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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on December 29 - 30? Gentlemen, good luck! etc.

Here leap 2012 also came to an end. Much this year was different new movies, but as Stierlitz in the known joke used to say, from conversation the last phrase is always remembered. And finally the Russian film distribution will present us the following.

In - the first, the updated version of the Soviet film smash hit Gentlemen, good luck! . In - the second, the animated blockbuster of domestic flood Three athletes on distant coast . In - the third, the thematic comedy Happy New Year, mothers! . Plus three-dimensional option of the show Cirque de Soleil, Danish animated cartoon Marko Makako and a couple of entertaining tapes from Europe.

1. Gentlemen, good luck! (2012)

the Film company Bazelevs founded by Timur Bekmambetov and presented to us continuation Twist of fate fir-tree a dilogy and other New Year`s movies, was delivered of the next pipe dream. It is about a remake of Alexander Sery`s masterpiece loved by all Gentlemen of good luck which name authors in the person of directors Alexander Baranov and Dmitry Kiselyov and screenwriters of Vladimir Mountain and Slava Se (!) added with a comma and an exclamation mark. And this only innovation which does not strain.

If Fir-trees without a moment`s hesitation pinched ideas from the western Christmas hits (as, however, and Black lightning from the same producer), on the second conveyor Bekmambetov associates continue to adapt with enthusiasm classics for new generation of the audience. However, none of above-mentioned figures were interested in opinion of the audience on expediency of this. And therefore I suspect that not the care of target audience is the cornerstone of process at all (allegedly incapable to appreciate the Soviet comedies from - for differences in outlook), and banal desire to grow rich at the expense of the checked brand. The benefit that the people knowing and loving the Soviet classics go on the remakes and sequels stamped by Bazelevs`s team, just out of curiosity. As those mice that cried and were pricked, but continued to eat a cactus.

Essentially there is no desire to paint the modernized plot Gentlemen 2012 as well as to go into details of actor`s transformation of Bezrukov, Kutsenko and others. Sery`s original is shown on New Year`s Eve and on other holidays just because the movie became classics of domestic cinema for a long time. The pathetic bekmambetovsky opus is forced to adapt to New Year`s subject that though somehow to play on topic of the day . To viewing, certainly, it is not recommended. Though Bezrukov in which - that eyelids, seemed to me live and even amusing that is worth a lot.

2. Three athletes on distant coast (2012)

the Russian animation film series devoted to adventures of the well-known Trinity of the Russian athletes (Alyosha Popovic, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets) - one of the most successful projects of domestic animators for the last decade. Began already good tradition to present the next series on the eve of New year (except for the sequel Dobrynya Nikitich and Zmey Gorynych left in March, 2006 - go) when go families traditionally to the cinema. With each movie, and now three athletes will appear on the screen for the fifth time, collecting increased twice that, certainly, a serious occasion to continue to rivet continuations.

In spite of the fact that the producer and the screenwriter of a cartoon serial Alexander Boyarsky invites the new, not rolled director to each project, in general quality of animated cartoons tolerant. This is, of course, not the Disney and not Pixar and which are well put, competently written and the project in many respects copying the best samples of Hollywood which is successfully drawn in recognizable scenery of the Russian fairy tales. Local color allows to expand significantly audience of the animated film, especially at the expense of those parents who prefer to bring up children on domestic cinema products. It is a pity only that the next series turned out some absolutely children`s, without leaving any chance to adult attendants.

3. Happy New Year, mothers! (2012)

the New movie of team of Sarik Andreasyan does not want to be abused at all especially as this time the director, the producer and the screenwriter tried to do without Galustyan who bothered with grimaces and invited more - less responsible casting. Formally the tape is continuation of an eight-March collage Mothers however except style of execution and a form of the narration pictures have nothing the general. Structure of the New Year`s movie at the suggestion of our foreign colleagues ( Real love and other) it is broken into several short stories. Small stories do not manage to bore the viewer, and actors if do not manage to show quality, take quantity. In this case to participation were invited as media a body - the persons like Pavel Volya, Garik Kharlamov or Victor Vasilyev, and quite taken place performers - Seigniorial, Klimova, Matveev, Vilkova, Maxim Vitorgan. Old guard it is presented by Irina Rozanova, Tatyana Vasilyeva and specially invited star - Alain Delon.

A plot simple, but emotional, with a twinkle and a teardrop in the necessary, technically checked places. Musical registration wanders from one movie of Andreasyan in another therefore it causes a strong attack of a deja vu. Actors characters are not strong, but also do not allow the project to wallow in the Latin American passions with hand-wringing. Let`s safely tell that not all short stories equally leave, but in general the movie is watchable and by available methods creates festive mood at the population. What, actually, from a New Year`s picture, initially on anything not applying, is also required.

And now by the way we will talk about other movies - the debutants starting under the end of the year in domestic hire. Among them - the Danish animated cartoon Marko Makako - a story about the rowdy-dowdy monkey working as the beach security guard at the tropical island. A roller to an animated cartoon maloinformativen, but from it it is possible to understand that Danes, as usual, went in the way and the events on the screen will favourably differ from the American production which stuck on teeth in lack of stamps and peculiar, sometimes absurd, humour.

The premiere at movie theaters of the three-dimensional show " will become a holiday for eyes; Circus of the Sun . Large-scale statement The Fantastic world in 3D it is grouped from seven shows created by this circus troupe on a stage of the largest platforms Las - Vegas. If to consider that an executive producer of the project is James Cameron, then you should not worry about quality of the picture. And for enchanting trick of persons involved in show - and even less so, Cirque de Soleil is considered one of the most prominent representatives of a genre for today.

Other debutants of hire - French a dramedy Superstar and Norwegian criminal movie Jackpot . The first tells a strange story how not remarkable worker and the citizen Martin Kazinski (in his role - a comedy " star; To porzhalovat Bobro! Ring road Merad) it becomes unexpected a celebrity. However, nobody is aware, than this person is famous. Perhaps the dullness and commonness?

Norwegians try the luck in the territory of Guy Richie, narrating about four guys who need to divide happiness which suddenly fell down their shoulders in the form of the large sum of money won on the sports totalizator. Both pictures differ in originality and will be interesting in itself, out of a context of the future New year.

And on it all about film premieres of 2012. Let`s hope that the future 2013 will not disappoint us and will present a set of new, it is desirable good, movies. To dream, as they say, not harmfully, but about it is conversation separate.