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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on December 15 - 16? Spring hopes etc.

the Next film week of calm before holidays will be marked by domination of the Hollywood production. In the future days off the Russian film distribution will suggest us to remember school love with heroes of the melodrama 10 years later to feel smack of a neighbour`s petty intrigue in the romantic comedy Love cover to stay in a skin of robbers of a casino in the snow-covered thriller Blackbird and to try to revive former feelings together with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in the melodrama Spring hopes .

In addition at cinema can see a new picture of Alexey Balabanov I want " too; the teenage drama from coast of Foggy Albion Now it is a high time French Brothel and domestic New Year`s comedy Holiday locked up .

1. 10 years later (10 Years, 2012)

Who about what, and the screenwriter Jemmy Linden continues to consider the romantic relations eyes of the peers - thirty-year-old Americans of both sexes. Having learned the first serious success with the melodrama Dear John Linden hurried to take seat in a director`s chair and to direct independently process. Absolutely alone at a wheel to be terrible therefore the guy put on the checked equestrian and again connected the project with a name of Channinga Tatum. And as if everything left ideally: love, jokes, Tatum, nostalgia on school and a digestible rating of PG - 13.

Alas, 10 years later did not get also the tenth part of the spectator attention which fell on a share Dear John . Removed in 2011 - m the tape left in native hire only in September, 2012 - go and passed, actually, unnoticed, having earned insignificant 200 thousand dollars. If and to grab a sample plot about a reunion, then it is necessary or to anneal on full, as in a case with American " pie; or to shoot the serious drama. Linden preferred the predictable, weak-willed and boring melodrama. That, actually, all interest in his director`s debut also kills.

2. Love cover (The Oranges, 2011)

Far more successfully is also fresher than

, despite an age difference of authors, the first feature film of the television director, Englishman Giuliano Farino is watched. Earlier Farino worked at such really famous projects as Office and Sex and the City but decided to cast in the lot the debut in full meter with other television star - the compatriot Hugh Laurie ( Doctor House ) . For the last Love cover too, in own way, the beginning of new life after the series which made its world celebrity were closed.

Families Ostroff and Uolling long time live the friend opposite to the friend. For these years neighbors so became friends that they feel as one big family. However everything they are not relatives that was confirmed once again by a scandalous sexual petty intrigue of the oldest daughter of one clan with the head of another. The typical American situation comedy is generously flavored with the British color, and a couple of the main characters performed by well-fad Oliver Platt and cachectic (and in which - that eyelids smoothly shaved) Hugh Laurie looks not worse, than Laurie`s tandem - Frei from series Dzhivs and Worcester .

3. Blackbird (Deadfall, 2012)

our film distributors for some reason decided that working heading of the movie of Austrian Stefan Ruzowizki Blackbird (Blackbird) will be pleasant to our viewer more, than the official name Trap (or Trap ) under which the picture leaves in world hire. Anyway, first Hollywood project of the author Counterfeiters (the best movie in a foreign language of 2007 according to the Oscar) it did not develop as there was a wish.

Holding a quite good idea about a couple of robbers of the casino forced to disappear from the authorities on snow-covered taiga open spaces, authors lowered all trumps under a tail, having left the whole a lot of improbable characters and turns of a plot on a surface. All drive and a suspense promised us in a trailer are smeared on timing by so thin layer that simply you do not feel them. Generally from - for krivorukost of the creators who spoiled idea to impossibility. Eric of Bang in a rascally role is quite good and from Olivia Wilde we waited for the freezed bitches long ago, but actors chose the place for study of characters unsuccessfully. Blackbird - a bird whose flight is short.

4. Spring hopes (Hope Springs, 2012)

David Frenkel perfectly proved

in a melodrama genre. At first in 2006 - m, having removed everyday life of agency of fashion in the tape The Devil carries Prada and then having touched audience the sad, but vital drama Gauze and I . Continuing to bend the line, the director invited the brilliant actress Meryl Streep who made couple to not less talented and eminent Tommy Lee Jones in the movie again. Winners of the Oscar represent elderly couple at which in life " on the screen; already everything was . The love passed, there was a habit, respect and something else, but there is a wish to return former feelings and to refresh heart. Having given in on arrangements, couple goes to the resort where the psychologist from advertizing promises all to put in a week the withering marriage on legs.

Kind, amusing and, the main thing, not fabricated tape. The project is mainstream, obviously aimed at awards of film academy. At least, Streep the nomination on Gold " globe; already received. Against a magnificent tandem, strangely enough, new paints the talent of the comedian Steve Carel which here in which - that eyelids should not represent the moron played. It is pleasant that authors did not slide in a vulgarity and many inconvenient questions are beaten gracefully, without excesses.

5. I want " too; (2012)

not to take away

of What from Alexey Balabanov, so it originality and persistent desire from all scope to dip the viewer into a tub with a certain dense and evil-smelling substance. Since made a noise Brother the director does not cease to surprise, enrage, irritate and inspire. Such different emotions are caused by his creativity that it is impossible to treat Balabanov`s identity quietly. The socialist realism sank into oblivion, and new style which the director characterized as " came to its place; realism fantastic .

I want " too; - the movie - a parable about travel of casual and nonrandom fellow travelers behind happiness. In godforsaken and people to a hole, in a zone of environmental disaster, there is Happiness Belltower sparing either eternal life, or fast death. Considering that action of the movie proceeds in balabanovsky Russia, a lottery almost safe. The picture was hurried to be compared with Stalker Tarkovsky, but it absolutely other cinema and about other country. Such what we it know, but we do not love.

And all this about potential leaders of hire, now a couple of words about those to whom notices do not shine. English teenage drama Now it is a high time with participation matured Dakota Fanning is a sad story about dying 17 - the summer girl who wants to be in time all she dreamed of. And of what her contemporaries dream? Correctly, about all-consuming love and feelings and emotions overflowing heart and soul. The screen version of the best-seller of Jannie Daunkhem - for all those who did not understand yet - life cannot be postponed for later .

French erotic drama Brothel - a sketch from life of a brothel of the beginning of last century. In this the chamber, closed from external reality world there are no women or men. There are tools for bringing of pleasures and clients, inhabitants and strangers. The drama with predictably sad end. As opposed to heavy melancholy from France the viewer will be able to see one of the first New Year`s comedies, besides our production. Holiday locked up will tell about heavy everyday life Father Frost performed by Grigory Siyatvinda.