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Thriller The Hungry rabbit attacks . For what Nicholas Cage receives the million royalties?

cannot beat off all road persuasive association with the British animated film The Damnation of a rabbit - the werewolf from a cycle of adventures of Wallace and Gromit. The foolish name under which Roger Donaldson`s tape was let out in the Russian hire, as always, is taken by our localizers out of a context.

However, after viewing of the movie it becomes finally clear that translate they heading literally ( In search of justice ) this painfully the sad and uninteresting criminal thriller would not collect also a third of that sum that fell to its lot in movie theaters of our country.

It is good to be the king - the character Mela of Brooks from well-known " would exclaim; World history . And it is valid, quite good. Twelve of seventeen million, that is two thirds of the money which is imprudently spent for this movie is the fee of the main invited star, Nicholas Cage. Not without reason the actor, according to the last data published in mass media, takes the sixth place in the list of the most overpaid Hollywood stars. And The Hungry rabbit attacks - just that project which all profit went to Cage`s pocket. As they say, at first you work addressed to, and then the name plows on you.

The school teacher of literature Will Gerard had in life a misfortune: his beloved wife - the beauty Laura in the dark lane was beaten and raped by some geek. The police only makes a helpless gesture, it on streets of New Orleans happens day by day. Without tears you will not look at the wife, and Gerrard in despair cannot find any peace. And here accurately dressed little man sits down by it and offers the feasible help. No, not rehabilitation at the psychologist, and even not monetary compensation. Mysterious Simon offers the teacher the oral offer - his organization finds the tyrant and sends the first flight to an underworld, and in exchange Will promises to execute some small assignment in the future. That the offer which it is impossible to refuse .

The upset husband not for long hesitated. And having received on hands of a photo of the dead offender - at all calmed down. And for quickly flown by half a year managed to forget partially about the transaction with conscience. But Simon did not forget. And soon called.

First it seemed that the debt will not be red payment, but when the speech came about murder, the teacher understood that he got as hens in oshchip. Creditors threaten that if Will does not satisfy all conditions of an arrangement, then there can be everyone. Generally bad. The hell with them, Will solves, I will go I will push off this pedophile from the bridge. However he did not manage to appease a shiver in knees as to the apartment cops were declared, and pedophile actually it was the reporter of the local newspaper who was diligent digging under Simon`s organization. And Will - only a toy in hands of cunning schemers, the unnecessary witness and an expendable material whose song is sung

Roger Donaldson - in general the director uneven. Its filmography jumps zigzags, representing series of failures and progress. For the first time Donaldson declared himself in 1984 - m the historical adventure movie Baunti (that not about a chocolate, and about mutiny by the ship). It was followed by a vigorous political action There is no exit with Kevin Costner and the popular melodrama " Cocktail; finally approved the star status for Tom Cruise. Within 15 years, during the period from 1990 to 2005, the director densely worked in a criminal genre: on its account such tapes, as White " sand; with Mickey Rourke, Escape with participation of a married couple Baldwin - Besinger and Recruit with Al Pacino. Then Roger reached a bottom together with a failure of a fantastic horror film Individual .

Donaldson got recognition of the audience and critics in 2005 - m when met the old friend Anthony Hopkins ( Baunti ) on a shooting stage of the vital drama The fastest Indian . Also it seemed that from now on the director will not allow misses, having caught the wave. Alas, return on criminal path turned back for it accident. Donaldson`s tape last for today, The Hungry rabbit attacks - it is dreadful and incredibly boring set of stamps. For the director with such experience in a genre - some shame is simple.

Some near reviewer managed to call a picture of the best in Cage`s filmography over the last 10 years. Buddy, we with you about the same Cage speak? This pseudo-intellectual with a small beard who all movie, except for initial shots with credits, goes with such person as if it has a scrap in a bum. Mr. Sour lemon not for nothing got the nickname, and for the eight-digit fee we waited for something more, than couple of emotions. Especially pleases realness the character, when the modest teacher of literature and the SUV dashingly governs, and copes with the gun, and it is even ready to enter with enemies hand-to-hand fight. Or he all - teaches physical culture together with Fundamentals of Health and Safety?

His wife performed by the actress with a cold name Dzhenyyueri Jones - in general a strange being. Being the plot engine, from - for it our hero butted in all this jungle and contacted bad guys, she periodically drops out of the scenario. That is at some stage to authors it becomes uninteresting and they delete Mrs. Gerard from the narration that then again to remember about her. The same concerns also villains to whom the place in movies about the agent Austen Pauers, but not in the serious thriller. All this theory of plot and absolutely idiotic password with participation hungry rabbit does not maintain any criticism. In such cases there is always a wish to learn that for presented persons stand behind writing of the text. We look, and their two. One - actually, the debutant, the second - the former operator. Here to you and answers to all questions.

The plot can forgive flaws, mistakes and defects only in that case when the gaping holes in logic are skillfully covered with production scope or the drive. The first at The Hungry attacking rabbit is not present because of the poor budget. And with the second, alas, did not leave. Cage from the persecutors inertly runs, with a reluctance and those not especially try to catch him. All perfectly know that as the curtain fell they are fated to gather on some thrown plant (in our case - the shopping center thrown after the hurricane Katrina) and to reduce scores with the maximum quantity of corpses. Laws of a genre whether you know. Only why at the same time all other laws, including postulates of physics, logic and common sense, unclear are denied.

Nonsense ton, nasty actor`s game, flat, as flounder, syuzhetets and total absence of an intrigue. This rabbit it was not such and hungry to spectator attention, and therefore the fighter did not cope with attack, having yielded to the creators continuous losses, and to us - disappointment.