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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on December 22 - 23? Hobbit: Unexpected travel etc.

As one would expect, on film premier Thursday, penultimate this year, all rolling grid of the Russian movie theaters is assigned to the fenteziyny blockbuster Hobbit: Unexpected travel . Distressful continuation (and in fact, background) trilogies Lord of the Rings was listed number the first the most anticipated movies of 2012. Considering

that to compete on equal terms with Hobbit nobody decided, the company to Peter Jackson`s tape was kept by the most brave - the Irish thriller Doll house French comedy Cherry on New Year`s " cake; and the Spanish picture with a promising title Doomsday .

1. Hobbit: Unexpected travel (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 2012)

Only lazy did not write

about drudgeries through which there passed the screen version of the children`s book of John R. R. Tolkien Hobbit, or There and back . Including your obedient servant who in detail described hard destiny of the movie here in this article. I will remind that the decision on shootings was made not right after the end of the world famous trilogy " at all; Lord of the Rings which last part left in 2003. The first rumors about the future project leaked out into the press only in 2007 - m, but legal fights for the right for the screen version dragged on. For now the writer`s successors, Peter Jackson and film studios drew on themselves a blanket, a cart as in the famous fable, did not move a little.

Misfortunes never come alone. Did not manage to sign all papers as on a film studio of MGM burst the financial crisis which put the legendary company on a bankruptcy side. The director Guillermo del Toro appointed the producer Jackson, all this time of patiently expecting beginning of shootings and an opportunity to show the talent, ceased to hope for a miracle and left the project in embryo. Hobbit again it appeared at the crossroads and many film websites were exorcized seriously about a movie freezing for an indefinite term.

But in 2010 after financial problems of MGM were safely resolved by efforts of third-party investors, Jackson got up at a wheel again. Considering that actors were already tired of waiting for shootings and threatened to break off the contract, the director Lord decided to be engaged samolichno in statement of a picture though earlier in every way disowned from Hobbit .

During film-making process Jackson used new generation of three-dimensional movie cameras of Red Epic, and the dilogy somehow imperceptibly turned into the trilogy. Certainly, to squeeze out of the children`s fairy tale the full epic blockbuster like Lord of the Rings authors would not manage without small cunnings. In - the first, already in the first part the viewer not only will get acquainted with new characters, but will see also old friends, including Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum and other. In - the second, creators Hobbit it is dug deep into and in breadth, developing subject lines and adding on the course from itself what in the book was not. There will be both songs, and vast dialogues, and battle scenes, and also an infinite admiring by the fictional fenteziyny world which only prepares for the tests connected with revival of Mordor.

Hobbit: Unexpected travel already started in a number of territories, including the USA where at once established several financial records, though without inflation. Nobody doubted that the public which missed the fallen in love heroes and the New Zealand idyllic landscapes will flock on premier displays. Analysts tell to a picture the long and successful rolling fortunes, keeping in mind two more continuations of the saga - Hobbit: Smog heathland (2013) and Hobbit: There and back (2014).

2. Doll house (Dollhouse, 2012)

Kersten Sheridan - the daughter of Irish Jim Sheridan, the author of two sign tapes with participation Daniel Dai - Lewis My left leg (Oscar for Best Actor) and For the sake of the father (Golden Bear of the Berlin Film Festival). Apple from an apple-tree fell nearby, and after a number of short films Kersten undertook full meter, having debuted in 2001 - m the teenage drama Diskosvin . And in 2012, not without the aid of the father who was a producer of a tape, Sheridan worked in a thriller genre, new to herself.

Doll house as well as any independent cinema, will not strike with a casting or special effects, but will dip the viewer into too realistic situation of one stormy night. The company of morons without invitation is filled up in the empty and incredibly magnificent mansion in the suburb of Dublin. As well as it is necessary according to the status, the young cattle begins to smash everything that will come to hand, in passing filling in dryness in a mouth with expensive alcohol, showering envy with tablets and zanyukhivy grief coke. Little by little, and the party stops being cheerful. On a surface last offenses emerge, talk passes on raised tone and where the word, there and business. Everything will be come to a bad end, but we also did not wait for other.

3. Cherry on New Year`s " cake; (La cerise sur le gateau, 2012)

One more little-known tape, this time the romantic comedy, arrived to us from France. In Russia the " company is engaged in hire of a director`s debut of the Italian actress Laura Morante; Russian reporting .

The European melodramas of zero do not indulge the viewer a variety of plots, and yes, this tape about love too. The elderly woman by the name of Amanda (her role, actually, also played 56 - summer Laura) is sacredly sure that she in private life of happiness is not. With men she is specifically not lucky, but in volume of wine not of her lovers, but the Amanda who is eternally handing over positions on approaches to the finish. The best friend believes that loneliness in this case - not the conscious choice, and only accident together with difficult character. And not it was cured.

The typical situation comedy with an obvious lyrical shade and the French color which in the Soviet years was fallen in love to our viewer.

4. Doomsday (Fin, 2012)

Considering circumstances, the tape with such heading was simply obliged to appear in hire on the eve of the next predicted apocalypse. But as officially the version of the end of all real is not supported, the Spanish thriller will be shown in limited hire. Probably, for those elite who, despite all assurances of sane people, dug to himself at the dacha the bunker and devastated monthly stocks of matches, small lamps and grain in shops.

Everything, as for an apocalypse, was already told and shown by Roland Emmerich who tried to finish off Earth three times and will make it again if an idea with the sequel Independence Day will burn out. And therefore all who try to tell something new in this niche today are in advance doomed. If not on a failure, then on citing.

This bowl did not pass Spaniards though their tape, owing to mentality and the insignificant budget represents the drama, than the thriller genre declared on the film websites more likely. Anyway, it is worth watching this in the right frame of mind, and if that just becomes ripe in masses, a marketing mix of the " company; Premium movie letting out a tape exactly on the eve of December 21, 2012, it is quite justified. But a hundredfold will hardly pay off.