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Whether the world is real what I see? When we tell

: We are in our world - what does it mean? We are in ourselves, as in some closed state. I have a hearing, sight, sense of smell, touch, taste, only five sense organs.

What I feel in myself by means of these five sense organs, some image summarizing them, estimating in itself by means of programs which in me are put, and creates at me a world picture. I call it my world .

We will ask a simple question: whether and on the business what we feel in ourselves is what exists outside? Even from the experiments made over the beings close to us we find out that we do not feel a true, only picture of the world. Let`s say the bee or a dog feel it in a different way.

If our sense organs changed, we would perceive it differently. For example, I break an eardrum, and it seems to me that there is no sound. Whether on the business is not present, or I so feel? Of course, only I so feel.

My nature - human, physiological, and external can be perfect other, I do not even know - what as I can never go beyond the feelings. Therefore I never feel that world which exists around me. I perceive only my reactions to something, influencing me.

Therefore the true scientist does not speak about comprehension of the world, he speaks about comprehension of our reactions to something, influencing us. I cannot tell at all what represents the world in which I exist. That is I receive some impressions, feelings, only thanks to the fact that it is so created. And if in me sense organs, their ranges changed, or there would be others which are not known to me, then my impression about itself and surrounding me would be perfect other.

May we define in general in some way, than actually the world in which we live whether there is something out of us is? Or the universe, the Universe around me, I, others are only illusion? Cannot answer this question of people, proceeding from those five sense organs which in it are.

Presently we already see limitation of approach to studying of the nature. It is especially brightly traced in quantum physics where we face the special, paradoxical phenomena. At the time of Newton was considered that the world such what we perceive it. There is a person - the observer, and what he observes, is before him. The person exists, dies, and the picture of the world remains to a constant. It naturally changes in itself as the Universe develops, but the person does not influence this picture in any way. It is a science look according to Newton.

Then there is other look. There is a person who observes the world, but it is not that picture which seems from the outside. It is set of properties of the person and what he observes. The mankind came to it, proceeding from studying of. We began to study the physiology and saw that depending on our abilities, sense organs, from their expansion with devices etc., we see other picture. Means, we not just objectively observe something, existing, and at the same time we participate in supervision process. It is already close to the point of view of the famous scientist Hugh Everett .

Now we approach representation absolutely to other. There is a person who feels something in himself. What? He feels the uniform field in which it is, and all the rest, that is images, ideas of an outside and inner world are formed in the person. In it there are worlds, and out of it there is nothing. In it researchers in the field of quantum physics begin to agree, and the main, natural sciences already approach such look.

Steps of comprehension of the world by the person influence how it defines the world in which exists. Until it does not come to such level of comprehension that will understand: everything depends only on its internal properties.

We can feel the world such what it can quite be - bringing only joy and pleasure. We wish to all readers to be convinced of it!