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Three secrets of a vitality

Very soon on May 9, all of us remember the Great Victory. And especially those who with such work got it. Here and I sat several last days in thoughts, remembered the grandfather.

What it was what we with it told about what were our relations and level of mutual understanding. And though it is absent for a long time, memory returns me to the past again and again.

Regrettably to recognize, but I began to understand it just now and that is not sure. And he constantly tried to inform me of the life experience and simple wisdom, but unless I could appreciate then his efforts?

To me then, as well as much of you now, it seemed that he says banalities that it is clear to any that I already and with moustaches and all in that spirit.

He did not read clever books and they to him were and are not necessary. Everything that is written to them it learned on himself, in difference from us, homebrew philosophers. And I having only turned tens of books reached what he knew already.

Unfortunately, me not to return those times and not to correct those errors, but I want to honor at least thus his memory and to warn you against big losses of time what I incurred from - for the unrestrained Ego.

I will state you those invaluable rules which worked on my eyes which you will be able to apply without being picked a lot of information stuff. It is added quite often for volume, and respectively for increase in the price.

And before we start, I will state highlights from his life which will help my words to get more deeply into your soul, and to you to learn the essence.

When to it was not also 7 it became the orphan, and his grandfather was the only native person. On reaching majority it was called on conscription service. After it remained on extra urgent which passed in the western Belarus.

There it was also found by terrible news about the begun war. Then he was dismissed from conscription service, and having come back home was sent to the front. Having begun to be at war from the first days of war, passed a half of the country with fights and finished it in Konigsberg.

It was awarded by awards and medals among which two awards Red Star medals For Courage and For capture of Konigsberg . Having come back home after the end of war it, as well as all veterans passed medical examination.

All physicians as one significantly swung the heads, having got acquainted with results of inspection. The chairman of the commission with the depressed look told that at such wear of an organism it had from 3 to 5 years of life. Four years of war did not pass completely. But he did not believe in it, and decided that he will dispose of the life. And since that moment of veins by the rules and vital installations which followed until the end of life.

By the way, till 83 years he lived one (the grandmother did not become by then any more) completely serving himself, and did not need assistance. Besides he still managed all summer season to happen on a garden site which processed independently. Died at the age of 88 years, and practically till last days was standing.

And now those simple and perfectly working principles of its vitality which will work in the same way and for you will become available to you. So, passing to their description, I place them in that order of importance in which they also have to be.

1. Vital mental sets.

this principle is the most important therefore it also is on the first place. Practically it looked so. He did not allow negative thoughts, and chose for himself exclusively positive and concentrated on them. I will not be ill, I will not suffer, I will not be a burden, I will live till 100 years.

Besides that he so thought, he surely helped the thoughts the pronounced words. In any conversation and at each opportunity he said ALOUD these thoughts. His many acquaintances, approximately the same age considered him as the odd fellow, and all wrote off for his natural sense of humour. And to it was in general all the same, it knew that it to it does well and did the part.

One more of the major moments which sharply distinguished it from others: he to the last tried to avoid abuse or any scandal. Because knew that hurting another or it is offensive, same if we do not bigger harm to ourselves. Of course, there are moments when to restrain there are enough neither forces nor desire, but such moments at it were rather an exception, than the rule. And now remember and how we in you most often arrive in everyday life?

2. Physical activity.

How many I remember it, he always did physical exercises, warmed up muscles and joints. Besides he tried to spend much time at the dacha, MODERATELY loading himself with work. I not for nothing selected this word. It did not work to an upad, did not overload itself(himself), did not tear a vein, and reasonably combined physical work with rest and an after-dinner dream. Simply speaking, here as well as in all the rest extremes are not necessary, and the Golden Mean is necessary. The secret consists in a saying A sound mind in a sound body . All from what consists the person is interconnected and therefore your body and spirit can both help each other, and to disturb.

3. Main rules of food.

Admirers of various diets and many culinary masters are inclined to build such process as consumption of food in some cult. Of course, this question needs to pay attention, but despite a protest of many of you I nevertheless will afford courage to declare that this question does not require so close attention.

At least it is not necessary to do from this the whole science as it often occurs now. The fact that long-livers are in all cultures allows to say about it to me, and their culinary a pristastiya quite often in general are various. Therefore to tell about a miracle - food or the miracle - a diet does not turn language.

But there are two firm rules which work always and everywhere. It is MODERATION and NATURALNESS. I understand as moderation first of all the principle it is better not to eat up what to overeat . Naturalness is that before it is necessary to place emphasis on vegetable food and as far as possible is it in the raw. Naturally, here it is necessary to approach individually each organism and not to go to extremes.

There are such simple rules, but and my grandfather who lived so long and active life adhered to them. And as you dispose of them entirely in your power.