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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on December 8 - 9? The Most drunk district in the world etc.

In spite of the fact that holidays already very soon, film film distributors give out " sweet; in the limited portions. This week we will be able to enjoy the classical history " again; Beauties and monsters now in a three-dimensional format and also to penetrate into difficulties of butlegersky business together with brothers Bondurant from The Most drunk district in the world .

of B 3D is sung and characters of the Indian blockbuster " dance; Casual access in volume of the audience ghosts " will frighten; Apartments 1303 until Gerard Butler enchants the most stunning mummies in the melodrama Man in great demand . Plus the whole pack of comedy and drama tapes from Russia and Spain.

1. Beauty and monster (Beauty and the Beast, 1991)

After restart in 3D - the " format; The Lion King Disney continued to reanimate own classics for new generation. Beauty and monster - the first Disney`s animated film nominated for Oscar in adult categories of the best movies of year, and thirtieth animation project of studio. It is hard to say how the present children who got used to computer graphics, to a traditional manner of drawing will belong. At once we will make a reservation that notorious 3D here absolutely out of place, but we are obliged to this technology that the masterpiece is again shown on big screens.

21 a year ago romantic history Boll, ground in the monster lock, touched public for more than 400 million dollars. At that time the tape was the most successful in a filmography of studio and the third in collecting in 1991 - m to year after Terminator 2 and Robin of Goode (too about love and about the prince). Humour, smart songs company, unostentatious and clear to adults and children, including the well-known ballad Beauty and the Beast performed by Celine Dion and Pibo Bryson (a profile Oscar), and also the general positive spirit is done Beauty and monster really classics of a genre. And it is possible to pass it at cinema only if you already know the animated film by heart.

2. The Most drunk district in the world (Lawless, 2012)

the nominee of Cannes and the potential participant of the forthcoming fight for Oscars - the criminal drama " Came to the Russian movie theaters also; Beyond the law received at us very vast name. The movie is the screen version of the novel of Matt Bondurant who, in turn, rewrote history of the grandfather - the bootlegger. Dubbing-in, as usual, burns down with napalm (brothers of Bondyurant will remind much vegetables Bondyuel).

As well as it is necessary to a gangster epik, the tape can brag of a fundamental casting where such known names as Shia LaBeouf entered (the trilogy Transformers ), Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, Mia Vasikovska ( Alice in Wonderland ) and Guy Pearce. And two last are made related with the director John Hillkout not only by common cause, but also the homeland - Australia.

The powerful cast and a plot based on real events - yet not a guarantee of success that proves a bitter experience Johnny D. . Nevertheless the picture is simply obliged to be pleasant to admirers of a genre especially as Hillkout is not the beginner in the business at all, as well as his permanent composer in the person of known fate - the musician Nick Cave. Together they already struck audience with the hopeless drama Road and smart western " Offer;. At The Most drunk district in the world there is a chance if not to make conceited, then precisely to rivet attention on the screen at all two o`clock.

3. Apartments 1303 (Apartment 1303, 2012)

Michel Taverna is known to

for more producer works, including the old sports drama By means of a sword (1991) and terrible movie Shadows of the dead . Apartments 1303 - reincarnation of the movie produced by it in 2004 on the Japanese television. And having only scented the Japanese trace, at once you will understand from where legs, to be exact hair at this unpretentious opus grow.

The apartment at number 1303 is famous at residents of the multi-storey building the fact that to its inhabitants there are tragic events eternally. Neighbors will suit a flood, will break through the battery, the young girl from a balcony will jump. To the young Lara (Mischa Barton) only beginning adulthood, all these baizes seem ridiculous. Until it personally does not face the ghost of the former lodger.

The tape desperately reminds all Japanese zhutik at once, but most of all Damnation Takashi Shimitsu. Girls with black hair became colourless and grew up, but continue to materialize in the most unexpected places. Hand-made article, typical for genre, with extremely uneven actor`s game, plain pugalka, sharp sounds and a clumsy plot about the damned apartment from which there now it is impossible to move down in any way, without having shared a fate of persons involved in the Darwin Award.

4. Man in great demand (Playing for Keeps, 2012)

It is sad when good directors turn into punchers of consumer goods. Italian Gabriele Mutschtschino tried to obtain in Hollywood of success and both times under the sensitive guide of Will Smith twice. Tapes In a pursuit of happiness and Seven lives despite the lack of prestigious awards, earned in hire for two nearly half a billion, and it is not some Transformers and serious drama pictures.

Is more a pity for those that, having divorced Smith, Mutschtschino switched to disposable hand-made articles, with which on To Factory of dreams and without it is to a lump to be engaged. Does not rescue Man in great demand and an impressive casting of which any could be proud romky: Gerard Butler, Jessica Bil, Uma Thurman and Catherine Zeta - Jones. The standard melodrama with a predictable plot tells about the trainer of a children`s soccer team who prepares future stars of sport in the afternoon, and does not refuse to itself pleasure " at night; to communicate with their mummies. At the same time he still tries to improve the relations with own son and the former spouse, bringing the whole assembly of tear stamps to life. Butler, of course, a notable bait for a female half of the auditorium, but appeal of the movie is also limited to it.

5. The Fat man on a ring (Here Comes the Boom, 2012)

you remember the nice fat man Kevin James? Certainly, who does not know a star of such popular comedies as Rules of a sjem: Method of Hitcha Chuck and Larry: Fire wedding and Shopo is a cop . However James was bothered, apparently, by an image of the well-fad merry fellow and the actor decided to replace image a little. He offered the friend Frank Korachi (the author of one more comedy with James - My boyfriend from the zoo ) the scenario of own composition on which plot the school teacher earns additionally on a ring, participating in fights without rules.

James that is called changed. In a year it dumped more than 30 kg and does not raise an indulgent smile any more. And though the tape cannot brag of unexpected turns, representing the typical American situation comedy, James perfectly lights in a shot where works together with Salma Hayek.

On it the list of film premieres does not come to an end. This week in hire three Russian tapes - the second movie of the recent graduate of the VGIK Sonya Karpunina, the melodrama " start at once; Everything is simple , film version of drama series of Pavel Ruminov I am near , and also a new tape from the creator Savages Victor Shamirov under the familiar name With me here that occurs . Again with Gosha Kutsenko`s participation.

Film distribution also got hold of couple of tapes from Spain. In - the first, the drama Last spark of life (by the way, too with Salma Hayek`s participation). In - the second, the amusing animated film Tad Jones and Forgotten city about adventures of the builder which was mistakenly accepted for Indiana Jones . And about the Indian blockbuster Casual access I wrote earlier, the tape was just moved in a rolling grid.