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When the size matters? The biggest monsters of cinema of

Cine monsters are different forms and the sizes, and it is absolutely optional that the more, the more terribly. Small generations of hell like zubastik or Chaki`s doll, of course, frighten the impressionable audience. But, you see, it is far more interesting to watch the huge creations which are sweeping away skyscrapers as if toy cubes.

our list very best understandably did not include aliens from Independence Day or Wars of the worlds . Yes, the ships at them healthy, but they sickly and pathetic. Which - who will remember King Kong and will be partly right, but in the last film version Peter Jackson too was fond of a hominifying of a huge monkey, and the monster stopped being frightening. Besides we had to delete huge worms from Earth Shiver and bugs from Star landing . They though approach by the sizes, but, alas, do not possess identity.

We will begin with classics of a genre - the well-known fantastic horror of fiftieth Attack 50 - the foot woman . This monster we will write down in the category attractive though a picture - even not a horror film, and it is rather a parody. And what you wanted for 88 thousand dollars? Even it is surprising that in such ridiculous budget went in such hot woman . Especially as the purpose at this unfortunate creation which fell a victim unsuccessful first contact noble. Nancey who grew to the sizes of the house only is eager to give a good scolding to the useless husband and his young woman.

And as about Haze , free adaptation of the story of Stephen King Fog ? There such number of the various freaks hiding in a haze that it is direct eyes run up. And than farther on a plot, those monsters become more and more and more bloodthirstily. With feelers, with shaggy paws and long, sharp claws. It is heavy to make out them in dense fog not only to heroes of the movie, but also the audience therefore the fact of presence something in the neighbourhood already discomposes. It is a pity that the tape at Frank Darabont in general was not successful (for only one spoiled final of the director it was necessary to separate from books " forever; King of horrors ) .

There are monsters not only huge, but also sweet. As Zephyrous seaman from Ghosts Hunters . Here it is already not so much terrible how many it is amusing to observe how the chubby sailor makes the way through business - the centers of Manhattan. Problem with this giant small. At least, gallant hunters dealt with huge confectionery quickly. The main thing not to allow remains to dry up because to scrub away a day before yesterday zephyr from a pavement - a task nontrivial.

The farther in the wood, the guerrillas are more fat. In line a real-life nightmare on two pads - the Tyrannosaur Rex from the trilogy Jurassic Park . Yes, the small lizard concedes in dimensions to the majority of the discussed film monsters, however power and aggression matter too. Anyway, this fight will not drag on - the six-meter large object weighing under eight tons represents the total car for murder. Teeth, claws and unmotivated thirst of destructions - here the weapon of a prehistoric relict which, from an easy hand of Steven Spielberg, considerably recovers the picture in the above-named blockbuster.

The creatures living on a surface - an easy target for criticism. Big, slow, unstable. And how about those that float in the ocean? In 1954 - m Disney presented to the world the screen version of the classical novel of Jules Verne 20 000 leagues under " water; . It is amusing what the old man Walt chose to a position of the director of a picture Richard Flaysher, the son of the direct competitor - the animator Max Flaysher. And, as always, did not lose. In 1955 - m the tape left the Oscar ceremony with two profile figurines: for the best work of the artist and the best special effects. The main characters at the end of the movie battle with huge whether an octopus, whether a squid. It is a pity that technologies of that time did not allow to expand a role of cephalopod. We, one may say, were lucky because shortly David Ffincher will undertake the new film version of immortal work, and he - that will not allow the budget to be focused on only one underwater landscapes.

If we led the conversation on monsters, then it is worth remembering also a monster from a pseudo-documentary horror film , conformable on the name, Monstro . Authors of this opus made everything to hide from the viewer true person the nightmare terrorizing Manhattan. An idea such is that monster - this is not an aggressor who attacked office plankton which is peacefully sleeping on offices, and the juvenile child (am afraid to imagine the sizes of his mother and father) who incidentally got to the stone jungle New - York. Natural reaction of an animal - to get out of an unfriendly location where stick into it with needles and throw pebbles (as needles and stones the " rockets are involved; the earth - " air; and large-caliber machine guns). Well and whom to blame what the animal could not squeeze accurately into dot building Wal - the Street? It was necessary to knock down corners. The statue of Freedom suffered for good reason because only the lazy monster, staying in New - York, will not please inhabitants with the next act of vandalism in relation to the American symbolics.

It is remembered that an ending Monstro was promising. In sense, something fell a cropper and credits spread. So we wait for continuations, the benefit that the sequel already prepares.

And again we come back to sea open spaces where the Kraken so popular recently - a terrible cephalopod nightmare from blockbusters " lives; Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and Fight of titans . No matter, who is in other corner of the ring, pirates or demigods, the Kraken can always count on the weight and resourcefulness. Huge teeth of this underwater creature will be able to contemplate only the most brave and that before death. Also the captain Jack Sparrow should not hope for a bottle with a zemlitsa, on a plot Fights of titans the giant quite successfully besieges the coastal cities.

The Kraken is the peculiar genie called on a fun to enemies and to death all passersby in a kilometer radius. In Pirates for a call of an osminozhik the captain " appeared the responsible person; Flying Dutchman Davey Jones, and in Titans he was led in a string by Zeus - the Thunderer. However, neither that, nor another, in fact, could control a sea colossus. What, certainly, sharply reduces efficiency from its destructive activity, one never knows and itself under distribution will get.

Well and to whom to us to give a palm? Without questions, the passing red banner is handed to generation of the sick imagination of Japanese - a huge orthograde lizard by the name of the Godzilla. The best-known kaydzyu it strange animal for the first time became the character of the movie in 1954 and since then regularly visits on a visit. Japanese turned this huge spiteful pangolin, a hybrid of a dinosaur with a laser gun, in a certain brand and terribly take offense when somebody (read, Hollywood) tries to impose shaggy paws on their national monster. When Roland Emmerich in 1998 messed up with the blockbuster Godzilla (at the budget in 130 million the tape hardly - hardly paid back costs of production and made profit only outside America), Asians did not allow Americans to shoot the sequel. It is called to neither itself, nor people because the original Japanese film epic (broken, by the way, into three temporary periods - Sowing (1954 - 1975), Heysey (1984 - 1995) and Sinsey (1999 - 2004)) is temporarily suspended since 2004 and the time - a miss decently dragged on.

The well-known monster even has an own star on the Walk of Fame, and at the same time any star fever at the Japanese pangolin it is not expected. For the time being. Because or the ban was short-term, or Americans on the ultimatum sneezed, but in Hollywood the director Gareth Edwards already conducts preparation for shootings of a modern history about the destroyer of the cities having a tail which film premiere is appointed to 2014.