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What gift pleases every day? Daily log!

the Main rule of gifts say: do not give to the person of things which are closely connected with work or hobby. You can not know that at the beatlemaniac all collection editions are already collected that the programmer gently loves the ergonomic mouse and does not need in new and that a rare knife which to you was advised by the seller, an empty trifle.

But do not hurry behind gift certificates! There is a way without mistakes to present to relatives what will be useful. These are the daily logs made especially for people with different professions and interests: for young mothers, artists, heads... All daily logs different are also made so that to help the owner to cope with cares of day. You without effort will pick up what during the whole year will remind relatives of your care.


Daily log of happy mother

Present it to any family girl, and once she with gratitude will tell you that she learned to combine at last work and a family moreover and on itself there is time. The daily log is thought up just to help the woman to be realized with all spheres. To achieve goals both in a family, and at work, and in hobbies - whether this happiness for young mother?

365 days of very creative person

Designers, journalists, photographers - all who are engaged in creative activity and work from the house, will tell thanks for this daily log. It was thought up by the artist Jana Franck who works with Artemy Lebedev`s Studio. Jana perfectly knows how not easy to the freelancer to plan work. Its system helps to understand on what the freelancer`s time leaves and to direct it to realization of great ideas. Present this daily log to familiar creators for New year, and, maybe, soon in your environment great artists, writers, composers

" will appear; Year of life of a levolapik. The daily log for the lefthander

In the childhood to lefthanders were given by spoons and handles which had to disaccustom them from harmful habits. The adult lefthander will be delighted to gifts which, on the contrary, will consider his feature. But to give left-handed openers and manicure sets unpresentably. Another matter - the daily log made especially for lefthanders. It is convenient to write to it with the left hand, so precious time will not be spent on attempts to make friends with right manual polygraphy. Please your acquaintances levolapik !

Good year. Weekly of a marketer

Advertising and marketing manager specialist in communications PR - the manager - someone from your relatives speaks about the position in these terms? Present it the daily log Good year and, perhaps, by the end of 2013 in his position words it seems " will appear; head leader general . The guru of marketing Igor Mann embodied in the daily log the checked tools which allow to distribute time between tasks and to achieve the marketing objectives.

Weekly of successful sales

Having begun with

year with this small small volume, by the end of the year the specialist in sales or the head of small business not only will get the planned profit, but also learns that he most of all influences it. It is one of a set of keys to success of business, and it is the only key which you can present in gift packing! The daily log was developed by professionals Nikolay Mrochkovsky and Andrey Parabellum, business - the trainers who were included in the Guinness Book of Records for the most large-scale online - training in the world.

That the most remarkable in all these daily logs - they are made by people who perfectly understand problems and expectations of a concrete profession or a way of life, and consider it in the systems of planning of time. You do not need to become an expert in in what the person is engaged to help it to make life better.

Also do not forget that together with these daily logs you present it the most valuable - time.