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Harley Davidson and cowboy Malboro . Failure cult fighter?

U of each hero of fighters respecting himself are present the crown phrase. For example, Iron Arney incessantly promised to return Vladimir Mashkov in To Hunting for a piranha constantly went on Well, it is normal and the tired cop Danny Glover in well-known Deadly " weapon; complained that it is too old for all this " shit;.

At one of two main characters adventure fighter Simon Uinser Harley Davidson and cowboy Malboro (1991) too there is the counter. It begins any wisdom with the words When my old man left this stupid world, he told . Not God knows, but in a similar frame any banality sounded by it surely descends for revelation. Especially, if it is told in all sincerity and on business. And on other our cowboy is also not able.

Two intimate friends - the biker known as the Harley Davidson and the cowboy Malboro - are the complete antitheses of each other. The first philosophizes too much aloud whereas the second prefers to say seldom, but is well-aimed. The cowboy - the shooter from God, and to his friend the gun in hands is better not to give, differently not to pass troubles. They are united by love to three things - to motorcycles, women and thrills without which life - not life.

When ways - paths of companions were crossed again, they with displeasure found out that their favourite fate - one impudent banker is going to grab bar. As was never found in pockets of friends of money, and for license renewal the bank demands, neither more nor less, two and a half lyam, the Harley and Malboro organize a robbery of the cash-in-transit vehicle. But the fact that first it seemed good and safe idea turns into deadly race. Instead of grandmas paper bags were chock-full filled with modern " drug; Crystal dream and the banker was also a drug baron.

Having lost the friends in firefight with the drug dealer`s helpers, the Harley and the cowboy do legs, but then come back to revenge. Eventually, it is better to be the cool dead man, than the living weakling

It is difficult to believe in it, but the fighter of Australian Simon Uinser, almost cult at us, in the American hire turned out a complete fiasco, without having managed to pay back even for those times the modest budget in 23 mln. dollars. It that is more strange, considering that stars of that time in the person of even with quite nice and not disfigured boxing and Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson`s Botox from series " are engaged in a picture; Police of Miami: Department of customs and Detective Nash Bridges .

That the most surprising, Uinser`s fighter was stuck together under all laws of a genre of buddy - movie when the plot which is not burdened by sense keeps only on the drive, an action and skirmishes of the main characters. But the western viewer, unlike domestic, did not comply tradition and the humour did not estimate. The exceptional case when the gap in ratings of Kinopoisk and IMDb makes more than two points, and is about the Hollywood movie, but not the Soviet comedy.

We will begin with actors. Mickey Rourke appears in the movie from a position acting sex - a symbol of Hollywood (after premieres 9 and a half weeks and Wild orchid it is not necessary to doubt it) and the bright drama performer who played in such sensational tapes as Heart of an angel Hours of despair and Year of a dragon . However in Uinsera Rourke`s movie the party of the near guy who is simple in communication got, it is abrupt in a fight and is not able to handle the weapon at all. And though leather prikid fits Mickey like a glove (we remember the advertizing Snickers ) his dandyish appearance brushes away to biker hardly.

Don Johnson, on the contrary, in the late eighties, began to take just recently the first steps in full meter. All country knew it on television statements, and at the viewer it, actually, was associated with the abrupt and smoothly shaved detective stories from police TV shows. Enzo Ferrari presented it to it as respect for work on series Police of Miami personal Ferrari Testaross . It did to many noise from nothing when was in the White House on a meeting with the president Reagan in the footwear which is put on barefoot. Plus the marriage with the beauty Melanie Griffith chosen by tabloids who will leave Johnson in favor of the Spanish macho Antonio Banderas later. Generally, Johnson - still that gingerbread.

Besides, the viewer was very surprised when he instead of the glossy handsome uvidat on the screen of the subject which fairly grew with front vegetation in jeans and boots which are closed up with an adhesive tape (it in a tape paid special attention). Johnson - the cowboy was much less authentic, than the cowboy Tom Sellek, one more moustached handsome from the previous movie of the director Kuigli in Australia . The rupture of a template, whatever one may do, became one more reason why a moneybox Harley of Davidson and cowboy Malboro it was not filled to the brim with a hard coin.

Not really smoothly left also with a dark side of force. Glavgad performed by little-known then Tom Sayzmor did not impress at all. When the actor otjetsya and received baptism of fire at first in True love according to Tarantino`s scenario, and then in Born murderers Stone, it that is called found the path and became the experienced professional. Here Sayzmor thin and some muffled. In it the core of future roles is already felt, but there is no rascally charm. Slightly better the image left at Daniel Baldwin, one of brothers of the well-known actor`s clan. Cool leader armor " raincoats; with the Steyr AUG submachine gun in a hand - an excellent find. However, Daniel - not Alec, and desperately changed in those episodes where he had to tear off a mouth, but not fire from the automatic machine.

Actually, there were enough all listed reasons that the native, American viewer underestimated a picture. We neither with Rourke, nor with Johnson never before had no false associations. During VHS era, and the movie left exactly at the time of emergence of the first private TV channels across all Russia, the fighter was apprehended on hurrah also became a breath of fresh air against already a little bored serious heroes of Schwarzenegger, Stallone and other Rambo the eightieth. Let`s add to it a vigorous soundtrack of Basil Poleduris and the whole album excellent fate - compositions, including the header song Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive .

Then in a root of the Soviet audience capacious names of heroes, the benefit imposed that all of them, in the majority, are pinched from real-life brands. The movie turned out easy, nenapryazhny, in places it is possible to shed a tear on the murdered companions of the biker and the cowboy, in places to be glad to their inexhaustible optimism and an indifference.

Having dispersed on videotapes, and then DVD, the tape somehow imperceptibly, but naturally became classics of a genre. Mickey Rourke, by the way, dislikes this work, having confessed that agreed to participate in the project only for the sake of money. And we love Davidson`s Harley for the fact that no money prevented it to support the friends in a grief and in pleasure.