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The loved person of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion

in - important

d - for children, banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion

yu - humour

the Loved person value a role value advantage harm is necessary to consider definition the reason why he is necessary as what qualities has to possess to be to find to hold to keep to lose to return search the choice of the right good present of standing valuable worthy reliable

z the Loved person - object of love, darling.

zpv the Value of the loved person first of all depends on his spiritual and moral qualities.

of C does not exist the person - which has no couple.

and the Loved person fills life with sense.

pvl Before will move off in searches of the worthy loved person, become worthy itself - and you will not manage to get ready for a trip.

pzl Search of the loved person without shortcomings - comes to an end with loneliness. p Take your time to call

new familiar to beloved - lose it even more slowly. there is no

vpz not cultivated in itself spiritual and moral qualities - sense to have the loved person.

to the Loved person - covers the world. p The more the person from the beloved waits for

- the quicker loses it.

and If you the loved person with whom, then compare - you it do not love. pz Releasing

the beloved to a pigeon in the blue sky - it can be lost, putting in a gold cage - you already lost it.

p not to lose the loved person, important excessively not to show to it love feelings, attention, care.

to the Person looks for love - knowing that it, will burn heart.

and the Loved person, leaving - devastates our soul.

and the Loved person has the right for everything.

of l is easier to leave the world - what the loved person.

and the Loved person - the main decoration of life.

p to the bad person is difficult to find the beloved who reciprocated because he does not wish to cast in the lot with bad people, and with it - good do not wish.

zdp is difficult to make a right choice of the beloved of people - without knowledge of psychology. pzkvlr the Loved person - should not manage to ask


and the Loved person - the main interest of life.

pz to make real success in search of the loved person and hope for the long relations, is necessary, having estimated all the shortcomings and advantages, to look for among equal. It is not obligatory that shortcomings and advantages were identical, the main thing that they approximately were equal. by

z Choosing the loved person, we first of all pay attention to what most of all we need. It can be communication, fidelity, reliability, sexuality, youth, understanding, forgiveness, money, the power, situation in society, protection the necessary person can appear

pz the Most reliable beloved to nobody. pz Reasonably loved person to find

on itself, but not to chase very valuable. Both it is easier to find and to hold, and in case of loss - to replace.

z the Loved person are changed by bad people because they try to discover in it shortcomings, good more often, having found advantages, cannot leave it.

pz to find to itself the loved person, is two ways. The first very easy to rely on intuition and to communicate with those with whom to you it is good. The second way very difficult - to learn people, itself, to define what is necessary the friend, and to make a choice. Second way in power the little.

pz the Loved person are estimated on advantages, but not on shortcomings.

pzlvr go To search of the loved person when everything is bad when it is good - be afraid of new acquaintances.

p do not ask the loved person about the help.

pz Is as if sincere you treated the rich loved person, he will suspect you of self-interest. However, such thoughts will visit even you.

and the Loved person - to anybody is not similar.

and the Loved person is more expensive and more memorable to those - than more sufferings.

and If the loved person loses ability to reproduction - the nature love feelings to it disconnects.

and the Loved person over the years can not lose our sympathy though his peers it is pleasant to us, cease.

and the Loved person - is unusual.

of willows When the loved person changes - the love passes.

of willows Changing the loved person - we lose it.

and We love the loved person it, - what it is.

and Even if the loved person changes for the better, to it amplifies respect - the love weakens.

and the Loved person, often, becomes more expensive than parents.

and Happens that the loved person is dearer than children and grandsons.

and The is more attractive the loved person - the more it is able to afford. the pereborchivost is

and Not always the reason of long search of the loved person.

z Than type of the person is more rare - that more difficultly to it will fall in love.

p in search of the loved person should decline itself to acquaintance from a darkness - who stronger needs your merits and negative are more tolerant.

p That at a rupture of the relations to forget the beloved to meet negative human qualities and with which except sex connected nothing with it better after separation more just like that quicker and vice versa.

p the Loved person can be lost - if to fill up all his free time.

p Before moving off in searches of the loved person - learn to forgive.

for now the ignoramus looks for the worthy loved person through a bed - it which is not recognized passes by.

and Ignoramuses cannot almost find the worthy loved person even if it in the neighboring yard.

z Intuition almost does not work for search of the worthy loved person, and especially for men. The maximum number of sexual communications is more favorable to the nature working first of all for reproduction.

