino. Here to you and Jamie Foxx (yes, as Django), and Oscar-winning Christoph Waltz, and also Leo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson. Parallel to this premiere the three-dimensional version of an animation hit of Pixar " studio is released; Corporation of monsters , and also an unusual view of the classical fairy tale about Genzel and Greta - Witches Hunters 3D . So unusual that from the fairy tale there were horns yes of a leg, and the tape represents the gloomy Gothic fighter on style of execution reminding Van Helsinga . All above-stated movies are recommended to be watched only on the big screen.

Further - it is more. Or perhaps better. On January 24 movie theaters will show the new movie of Steven Spielberg Lincoln - the biographic drama about the sixteenth U.S. President. It is not a bekmambetovsky spittle in soul, and the real, full-fledged, emotional and historically truthful picture to which already shines main Gold " globe; and there and to Oscars no distance. Especially as in leading roles - at once three winners of a prestigious award: Daniel Dai - Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and Sallie Fild. Company to Spielberg sostavituraganny gangster fighter Gangsters Hunters with participation of such stars, as Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolti and, of course, Sean Penn as legendary Mickey Cohen. I will remind that the premiere of the film of Ruben Fleischer was postponed from summer for winter of 2013 in connection with the tragedy on display final Dark knight . The similar scene of firefight in cinema was cut out subsequently.

The end of January will be noted by emergence on the screen of the third part > God`s Armour Jackie Chan. The Chinese was honored to issue the trilogy 21 year later after an exit of the second part. The final of history of the cool fighter and seeker of antiquities by nickname the Hawk cost creators in a lump sum, and Chan was even included in the Guinness Book of Records, having as much as possible participated in creation of the movie. Yes, Jackie 58 years, but he still can show a class and you are convinced of it. And the competitor in hire at it the most worthy - not who other, as Jason Statham in the criminal thriller Parker . It is amusing that Statham also plays the professional thief, however in his action much less irony more cynical humour. Director Parker by the way, Taylor Hekford, the author " appears; The Devil`s Advocate . And in the partner the actor was given Jennifer Lopez. At least, already curiously.

February, 2013

the Beginning at February promising: Outcast Tom Hooper, Uncontrollable Walter Hill and Side effect Stephen Soderbergh. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Ann Hathaway and, attention, Sacha Baron Cohen took part in the large-scale screen version of immortal work of Victor Hugo. Yes, nearly forgot, it is the musical, and the singing Crowe - not a sight for the faint of heart. The movie is already presented on Gold " globe; but on bigger, I believe, you should not count.

Uncontrollable - new actor`s work of Sylvester Stallone. Genre familiar, criminal fighter. A plot too not all that well, but for the sake of Slaya we are ready to bear any mockery at logic and physics. In villains Jason Momoa, newly appeared " goes here; Conan is the barbarian and this image suits it far better. As for Side effect Soderbergh, here we deal with the found and confused psychological thriller in which shot Jude Law, Rooney Mara and Channing of Tatum gathered.

In the middle of the month will seriously shake Moscow. Russia comes out now almost native to us Die Hard: Good day to die which action happens in not rubber . Earlier John Makkleyn rescued the spouse, now the son. Localization of the character specifically at us has to remove the fighter Jonah Moura in leaders of hire. However, the fact of appearance of Willis in a painfully familiar image - already excellent occasion to go to the cinema. In parallel also the new drama of Paul Thomas Anderson under the name " starts; Master - the smart movie and one of prominent participants of the past Venice Film Festival. In leading roles - Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix who came back to big cinema ( Gladiator ) .

By that moment when on January 21 leaves Return of the hero , about Uncontrollable Stallone will be already managed to be forgotten. The baton of spectator attention will be picked up by another monster Hollywood - Arnold Schwarzenegger who at last received the first leading role after the end of the political career. No doubts also can be, Iron Arney returned! Worthy chord ambassador Slaya and Willis. It is possible to tell that all February will pass under a pipe uncontrollable . Old heroes of a furrow do not spoil, and we are simply obliged to support them by ruble as did it already many times.

The first noticeable Russian project of the future year - the movie - Anton Megerdichev accident " will try to make the feasible competition to Schwartz; " Subway; . A genre expensive therefore ours remove such movies painfully a little. It will be more interesting to that to see it. Right there also the nominee " accommodated; Gold " globe; - the biographic movie about great Alfred Hitchcock which was brilliantly represented as always by sir Anthony Hopkins. And almost imperceptibly there will be a main contender on Oscars - the new military drama of Catherine Bigelow Purpose number one about operation on Ousama Bin Laden`s extermination.

The end of winter will go to cinema rather quietly, except for an overdue premiere Killer Joe William Fridkin in whom Mathew Makkonakhi, and also display of a new tape of Rennie Harlin " shines; Dyatlov`s Pass , based on real and ominous events of 1959.