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Fantasy - the progress engine? The prophets and imitators are film run on a genre of

In motion picture art. The first manage to slightly open a veil of time and to glance in the future, the second need only to echo blindly templates and to follow the blazed track. The talented subjects capable to alter and put upside down hackneyed cliches and which - who even manages to surpass the teacher occur among imitators too.

We will not discuss a plot of these or those classical tapes because there were enough fantasts and inventors at all times. Let`s talk about the technical, visual aspect of business when this or that cinematographer managed to overtake time and to show something on the screen, taking the breath away. Who these innovators capable to lead the others? Let`s understand and we will a little rummage in historic facts. At once we will make a reservation that within one article it will not be possible to capture all material therefore the list will be incomplete, but, whenever possible, reliable.

In nine years prior to emergence legendary Star wars Englishman Stanley Kubrick defined a further way of development scientifically - a fantastic film genre, having released the picture 2001: Space Odyssey . This tape in many respects influenced George Lucas and inspired the whole generation of film child prodigies on creation of own masterpieces. It is difficult to imagine that in the late sixties when computer technologies were in a germ stage, Kubrick managed to draw realistic space landscapes in a shot and to represent zero gravity. Consultations with specialists of NASA were not in vain. Clear business that each detail required non-standard solutions from authors: for example, for creation of a realistic surface of the Moon several tons of sand were washed up. However, all enthusiasm of the director could not contain final option because material it was finished shooting in couple of hundreds times more.

In a genre of a fantasy entertaining there are the pillars which for many years ahead defined not only the direction of development of the subject, but cinema in general. The speech, certainly, about the epic saga of George Lucas Star wars , recreated the fenteziyny world of the future unprecedented hitherto on the screen. An exit of the first part of the franchize, an episode at number 4 with the heading New hope made in Hollywood and in the world the furor comparable only to rather recent sensation apropos Avatar . Nobody, even the most courageous figures from a film world, expected from Lucas of similar. We do not forget, outside 1977. Film company 20 - y Century Fox being afraid to invest money mad for those times in the project, made everything to probe the soil. If Star wars failed, the film studio already then, in the late seventies, safely would go bankrupt.

Today Star wars - it is a brand behind which there are six movies, several television tapes, animation series and the industry of toys, improbable on scales, comics and the other accompanying goods. The most interesting that unlike other masterpieces of Hollywood, Lucas`s film epic continues to live and develop. After in zero it was published the prequel - the trilogy with new actors telling about Luke Skywalker`s father, the director declared desire to reissue all six tapes in modern 3D - a format. And just few months ago creators declared that they are going to continue Star wars having removed three more episodes. Will be enough also for us, and our descendants.

Kubrick`s initiative of development of space open spaces at cinema was taken up also by other film child prodigies of Hollywood. In the same 1977 Steven Spielberg who earlier did not have experience in a fantasy launches serious and almost philosophical movie " into an orbit; Close contacts of the third degree . The first experience in a genre defined Spielberg`s career for two decades ahead, however the director preferred to develop not scientific, but entertaining part. Its Alien (1982) long time held the first line in the list of the most cash tapes of world cinema, and Jurassic Park revived in a shot of prehistoric monsters by which our planet was inhabited millions years ago. The director returned to science fiction only in zero and at once two sensational blockbusters - Artificial reason and Dissenting opinion . His colleague and close companion Robert Zemeckis, having scented prospects of the direction, too left from traditional genres and undertook implementation of the scenario about movements in time. The result is known to us - the trilogy Back in the future

it is considered b a standard of a genre of an entertaining fantasy for a long time.

And here Kubrick`s compatriot Ridley Scott decided to continue a subject of danger of collision with extraterrestrial reason. Its movie Stranger you will not call positive in any way, the main heroes of a picture are incredibly vile and dangerous monsters capable in the shortest possible time to turn Earth into the deserted desert. Stranger it was positively accepted by both the audience, and critics, and in 1986 - the m the franchize was supported by the sequel by James Cameron, having turned a gloomy utopia into a storm action.

One more fantastic project, now began 80 - x years of the last century, on the contrary, swept on screens of America without special pomp. No, Stephen Lisberger fighter Throne did not doom the authors to starvation, but also an event did not become. However created precedent thanks to which computer technologies strongly located in cinema. After Throne gaming machines were replenished with the game of the same name which bypassed the movie in popularity and became that is called cult. Today the art pictures which are completely painted on the computer - any more not news, but solid and very profitable part of the film industry. In 2010 there was also a continuation - Throne: Heritage this time completely removed by three-dimensional chambers.

So leaves that the fantasy, fighting, entertaining or scientific, is the engine of progress in cinema. Exactly here, first of all, there take place the experiments with the latest technologies helping the leading directors of the present to create really stunning worlds and plots. In ninetieth at once three directors pushed the film industry forward. At first James Cameron who finally pasted the nickname " to Arnold Schwarzenegger; Terminator . Then Frenchman Luc Besson who unexpectedly made a powerful contribution to development of a genre > " caused a stir; Fifth " element; . It is also difficult to imagine a fantasy without Matrixes brothers of Vachovski which not only established new standards of visualization of the future but also significantly strengthened a genre from the narrative party.

Deification and the highest point it is officially recognized as " for today; Avatar James Cameron who is possible to surpass on extent of influence on spectacular cinema to nobody yet. Not only that the blockbuster became the most profitable in the history, so thanks to it the movie world finally plunged into a three-dimensional jungle.

For what to wait in the future from a film fantasy? We with impatience expect the promised continuation Avatar which premiere is appointed to 2015. In 2013 - to us several interesting movies will be offered to m, including Guest Andrew Niccola with Sirshy Ronan`s participation ( Lovely bones ), Oblivion with Tom Cruise, the sequel Star Trek: Punishment . Hindu M. Knight Shyamalan will show us the fantastic fighter with Will Smith After our era and Brad Pitt will flash talent in large-scale To War of the worlds of Z . Not to mention Gravitation Alfonso Cuaron, Pacific boundary Guillermo Del Toro and To Eliziuma Neil Blomkamp.