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Fantasy Hobbit: Unexpected travel . Whether the truth that the old friend - is better new than two?

are Two hours forty six minutes old, namely the new movie of Peter Jackson " lasts so much; Hobbit: Unexpected travel past quickly. As, alas, and those nine years that passed from a premiere of the last, third part it Lord of the Rings 2003 which became the best movie according to the Oscar and holding the ninth place in the " list; The Best movies for all history on the website IMDb. During this time a lot of things occurred in my life, but the fenteziyny world Sredizemya, in fact, did not undergo changes.

Perhaps, be on Jackson`s place his colleague Guillermo del Toro who lost in one fine the moment patience and the left project, we still could expect from Hobbit something essentially new. But history does not suffer a subjunctive mood, and mushrooms as did not grow in a mouth, do not gather. And on the other hand - whether millions of admirers " dreamed of it; Lord of the Rings ? That history will repeat, with new - old heroes with former scope, epicism and deep immersion to so attractive world of the literary genius John R. R. Tolkien? Received? Undersign!

Long before the Darkness is stretched over Sredizemyem again, the imperceptible and prosperous hobbit Bilbo Baggins will come to be in epicenter of epoch-making events. And everything began with innocent morning conversation with the passerby which was a powerful wizard Gandalf the Grey. Then on a cozy secret address of Bilbo, and in fact, in the hole dug in foundation of the green hill the whole crowd of gnomes appeared suddenly. Uninvited guests devastated all edibles for one evening then suggested Baggins to participate in extremely dangerous, but extremely profitable action - exile of a dragon of the Smog from the Lonely Mountain where the kingdom of gnomes Erebor once settled down and infinite treasures are still stored.

The homebody Bilbo, as well as is necessary to the intelligent hobbit of mature age, broke a little, but genes and, as a result, thirst of adventures prevailed over common sense. Ours hero in the status of the burglar joins party and goes hiking which will change it forever, and also Sredizemya will become a fatal event in the history of everything. In the company of fighting gnomes and the magician our hobbit should meet trolls, elves, goblins and orks, to visit the most unusual, wonderful and ominous places, and also to enter fight with one of the last dragons. Not to mention that Bilbo during a chain of strange and casual coincidence will begin the owner of that Ring with which in the future it is necessary how with a written feed bag to rush to his nephew Frodo to

to Stretch the small children`s fairy tale Hobbit, or There and back in the epic saga - a task excessive even for such eminent director as Peter Jackson. Especially as, whatever one may do, all imenitost the New Zealander keeps within a framework of the screen version of the novel of Tolkien created by him at the beginning of zero Lord of the Rings . Previous opus of the director, such as Live carrion or Heavenly creations tapes after BK it seems King Kong or Lovely bones had no so loud success. In other words, Hobbit Jackson needed not less, than Jackson To the Hobbit . As if inconveniently it did not sound.

On creation Hobbit authors called all power of modern technologies. For that time, so far around the rights for the book broke legal a spear, and the MGM studio felled into a financial coma, cinema made couple more of short steps forward. Therefore producers apprehended Jackson`s desire to create everything in the old manner in bayonets. Peter, regain consciousness, outside the 21st century. After Avatar nobody shoots blockbusters in a flat format. But 3D in itself - it is already boring. By means of a baker`s dozen of the most modern movie cameras the movie received new shape with a frequency of 48 frames per second - a megarealistic view of one of the most spectacular of ever invented worlds. On the first displays the audience complained on too television the picture therefore as a result the movie at movie theaters is shown in different copies, including with a habitual kadrirovka.

But a dog with them, with technical innovations. Eventually, not behind the superaccurate or volume picture there was a viewer to cinema, and behind new emotions about the old, fallen in love heroes. And perfectly understanding that the nostalgic moment will play not the last role in the first part (and all them three pieces are planned, as usual), creators constantly quote BK in persons, events and dialogues. And if Gandalf, Elrond, Gollum, Galadriel and other creations with the unspecified term of life were simply obliged to appear in a shot on a book plot, then emergence on the screen of Frodo, the grown old Bilbo performed by Ian Holm and Saruman (Christopher Lee) is caused only by desire of authors to connect as much as possible present epik with previous. Badly it or is good, solves everyone for itself. Such obvious course is impossible to someone, and others, on the contrary, have puppyish feeling of pleasure from a meeting with heroes to holes zasmotrenny BK .

When on the screen the last shot flashed, I heard behind the surprised female exclamation: Did not understand so, still continuation will be? Quite so, dear. And not one, but whole two. What caused Jackson`s decision to turn a dilogy into the trilogy, not to us to judge. Sceptics will tell that to all fault human greed, and fans will insist that only this way it is possible to plunge entirely and in details in reality created by Tolkien. Both those, and others are partially right, and we will be able to estimate all plan only at the end of 2014 when there is a final part repeating the name of the story. For now we are forced to get used to long reasonings, to sudden attacks of singing and monotony of the narration of the first series. Pleases only the fact that from the visual point of view Hobbit much more surpasses the original though neither the composer Howard Shor, nor the operator Andrew Lesni, and it is visible and heard unaided bodies, the style was not changed. Both the soundtrack, and a manner of shootings completely copy finds BK causing whether an attack of nostalgia, whether a deja vu.

Certainly, Martin Freeman as Bilbo - the choice arising upon itself. The actor ingeniously is suitable for this role, however, all movie he more puzzly puffs or gundosit, changing only in a game episode in riddles with Gollum. Let`s hope, its contribution to the saga will not be limited to it. Ian Makkellen (Gandalf) considerably grew old, but still maintains reputation. The team of gnomes led by Thorin Oakenshield is not similar to sarcastic and nice Gimli at all, but is picked up with taste. As usual, especially worked well for authors villains - the king of goblins and the leader of orks of Azog, and the restored Gollum will call in the viewer scale of emotions - from disgust to affection.

It is remembered, Fellowship of the Ring too differed in slowness and longueurs. There is a wish to believe that with Hobbit history repeats itself - authors do not hurry to spread all trumps at once, leaving sweet for later. But already according to the first movie it is clear - the phrase Repetition - mother of the doctrine it is invented not for nothing. The freshness of perception, but not interest in subject is lost. The fantasy performed by Peter Jackson`s team is still the best that can cast out from itself present entertaining cinema. Hi-tech Avatar with its primitive plot, oak on sense and execution Transformers not in forces to combine the scale, the drama and fabulousness at the same time and fans of these movies will forgive me.

In other words, to To the Hobbit there are many claims, but nearly three hours, will repeat, past quickly, having left juicy aftertaste and desire to return to viewing Unexpected travel in December, 2013 when the second series - " comes out; Smog Heathland .