p Is more probable to find the worthy loved person in library - than restaurant. by

p That the nobility where to look for the loved person - it is necessary to determine the ideal.

and Knowledge of the ideal can relieve by search of the loved person of loss of time and practical approbation.

p it is necessary to Think of qualities of the ideal since the childhood.

p having Only correctly estimated itself and having defined an ideal, it is possible to make an equivalent and right choice of the loved person.

z the Person who does not have the loved person - tests a dissatisfaction with life, alarm, irritation, discomfort, despondency

z the Nature causes desire at people to have that loved person with whom at it can be born more than healthy, durable children and which is capable to keep their strong to an adult state.

and Often main argument of search of the loved person - appearance of the child.

kvp Life without the loved person - is not full-fledged.

p Is very important that the loved person was kind, decent, cheerful, not sensitive, not proud, not persuasive, easy in communication, the idle time which is not creating vanity and tension. We are aimed, as a rule, only at such qualities as beauty and sexuality. p If to you the loved person cloyed

, and you decided to be let in romantic search of new, forget about rest, prepare for tests, failures, humiliation, deception

p Depriving the loved person of freedom - we push it on the way of deception. p the excessive freedom, as well as its deprivation Given to the loved person - can lead

to a rupture of the relations.

and to the Person potrebno to have the witness and the judge

of the acts constantly nearby.

p not to lose the loved person, is whenever possible best of all to refuse everything that increases temptation and a possibility of change.

p Found the loved person, is expedient to stop search of friends in camp of an opposite sex.

p Without separations and fear to lose - the loved person depreciates.

p over the years not to move away from the loved person, it is necessary to lead his life as much as possible. vp the Loved person we first of all protect

for the sake of ourselves.

z the Ambiguity in behavior of the loved person excites mentality, raises alarm, doubts, suspicions, jealousy and as it is paradoxical, often strengthens love.

and the Loved person is good in any state.

z the Loved person seems to the most worthy - but this opinion can vanish through the return indisputable information, the facts, the analysis, comparison, behavior to If the loved person begins to irritate with

- means, the love passed.

and When the loved person not nearby - the lover worries.

and the Loved person cannot keep us - from easily appearing suspicions of incorrectness, but he with ease can force us - will doubt them.

and the Loved person we perceive not such what they are actually. p the Loved person - rescues

from egoism.

d the Loved person is capable to turn the coward into the man of courage.

and Irreplaceable people exist - it is our beloved.

p the Beloved of people should be accepted it what it is - without offenses, reproaches, groans

p From the loved person can distract business, cares, creativity, idea

p should not idolize anybody and anything.

and the Beloved does the aged man of young men, and the young man - the man. d the Loved person - improves


z For the nature the loved person - only a reproduction source.

p That will not fall in love with the nasty person, be not in bad places and do not meet improper people.

p not to lose the loved person, it is necessary to show love to it, keeping advantage.

d With the loved person well because the love closes his shortcomings, and inflates advantages.

d the Loved person fills with himself our heart and does not allow to come another there.

d the Loved person does not happen ugly.

and the Loved person does not grow old.

and the worst beloved - is better than the best unloved. p The more we give

to the loved person of freedom - the it is less than probability that he will abandon us.

and the Loved person as the chief, always the rights, his command are carried out implicitly. and sensibly to estimate the loved person as the personality and really to compare

to others, it should be stopped loving. We are courageous

of l when we to the loved person look for replacement - and are coward when we find it.

p If answered your love, rejoice and suffer everything.

yu The easiest to fall in love with that - whom you do not know.

yu Praise halvah, it will be enough for all - but do not praise the loved person.

yu the Beating of the loved person are transferred easier - than indifference.

yur Is better if the loved person - the orphan.

yu The the more beautiful loved person - the is thinner a purse.

yu Having fallen in love with the person it is necessary to be at least not jealous much more young and to be able not to ask excess questions.

yur If the loved person long does not appear - means at it everything is all right.

yu If people do not find the beloved they regret for it at once if they find - over the years.

yu do not look for the loved person, without having learned to carry horns.

yu the Beloved of the person is pleasing to the eye, heart torments and devastates a purse.

yu If you do not want to spend nerves for the loved person - spend money.

yu The is finer the beloved - the more grief.

yu Loving the rascal - on the present you feel a force of nature.

yu If to another the girlfriend leaves - that is unknown who was lucky.

yu Is people, it is contraindicated to them to have the loved person.

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