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Depression - an illness or fashion? Part 2

So, opinion the second.

the Depression - an illness.

Des Prez ́ this (from armor. depressio suppression) - a mental disease, as a rule, arising after negative events in human life, but often develops without any visible reason.

There is an opinion that a depression - an illness of very rich and very poor segments of the population (rejoice, middle class!) . The word of mouth claims that rich people who are able to afford all it is only necessary for soul very quickly are satiated with the comfortable existence. Having Like, tried all entertainments of this world, they, these millionaires, begin to be depressed, and everything that to the mere mortal in a moment would disseminate melancholy, to them it is not new any more and boringly. The second category of people inclined to a depression, according to the occurring opinion, suffers from own poverty. Like, the people who are living below the poverty line feel defective and defective, they sadly drag the existence and can nothing (or think that they cannot) do with it. There is such opinion Wrong opinion (middle class - prepared!) .

Strangely enough, but actually people are depressed absolutely irrespective of the intellectual level or the social status.

The depression is a most serious disease which affects not only our mood and thoughts, but also a body. It exerts strong impact on all spheres of human life - on how the person sleeps and eats as perceives himself and the things surrounding it and people. The depression by no means cannot be identified with apathetic mood or weak character, and also it is hardly possible to win against it by effort of will. People sick with a depression cannot simply to get it together and to recover. As well as any other mental disease, a depression it is necessary to treat, otherwise symptoms can last week, month and even several years. Appropriate treatment usually helps all who address for it.

The depression, as well as any other illness, can flow from one form in another.

Psychiatrists most often allocate three main kinds of depressive frustration which, in turn, can differ significantly from each other in symptoms, force with which these symptoms are expressed, and illness duration.

Deep depression. symptoms (all of them will be listed below), which prevent the person to work, study fully can testify To it, to eat, sleep and enjoy all what usually gives him pleasure. So severe mental disorder can arise all time, but happens to a thicket several times in life.

Less heavy type of a depression is the mental depression at which long, chronic symptoms which globally do not prevent the person to exist are shown, but do this existence defective. As a rule, patients with such frustration can periodically fall into a deep depression.

Bipolar psychosis , or it is maniacal - depressive frustration . This form of a depression is less widespread, than previous two.

At maniacally - depressive psychosis are characteristic cyclic sharp changes of mood, for example, when the mania or passion to something is suddenly replaced by depression. In certain cases such changes happen extremely sharply, but generally it occurs gradually. Being in a cycle of depression, the patient can test a little or even all symptoms of a depression.

In a maniacal cycle of people becomes excessively active, talkative, energy just is in full swing from it. Such state often does serious harm to the person and his reputation, the patient begins to behave strange society, to condemn all who do not share his views and so forth. During a maniacal attack of people not in forces it threatens with aggravation of his mental disorder to realize all the grandiose ideas and Napoleonic plans which are born in his head and.

As a signal to alarm usually serve numerous symptoms of a depression and mania. It is worth to remember that people who suffer from maniacally - depressive frustration can test both everything, and everything a little from below the listed symptoms.

So, depression :

- long grief, nervousness, feeling exinanition ;

- feeling of hopelessness, pessimism;

- feeling of helplessness, fault, own inferiority;

- loss of interest in occupations which gave before pleasure (including sex);

- feeling of fatigue, lack of vigor, some block ;

- sharp memory impairment, problems with concentration and decision-making;

- sleeplessness when the person wakes up too early or on the contrary cannot get up a sutra;

- loss of appetite and Ljubo`s weight an overeating and sharp increase in excess weight;

- thoughts of death or suicide; attempts to commit suicide;

- irritability and concern;

- long physical frustration which will not respond to traditional treatment, for example, of migraine, problems of a digestive tract, various pains of chronic character.

Mania :

- an unusual elation of mood or excessive delight;

- irritability;

- constant feeling of a sleep debt;

- excessive garrulity;

- sverkhmerno grandiose intentions;

- excessive garrulity;

- rapidity of thoughts;

- the raised sexual inclination;

- the increased vigor;

- the acts which are not giving in to the analysis from a position of common sense;

- asocial behavior.

Thus if at least a little from the symptoms listed by me you notice in yourself or in someone from the relatives, it is necessary to see immediately a doctor who will prompt to you how to struggle with this illness. You should not think that mental disorders can concern anyone, only not you.

Both women, and men, both old men, and teenagers suffer from a depression. The main thing - in time to distinguish an illness and to direct all forces to fight against it.

Exists a set of methods of fight against a depression among which such serious as psychotherapy, drug treatment or even hospitalization, and such available to all of us as an aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies and simple, but such useful vitamins.

You can help with a certain measure to yourself, to realize the main thing that the suppressed mood, feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and exinanition are part of a depression and cannot influence a real condition of things which surround you. The second trump in fight against this mental disorder is your family. Only they can give so necessary to you support and love. You should not be discharged of the suppressed person, it is necessary to remember that after appropriate treatment he will become habitual darling all the merry fellow again.

And now try to compare symptoms of the most serious illness under the name depression with that state which is given so willingly for this illness by your acquaintances or relatives. Whether but not your daughter just left kitchen, having thrown on the run: I can do Nothing, a depression, probably ? Whether not your husband, watching leave the next stub of the next cigarette smoked by it on a balcony which is removed in darkness of night, speaks to you a sepulchral voice: At work of business are bad, I have a depression ?

Calm the family, most likely, at them any not a depression, and just temporary overfatigue or bad mood caused again - temporary disorders which pass and decide also quickly, as well as arise. All of us know about materiality of thought, and especially words, so let`s cease to proclaim various problems and such serious diseases as a depression in our lives. Psychiatrists know of the strongest weapon - auto-suggestion. do not send to

this terrible weapon against yourself, and do not call each trifling trouble, and the grief connected with it terrible, known to each resident of the megalopolis, the word - the DEPRESSION

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