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You prepare for a year of the Snake? Do not forget about a congratulation!

In anticipation of New year all ask a question of how it is correct to meet him. Poetic congratulations since March 8, as well as congratulations happy New Year enjoy considerable popularity in such special day. A symbol of the coming holiday will be the Snake who not only is cunning and resourceful, and and is rather clever and wise.

correctly to be prepared, it is necessary to plan everything in advance. Experts and astrologers advise to treat the choice of the meeting place of New year seriously. It is necessary to remember that the Snake is east little Dragon . She loves luxury and a large number of food, and the most refined. It is ideal if verses by New year are original and cheerful:

Bright, fast as the snowball,

New Year`s pozdravka

Quickly on a visit to you hurries, wishing

to All with all the heart

Only of joyful efforts!

Let will come in New year

the New vital stage,

Let will not be sickly and weak

your mental spirit,

A of snowflakes a lovely swarm

Let will cover grief a trace,

will bring only bright light In life!

* * *

Under legs the snow-white cover crackles,

blossom On trees ice flowers,

of the House of a fir-tree were bent from different spheres:

Red, blue, green and gold.

This day we wish well also heat,

of Understanding, happiness in love and initiatives,

Be prompt as an arrow,

Look for the way, do not look for the reason.

* * *

New year to us goes to the house, it will collect

of All family. you I congratulate

On a holiday, heartily I wish


of Pleasure of heat and happiness.

Let a bad weather,

we Will gather on the street all family,

Year we will meet young!

* * *

We sewed for you

the Unusual scarf - So New Year`s

Big pozdravka!

Take cover them

From strong winds now!

Let will be light-

In your house, warmly!

Let a table New Year`s

Shines in candles!

Let at all will banish

of Grief and fear!

That was lucky each

this year,

That in our hearts

Only happiness blossomed!

Beautiful congratulations happy New Year from the website Pozdravok are chosen, now we pass to the organization of the holiday. Before finally deciding on the place of its carrying out, it is necessary to remember that pastime has to be not too noisy. You should not give preference to parties with dancings. It is better to meet New year in a narrow circle in cozier atmosphere. It is quite good to play intellectual games, for example, in chess, charades, a backgammon. If there is a wish for music, then it is better to include classics. You should not forget that the Snake loves homeliness and tranquility.

One of options of carrying out evening is the celebration in a circle of close friends. It is better to descend on a visit to the family or to bring together them at itself. That it was not boring, it is possible to organize masquerade or a fancy-dress party. But if the company cheerful, then it is not necessary to think out anything special as the party will leave pleasant impressions.

It is possible to meet 2013 in the village or at the dacha. Here it is also best of all to take with itself relatives. An opportunity to drive on the sledge or to play snowballs is excellent. The greatest plus existence close at least of a small reservoir is considered. All know that the Snake likes to swim for a while. Therefore she will glance to such places and will bring good luck to those who will be there. If in the house there is a sauna or a bath, then it is in general ideal option. It is possible not only celebrate, and and thoroughly to relax. At the same time and the symbol of New year will be satisfied.

As we see to spend New Year, it is necessary not only to pick up the place of celebration, but also to think over the program. Original congratulations since February 23 will help to prolong a holiday and will make words of a wish to men desired and memorable.

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