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What needs to be known, sending the child to summer camp?

How to make summer vacation unforgettable for the child? Naturally, to send it to good camp on the seashore. But the sun, air and water still it is not enough for children`s rest. The chief health officer of the country Gennady ONISHCHENKO the other day signed the Resolution About ensuring rest, improvement and employment of children in 2007 .


With children always the attendant (one adult on group of eight kids of 7 - 9 years) has to be. If to children it was already executed ten or group uneven-age, there is enough also one tutor on 12 people.

surely has to look after group the medic. In a trip the adults having medical certificates are allowed. Moreover, it is recommended to carriers not to sell tickets if there is no documentary confirmation that with children during a trip there will be a medic.

should not exceed the Automobile route 4 hours (exceptions make only cases when it is impossible to reach the destination by other transport).

If a trip lasts more than a day, organizers are obliged to provide hot meals in dining-cars, restaurants of passenger ships.

In CAMP the Administration is obliged to

: to carry out by

Not later than 2 weeks before opening clear-out on territories and sanitary processing (in language of doctors it is called epizootologichesky inspection and disinsection processing ) ; to Have

sanitarno - the epidemiological conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor - the work permit. all staff of camp has to have

medical certificates.

have to Feed in camp variously and fully.

What it is forbidden to give to children:

meat of a waterfowl,

blood or liverwurst,


marinated vegetables and fruit,

aerated water with synthetic fragrances,


sour cream,

cottage cheese,

the syrkovy weight,

green peas (if it did not pass thermal treatment - boiling),

drinks and fruit drinks of own preparation,

of a product from trimmings meat,

waste of sausage shops,

of canned food in tomato sauce,

a baking powder of the test,

dry concentrates,

hot sauces,

mustard, horse-radish, pepper, vinegar, mayonnaise,

natural coffee,

macaroni on - naval,

macaroni with chopped egg,

fried eggs,

confectionery with cream,

of a product in hot fan,




it is authorized to i to involve children from 10 years In damp cleaning (2 times a day are carried out).

In wash basins, shower, laundry places, rooms of hygiene of girls, toilets daily wash the floors, walls, door handles hot water with detergents. Floors wipe not less than 3 times a day, toilet bowls - 2 times a day.

are put Bathing days at least 1 time a week.

Bed linen, towels for a face and legs change at least 1 time a week.


closes Every year about 3 thousand camps. Last year for the summer about 6 million children left, it is nearly one and a half million less, than in 2005 - m

A AT THIS TIME Children began to be ill


parents who send the child to camp, in the head one thought turns: if only the child did not catch cold or, God forbid, some intestinal infection. To worry really is from what. For example, last year in every tenth camp there was no centralized water supply, doctors revealed more than 12 thousand injuries and poisonings, about 53 thousand children caught infectious and parasitic diseases. However, children in camps are ill more and more seldom. At least the statistics of Rospotrebnadzor speaks about it: in 2005 19 children from one thousand, in the past - already 17 on vacation got sick.

last year from - for sanitary violations closed 42 camps, and 1678 employees of establishments are discharged of work.


Are several documents in which all rules of children`s rest are accurately stated. The main two: it Sanitarno - epidemiological requirements to the device, contents and the organization of a working hours of country stationary institutions of rest and improvement of children and the Resolution of the Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation of March 22, 2007 No. 11 About ensuring rest, improvement and employment of children in 2007 .

BY THE WAY Collect by

the following documents:


the medical reference from policlinic;

copy of the insurance policy;

the reference from SES at the place of residence (in 3 days prior to departure) that the child did not contact to infectious patients;

the sanatorium card (if the child goes to sanatorium).

What to put in a backpack

not to run a day before departure to camp, prepare all the most necessary that is required to the child on vacation. This list was made by skilled leaders of the All-Russian children`s center Eaglet .


sports suit and sneakers;

bathing suit or swimming trunks;

of steam of sets of clothes for daily socks (shorts and a t-shirt, an undershirt and a skirt);

cap or hat;

elegant clothes for evenings of rest and discos;

convenient shoes for every day;

warm waterproof boots or half boots for rainy, wet and cold weather;

room slippers, slates for the pool;

several replaceable shirts, t-shirts with a long sleeve;

of 5 - 6 pairs of socks or golfs;

underwear (shorts, T-shirts and so forth) ;

pajamas, nightgown;

a windbreaker, jeans for hikes;

warm sweater or jacket.


2 handles, pencils and ruler;

five - six notebooks;

set of envelopes;

notebook or set of a letterform.

Objects of personal hygiene:

a toothbrush and paste, a toilet soap (it is obligatory in a soap tray), hozmylo for washing;

bast, shampoo, sunblock cream;

a hairbrush or a crest, scissors for nails;

big bathing towel;

for girls: cosmetic accessories to care of skin and body; hygienic accessories to critical days.

What to leave at home:

of audio - and video equipment, except for the unpretentious camera;

expensive clothes, footwear or perfumery;

expensive jewelry;

roller skates.

Unfortunately, any camp does not guarantee that all these things will be sokhranna in children`s collective.